Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nipple Gate 2.0

Bee is just bad! The lady has talent real talent! Now I know there are plenty of haters readying their knives. I have a neighbor who was livid that Bee performed for Mr. Obama. She called her trashy and said she had no talent. She thought that Alicia Keys should have had that honor.

The great Social Scientist Mary J. Blige coined the phrase Hateration to describe this phenomenon. Bee is talented and beautiful and she has a nice body. She can sing, dance, and act. That's the total package! Of course, she does some things better, than others, but she does have talent.

Even more important though, she has a great cheer leading section/ marketing team cause how you get to perform on all these shows that traditionally have not had any and I mean, any Black Folks performing on it? Alicia and India need to hire Bee's team cause Bee is getting all the damn work. Hell, even Janet needs to hire Bee's team.

Speaking of Janet, Nipple gate cost Janet a lot! Justin Timberlake's Cowardice aside, Damn! Now, I just wantz to know how the hell did Arianna Huffington post this and it not be on any Black outlet's first? In case you can't see it. That's a nipple! Nipple!

N-I-P-P-L-E !

Zac Effran, oops, not Zack Effran but HUGH! HUGH JACKMAN! is the consummate professional or dead below the waist cause I would have dropped Bee, and stood there with my mouth agape, followed by the biggest smile, since Jimmy JJ Walker was in Prime Time!

And just so it's said that was a REAL Wardrobe Malfunction! And for the photographer that shot it. Good Catch! (WINK)

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Ms_Slim said...

Not at all a Bey hater. In fact, I DO agree that she has talent. She just can't act for shyt. I won't back down on that and I dont know how she's getting offered the roles she's done (because I am always clutching my pearls whenever she's in the theatres) and I give her chance after chance. *sigh* Her marketing team is dope x20, true. She just NEEDS to fire that acting coach of hers. And start over. Seriously! lol

What I like about Bey though is that she is genuinely a hard worker. She studies what her audience wants and she delivers. Granted, folk like me who arent big on 'pop' and have a wider base as far as what we listen to goes, would LOVE to see Bey jump out of the BubbleGum/Pop lane and get into some SERIOUS lyrics (as well as lyrics that make sense). But I guess you can't have everything, right? I'm still hoping though....because like you said, she definitely hss the voice.

I can't speak on the nipple thing because I dont really care about that lol. Just glad I didnt see it.

Miss.Stefanie said...

IVE SEEN HER CROTCH :X Then again Im sure America has too.

Keli said...

If you pink you miss the nipple...

and I love me some Bey...H'Town represent!

And I agree with Ms_Slim...Bey stays on her grind. She creates opportunities for herself, she does not sit back and wait for anything to happen.

If you stop hating her for being in the spotlight, you might could actually learn something from her drive and ambition.

Ms.O said...

I love Bee. I dont get why alot of people hate her. I guess its goes she doing it all right.

Lique said...

lol.thats a mess.she looked nice but i dind't quite catch it.shes a far better singer than an actress,but she tries.i'm not hating!

Kim said...

Beyonce is an exhibitionist and blames on Sasha that dumb alter ego nonsense..She would have made
a statement about it I'm sure the the 4 adjectives that make up he vocabulary don't quit fit this situation...LOL

Beyonce is beyond horrible as an actress she has producer credit for both Cadillac Records and the new straight to dvd whack Obsessed so Hollywood is on to her bottom notch acting skills.

Mista Jaycee said...

All artists are exhibitionists Kim. We all are. Writers, this includes bloggers too are as well. So, you are saying as a singer you love Bee but as an actress she sure is a good singer right? (smile) Truth of the matter is it probally happens to stage dancers who wear those costumes all the time but no one really cares about seeing their boobs.

Bee works hard, Sasha thing aside and even that is only part of the act. Several years ago she related how when travelling in an airport she was in sweats without make up and the TSA attendant talked ish about her saying she should be dressed up, Big star that she was, so next time she dressed up and the TSA attendant talked ish about her being dressed up and not just being a regular folk. She can't win! That is the price of fame! Dig?
Thanks, I love your comments!

Kim said...

Don't get me wrong.. I like Beyonce but I can only take her in small doses..but d@mn she doesn't know what a small dose is...LOL I don't consider her as hard-working as she is CLAMOROUS. I would really appreciate her more if she were more authentic and everything about her wasn't so contrived. And she's kinda dumb and to be a dumb sista is unforgivable in my book WHEN YOU'VE HAD SOOO MANY OPPORTUNITIES. I don't particularly care for her singing style because I don't particularly care for yodeling. She and Jay Z are both old news. It's Obama time now and Michelle is the hottest chick in the game. Beyonce has been in the game for 10 yrs I think she's nose-diving now.