Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spiritual Food For Thought!

Seek first, Paradise all these things shall be added unto you. The Holy Bible

The Grass Withereth but the word of God shall stand. The Holy Bible

Surely unto Allah we are returning! The Noble Quran

I read this great post on Daisy's Dead Air today. Daisy wrote of a parable where one great monk en route to finish his tantra exercises ignored the suffering state of a woman beside a river. A junior monk who came later when asked didn't hesitate to help her when asked and was rewarded by being taken to the pure land. He reached nirvana without having to see death.

In the Book of John Chapter 4 Yeshua (Jesus) happened upon a Samartian Woman at the a well. The Jews and Samartians were enemies and did not speak to one another. Long Story. Jesus spoke to her and told her of the Living water that would quench her thirst and that would never run dry. Even more so he showed her the source from which this well originated.

Read it for yourself.

As we all look for ways to deal with the passing of the world as we knew it and into the world as it is now. Look for what will last and what can be renewed. The rest is temporary.

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!



Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I love this post...not only because it's true, but also because I needed to read this...thank you.

Anonymous said...

Did you write this for me? Sounds like it..(smile)

Go. B.

Miss.Stefanie said...

I love this post---just lifted my spirits!

Anonymous said...

Your 'weapon of choice' is very sexy. Looks like me when I've just had my hair braided:D

Can you have it there for the week so I can continue to admire myself? lol!

Padosh said...

You had me confused for bout 2 seconds...., didnt know if u were a guy or a babe!! lol
I know u said mista but then i see a plus sized babe as ur pic....dont be confusing a sista abeg!!!lol
Thanks for stopping by me..,and then u called me "sexy" eek!!! lol thanks!!! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Now, if things that will last and things that can be renewed would materialize into things that we can touch and feel and see then a lot more people could accept and understand this principal. Let's agree to pray for these people.

Thanks for the post, gentle reminders are always appreciated.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Padosh,
Jaycee, the Biblical writer is a Lady. Mista Jaycee the Poet is a Man, An Afrikan American, A MAN, Hates Clowns! Writes Poetry! And Scary Wierd Stories, Loves Hostess Ding Dongs! Hates Smoove Jazz music with certain exceptions and Thinks the Slinky is the greatest invention of the 20th Century!

Yeah, I called you Sexxxy cause of that story you wrote. WOW! I gonna read that one night to my wife!
Mista Jaycee

Padosh said...

Ok now i am Officially confused....,(joke)
Lol @ reading it to your wife....,dont start wat you cant finish o!!! lol.

This is a nice blog (however many of you there are in there!!!) lol
Just make sure you introduce urselves first, dont be switching up on a sister!!!

Mista Jaycee said...

There's only one of me. Just one. Wow! I was shocked too when I found out about Sista Jaycee the Biblical Writer. Oh, well she's got good taste in names.

Welcome Padosh! (smile) Glad to have you here.
Mista Jaycee