Thursday, February 12, 2009

Domestic Violence! What? 2009 AOJ?

This morning I read a real nice post by this Sista Malika who wrote about both sides of domestic violence situation. I think this is worth the read.

Now, I think that Chris Brown's music is cool but I can't say I'm a fan and Rhianna's is easy on the eyes. Again, her music is cool but I can't say I'm a fan so I wasn't gonna write on this. But I was asked to chime in.

Two Rulez!
For Boys! 1. You do not Hit Girls!
For Girls! 2. You do not Hit Boys!

You Don't hit each other! You don't curse at each other!

I'm amazed that in the year 2009 AOJ (After OJ) we still dealing with this. Chris, I don't wanna know your life story or anything but dude Anger Management! Real Anger management!
Rhianna go with em! The two of y'all should go and work at some of these shelters together where there are families that have been torn apart because of ish like this.

Rhi Rhi, did you talk too much ish? Yes! Lady readers, this is valid question. Rhi, maybe you hit Chris, maybe not but the provocation is your part in it! So both of y'all need to go and work the shelters and learn something. Do it for real and for the readers maybe you've weighed in and picked a side.

Why? The news is filled daily with tragic stories like this. It's common! That is the true problem.
It's become common! Abuse! Physical or Verbal has become common.
This has to stop!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Keli said...

That's it...because if you are big and bad enough to hit a man, be prepared for him to knock yo azz out...

Bon Don said...

I agree, there should ALWAYS be respect. Never swear at or hit your man/ or woman!!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Im so over the who started I wrote in my blog...Domestic Violence is NEVER the answer

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I agree!! I must admit, I hit a man once (my ex) in the face (over something very stupid), and I must give him his props for not hitting me back...looking back at it, I had no reason to hit him at all. It was childish and I regret doing such.

Nise Monet said...

I agree 100%.
I think the fact that everyone is blowing this story out of porportion is whack. It happens way too often but since it's Chris Brown/Rihanna, it's all of a sudden a news flash??

I spoke on the subject a little but didn't go into it too much because I believe there is more to this story that what's being rumored.

But ... only time will tell.

Foia said...

Yoooo..Man I still am trying to figure out what happened. I know that domestic violence in relationships can go both ways, and you are right about how both sexes should not hit each other. When you have the urge to hit your partner it is time to leave..

Mista Jaycee said...

That just escalates the nonsense. Instead Don't hit!

You're right!

It's not time to leave when you want to hit them. Hell, a good relationship will go through some times when you wanna say all kinda things and do all kinda things. You step away and cool off. You come back and you talk it out.

You can't quit everytime the relationship takes a rough patch. Now if it's all just rough patches then it's time to leave.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

The story gets crazier by the day.

Bombchell said...

so sad.

Cc Rydah ♥ said...

this sitch is a tuffy (excuse my lame situation shortening)

on one hand a man shouldnt put his hands on a woman. yes but a woman should never put her hands on a man unless she is ready to be dealt with accordingly. woman feel they can hit a man because they are woman and men are stronger blah blah but nobody wants to get rihanna'd! so smackin ya man then gettin all wide eyed & surprised wen he smacks u back is crazy.

but we dont know what happened in that car and celebrities are not gods they are allowed to make mistakes.