Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

U know it's Love after you've made the stupidest mistake
said the wrong thing at the absolutely worst moment
left the peanut butter in the grape jelly jar
broke wind and cleared each other's sinuses
took money from the ATM without checking the balance and made everything bounce like a super ball, used the last of the coffee when your partner really needed it
ate that strawberry shortcake ice cream that been in the freezer for months or worse just threw it away Drank the last root beer they u knew they set aside
Left toothpaste in the sink, let your curlers burn and left hair all over the bathroom
left your undies drying in the shower, left those special undies drying in the shower
It love when on Superbowl Sunday or during the NBA finals they go to the store and buy that box of special time lady things cause you need em
It love when even after the argument you sorry even when you were and still are right!
It love when even after all this happens Y'all still there.
Love when long after you would have left somebody else you still there.
Anyone can fall in love with someone. Candy, flowers, good food and music and great sex can help you get there!
It is Love after the bad things happen you realize they are human and you forgive them and move on. That's Love!
Happy Valentines Day!


Danny Love said...

TRUE. :)
Happy VDay.

Anonymous said...

awwwww...great post!

Go B.

LeLe said...

I hate V-Day...boyfriend or's just another Hallmark holiday to me. YUCK! Save all the candy and flowers for my birthday.