Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Poetry

From Mista Jaycee's Third Chapbook "Brotha Sings the Blues!"

" Friend Zone!"

2nd movement:

I’m in love with my best friend
And she’s crying on my shoulder over some knukka!
I’m listening but I can’t pretend that I ain’t heard this ish before or hearing it again.

She’s my friend so I try to stay within the boundaries
Who in the hell set up these rules? I know it wasn’t me.
I remember the first conversation we had
We went to all the same places at the very same times, knew people who knew all the same people but we’d never hit, never met at quite the right moment, somehow just never quite clicked

She had a boyfriend!

Now I remember how I ended up in the friend zone
She had a boyfriend!
Spending my daze with her and spending my nights alone
In the friend zone!

We listened to each other’s war stories
Shared all our secrets
Joy and pain
She had a boyfriend and I’m in the friend zone!

She crying over a rogue thug this week or wanna be playa that’s never ever
There the next or just some dude who don’t got a clue and don’t appreciate what he has
Or she’s just using for sex!
It drives me crazy but on my side she hears of all the tail I’ve chased, all the dinners I bought and the one night stands that fell down soon after they left my place.
It drives me craz----zay! Being in the friend zone spending daze of our lives alone, this one a moron, that ones a jerk! Forever getting the pussy while I do all the work!

She says I wish I could find someone like you? Like me?
Can’t take that ish as a compliment while she knows that I’m free!
I’m free!
Who’s more like me than me? Don’t you get it?
You should be with me!
Let’s get together

But she says Naw! It’ll just ruin it!
My love will ruin it?

I watch the subject make her fidget
Blood rush making her blush
See my suggestion of a love affair reduced to a crush
it’s not infatuation, puppy love, oh girl, you making me flushed
you need to take stock cause you killing me by not believing in us.

I got the blues spending my nights alone, loving you lost hopelessly in the friend zone!


Miss.Stefanie said...

Aww this touched me. Great poem hun!

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Doggone it, Jaycee! Who told ya about my forever friends situation? LOL. I'm learning slowly but surely that being friends ain't all that bad after all.

JaeSpenc said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Wow-- really glad I came by!