Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What The Hell Gayle?

I read this morning on AOL Oprah's Gal Pal Gayle King's comment on the Chris Brown, Rhianna mess. She didn't care about Chris Brown and of course she had a low opinion of Chris Brown but felt for Rhianna.

My Question. And we care why??

What has Gayle King done in life except be Oprah's Gal Pal that her opinion should make the so-called front page? As many shows as Oprah has done on Anger Management, the Abused and the Abuser and boosting the careers of Priest Iyala Vanzandt and the Irritation known Dr. Phil.

As a Grown azz Woman you feel for Rhianna but not Chris? These two Young Black People, who just a week ago, were one of America's cutest couples implodes in a domestic abuse scandal and you as Oprah's #1 Gal Pal ain't pushin for healing and redemption of both of them? WTH?

Both these young folks could be your kids. Hell! They could be your Grand kids! But you ain't saying to the people Pray for them, You ain't boosting Abuse Shelters and Programs for both of them to heal you just picking a side, and looking to destroy the other one.

Shame on you!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Ms_Slim said...

Ugh. The really ugly part of this whole thing is the fact that people are choosing sides without knowing CONCRETE facts. Everything (and I mean EVERY-THING) we're being told is off of the breath of the media ALONE. We DON'T know the whole story. So why are ppl choosing sides? It's so ignorant its ridiculous.

I have tried to not speak on this but I have anyway. Since I know Im given LIMITED information, Im just going off of speculation based on what we KNOW from their pasts (which DEFINTIELY plays an integral role in this whole thing). Chris' past upbringing AND RiRi's upbringing NEEDS to be addressed. People need to stfu and learn them something by FIRST learning of their (BOTH of them) history and THEN learning of what REALLY happened. Until then, folk just need to put a lid on it, because they run the risk of lookin like complete asses in public (see: Gayle's stupid typical women remarks). Seriously.



the YOUNG LIONESS said...

Gayle just needs to fall back....way back into obscurity where she belongs

i co-sign your thoughts!

P!nK Sugar* said...

Im with you on this one Gayle need to sit her ass down some damn where, because this whole "fight" has grown out of control and blossomed into something more than wat it truly was.

Miss.Fortune said...

everyone thinks there opinions matter..
instead of trying to help they judge!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I don't like Gayle...never have, and I probably never will.

Afrobabe said...

@ Ms_Slim ... I think the reason why ppl r taking R's side is that she is a girl and no matter what the situation is she should not be hit..

He should have walked away...but they are kids and people need to be supportive...

Keli said...

Yeah...she should have minded her own business on this one...

none of us knows what truly went down...at this point, she should be focused on getting both of them help...they need it.

I mean...chick admitted to hitting her brother in the head with a bottle...and coming from an reformed man beater...we chicks sometimes want to jump fly...and she might have jumped one too many times.

Kim said...

I've read a number of comments from folks who said the same. Everybody has an opinion about it from, I don't care, to she provoked it, to he knows better. The sadness of some many people, women particularly making excuses for Chris Browns behavior is actually sickening. Gayle just like you and I can have any opinion she wants.
Did she say she was speaking for Oprah or was this just her comment. Chris did say that he is in counseling with his pastor which is wonderful but a crime has been committed. A felony. I worked for 911 a few years back and have answered calls from battered women screaming for their life. I answered calls from men also. abuse is not light. The black community needs to stop

Miss.Stefanie said...

Im over Chris brown and Riri

Ms_Slim said...

@ Afrobabe: Of course women shouldnt be hit. NO ONE should be hit, but above that, the bigger issue is the worth that is placed on women in general...just as a GENDER as a whole.

My thing with this situation is....very VERY limited information has been disclosed about this situation, yet EVERYONE has a 'solid opinion'. Sure everyone has an opinion. In fact, Im one of the MOST opinionated folks I know.But what bothers me the most about THIS is....why are ppl jumping one way or another WITHOUT solid FACTS? Thats ridiculous. You cant help a person stop having an opinion. I just say...why not have an opinion when you have ALL the informatin? Since we dont (and probably wont) get that at all, we can only go back into the history of their upbringing, experiences, blah blah...which believe it or not, plays a VITAL role in such a situation. It is not to be ignored. Domestic violence situations generally stem from psychological factors from upbringing when cognitive development is at its highest. THAT'S what should be explored.

And yes BOTH of them need help, not just Chris.

Chris is wrong for the violence, no doubt about it...but we dont know what really went down to make a play on ANYTHING past him just being a guilty kid. And there's a lot more to explore past that.

Anjl Marie said...




Bon Don said...

Well put Jaycee!

Kofi Bofah said...

I am just floating through blog world to see what's happening.

I don't know enough about the Gayle King quotes or the details of this situation, really.

It all seems unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

oh...wow.. who dug her up? I think she needs to be smart and quiet because you know how the media does. If you put yourself in the spotlight they'll be looking for past 911 calls from your azz LOL

LeLe said...

