Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bam Bam! Opps President Bam Bam! Keep Your Head Up!

Ok, Bam Bam Look here! Oh, I was being flippant, President Bam Bam sir. Yeah, that's better.
I know the Repubs had one of their first ha ha moments on you today with the withdrawls of Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer. Taxes! Damn!
But don't you never let the Repubs and anyone else forget that we are in Two Wars, The Justice Department is a wreck. Americans were eavesdropped on illegally, Katrina, September 11th, That happened on Bushes watch. Now think about this if the lead up to September 11th was something Clinton did then why didn't Bush change it as soon as he and Dickie got into power?
Cause they didn't see anything wrong with it. There wasn't anyone who was gonna hit America right? Wasn't the World Trade Center hit in 93? What happened to the need for action then? The need for surveillance then? Oh, they were concerned cause Bill hung out with a Human Hoover Vacuum in the Oval Office and lied about it under Oath. Where was the outrage over National Security? It wasn't there. They were to concerned with the Hummer that the Hoover Chick gave Bubba Bill.
Don't let em forget that Dubya embarrassed America abroad more than once. His Daddy threw up on that prime minister but at least that was funnie. Dubya was just sad.
This is your chance to nominate two or three more people that America hasn't even heard of but are smart, energetic and courageous.
You just pulled off the impossible. You got elected. It took Four Hundred and some odd years to do that!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


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Either I'm a bit lost or I just need to read this again.

Revvy Rev said...

I'll bet that Pres. Obama won't even break stride. "The STRONG MEN keep a-comin' on gittin STRONGER......."