I love you! You make me laugh! (Nice skinny picture of Oprah)

Anyway, what these assholes need to realize is that they don't have to answer every question they are asked. Who gives a hot damn what Will, Gayle or anyone else has to say about this situation. This is between the 2 folks who were in the car, thier attorneys and the law. I wish dumb-dumbs would leave it at that. Once they jump in with stupid, uninformed comments they become associated with this situation. Who would want to be associated with this?!!!?

Kim said...

@ Anjil Marie:

How are Gayle comments stupid? She said, "I can’t think of anything that makes me support anything that Chris Brown is saying at this time,” “And my heart just aches for Rihanna.”

What is stupid about that statement?

Mista Jaycee said...

I feel Gayle should not have commented at all unless she was avocating the healing of all parties. I don't feel her comments were stupid but definately misplaced. Does Gayle King know some info that the rest of us don't? If so what? Why not reveal it? Answer cause if it was wrong she'd be sued for slander and liable. She should have just kept her mouth shut cause next week when more info comes out if it's unfavorable to Rhianna then what? She looks like an a-hole.

Ziggy Za. said...

Totally with you on this one, JayCee. As a community, those who are close to the both of them should have pulled them aside a long time ago and talked to them, instead of the media going into frenzy. A story on MTV? Wow! It's all pretty sickening.

Kim said...

Mista Jaycee

Wow! Scary. If Gayle should have said nothing then you and many others should not have created a topics on your blog about it, you should not have asked your 6th grade niece a question about it, unless you feel somehow Gayle is special. Jay z and Kanye made statements favorable to Rhianna, should they not have said anything. Maybe I'm not understanding, unless you just don't care for Gayle.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hi Kim! (smile)
I really have no opinion on Gayle except she defacto represents Oprah who's opinion is sought after. This is why she was asked. This is why it was printed. Dig?

Just so we can clear the six grader up, she wasn't my niece. She was the my daughter's teammate's niece and she asked me about Chris Brown.

I have heard both Rhianna's and Chris's music but I wouldn't say I am a fan of either. But I feel that our opinions should lean towards Justice, Fairness, Truth and Reconcilation. We don't know what happened in the car except Rhianna was hurt by Chris. What about the Why? Is Chris just some jealous inmature maniac? Is Rhianna an unfaithful, mind twisting, soul destroying tease? What if both of them are just nice kids who got caught up in an unfortuately bad incident that the world got to see a piece of? Dig?

Like Gayle or not she has access to a platform that can make or break you literally so she should have been more responsible with her comment. Jay-Z has been and he knows both, and has made his career off his mouth. Dig?

Thanks for commenting. For the record, I have no opinion on Gayle King other than what I have previously said. She's Oprah's Gal Pal and Business partner.


uglyblackjohn said...

I'm just happy that a Black woman being beaten is considered news worthy - and not just "Blacks acting as they do".
Since this has gotten so much coverage, it has allowed me to talk to my young cousins and nephews about violence against women.

Kim said...

Giving a pass to Jay Z..interesting and not surprising. .. I don't see how Gayle's comment was irresponsible. I just think you don't like Gayle for whatever reason..LOL Everyone with a voice has made comment about this and Chris Brown's people may as well work for the NYP when it comes to lame @$$ apologies..Just about every word out of rapper mouth is irresponsible so I'll be looking for your comments on those... Dig?

Mista Jaycee said...

Hi Kim,
Giving a pass to Jay Z..interesting and not surprising. .. I don't see how Gayle's comment was irresponsible? Kim quote.

Dig, When a lawyer for the justice department makes a statement, they clarify that statement by saying that they are speaking as a private citizen. However if Eric Holder speaks he is speaking for the Justice Department and any lawyer under him is speaking for the Justice Department without the clarification so to avoid snafus most speak anonomously or not at all.

Gayle and again don't know her or care really, is speaking on behalf of Oprah. What has Gayle done in life that her opinion should be sought? Nothing! They could have asked either me or you and our opinion would have held the same weight as hers dig?

They took her opinion cause she is the closest they could get to Oprah.

Now as far as Jay-z his statement was that it's a bad situation and it's definately a situation. End Quote. Jay unlike Gayle didn't take sides publicly. Dig?

As far as your generalization to rappers, De La Soul, Public Enemy, Rakim, KRS-1 are some of my favorites and while they may occasionally put their feet in thier mouths their words are not irresponsible. What rappers are you speaking of?

Again, don't care about Gayle personally. As far as Lame azz apologies go, what the hell was he supposed to say? There is nothing he could say really that would assage anyone's feelings right now. Nothing!

He's in a hell with gasoline drawls on.

Thanks for commenting and for the record I ain't that easy to figure out although I am a striaght up dude. Ask Mrs. Jaycee and she's seen me Nekked! To be fair there was that time I got locked out the house too but I'm sure that lady didn't really see nothing she hadn't seen before cept the nipple rings and hey I regret nothing! (smile)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. Cosign.