Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pictures of Dakah!

Dakah Concert Conducter Geoff Double G Gallegos Pictured in White Tux and tails

On August 22nd I wrote about Dakah, the hip hop orchestra. I hope you got a chance to attend but I will post a few pics of the event in case you couldn't attend. The concert started with a familiar piece to Dakah listeners. Reap what you sow! It was cool and it's such a multi layered, very colorful piece of music that I didn't mind hearing it again. The orchestra went through a virtual catalog of current hip hop, house, and most of all Funk orchestrations and it was cool.

The low light of the evening was the sound. It sounded ok but I have heard excellence there and well I'm picky and spoiled. California Plaza is a great venue for live music but I don't think the sound engineer could handle Dakah. It's seventy pieces with a brass, woodwind, and string section not to mention the bombast of the rhythm section. It's very difficult to balance all those elements live off the cuff. The string section may De crescendo (gradually softer) while the electric rhythm section may be forte! ( Loud)

But the Highlight was seeing everyone, Rastas, Backpackers, Deadheads, Hip hoppers, Afrocuban or Latin Jazz fans of all races, ages, economic backgrounds and political stance grooving to Mothership connection (PFUNK) together! TO-GET-THER! IT happens every summer! It's a beautiful thang!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Friday, August 29, 2008

A Choice of Weapons 100th Post!

Well alright! Number 100!
Barack Obama made history becoming the 1st African American nominee to a major US political party. It was a good speech! Bam Bam went after John Old Kane Mccain on some real issues. Hey Bam Bam! More substance is needed though in plain terms bro. More meat and I know you got it for us!

Now John Old Kane Mccain may be old, out of touch and still trying to work out of the 19th and 20th century playbooks but hey even an old lion can be dangerous and Old Kane made a great play with his vice presidential pick. Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska is a real interesting pick!

Palin, a whistle blower shined the light on Republican backroom deals that presented conflict of interests and lapses in ethics. She is a Republican but she has standards that she doesn't violate for sake of party unity. She's the killer of the bridge to nowhere, a Mother, Basketball player, married to a champion snowboarder and BP Oil man, journalism major, political minor, once reduced her own salary as mayor and cut property taxes by 60%, Pro-life feminist and 44 years old. She definitely walks it like she talks it. Her own son born with Down syndrome, she doesn't believe in abortion.
Cool, his veep is alot less flawed than Old Kane himself. Mccain, I will give ya credit, you picked a candidate that your own party would not have had the guts or intelligence to pick! You flew against conventional wisdom and didn't choose Romney or Lieberman, the safe choices! That took sack! Your ideas may be bad, discredited, outmoded and outdated but Whoo hoo dude ya made this race fun!
Joe Biden versus Sarah Palin, this is gonna be good!

Barack Bam Bam Obama versus John Old Kane Mccain!

Oh yeah, all we need is a Texas cage and we in business baby!
BE Mindful! BE Careful! BE Prayerful!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

YAAAAAH! The Luscious Librarian's Home!

Well alright! The Blogosphere saw the beacon and returned Double L home to her blogspace where she posting an insightful, provocative commentary and you fed her too. Good! I can tell by the post it was good for the soul and the mind. Welcome back Double L! Next time phone home!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Spiritual Food For Thought!

Many are deceived today in the same way as were the Jews. Religious teachers read the Bible in the light of their own understanding and traditions; and the people do not search the Scriptures for themselves, and judge for themselves as to what is truth; but they yield up their judgment, and commit their souls to their leaders. The preaching and teaching of His word is one of the means that God has ordained for diffusing light; but we must bring every man's teaching to the test of Scripture. Whoever will prayerfully study the Bible, desiring to know the truth, that he may obey it, will receive divine enlightenment. He will understand the Scriptures. 'If any man willeth to do His will, he shall know of the teaching.' John 7:17, R. V. The Desire of Ages

Missing! Luscious Librarian! She Must be Lost!

Double L, the Luscious Librarian has not posted anything new since her Toys for Tots post on August 10th! Maybe she joined a cult or maybe she's staying up 23 hours round the clock watching the Democratic convention. In any case if you see her lurking around your blog looking lost, feed her til she's full, give her something good to read then send her home.
Double L GET BACK TO WORK! We miss you!
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The DemoCracker Convention Begins!

The 2008 Democracker Convention has began this week in Denver, Colorado. Michelle Obama and Senator Ted Kennedy spoke last evening but tonight Senator Hillary Clinton will continue her high stakes game of Russian Roulette. The Hillary camp appears to be trying to implement the burn and salted earth policy with this election. Attorney Gloria Allred walked the convention floor with a gag in her mouth to symbolize how Hillary and her supporters have been gagged. Now while I support and encourage Miss Allred to continue wearing her gag, please!!!! Make it a lifetime accessory! This is not true! This is the Clinton's and Carville trying to derail Bam Bam's Campaign. They are succeeding. Barack, ya just too nice. Ya let her speak why? She's been more than vicious to you. Bill has not campaigned for you! You owe these folks nothing!
Now, if she Effs you tonight then take the gloves off and let them know who YOU are! Courtesy is for those who are civilized. This is your campaign. You have to win it or lose it on terms that you can live with.
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lowenthal to hold meeting at Main Library Tuesday!

This Tuesday Night August 26, 2008 at the Long Beach Main Library 1st district councilperson Bonnie Lowenthal will hold a meeting with residents concerning the city budget and how it will affect the 1st district. She will also discuss the proposed closing of the Main Library. Get off your bums and lets fill the meeting hall and let them know We want the Main kept open!

Main Library

100 Pacific Ave

Long Beach, CA 90802

5:30pm to 8:30pm

Ocean Blvd/Pacific Ave

Library portion will begin at 6:30pm but be there early anyway so they ain't sneaky!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Serious Black!

One of my coolest buds Serious Black from The League of Evil Monkeys turned 31 years old yesterday. Happy Birthday! He's been a lil down, a lil indifferent to everything lately.
Serious, well I know you've been on the Jenny Craig diet lately and you didn't want to show your progress yet but well I snapped your picture when you weren't looking. You look Good!
Happy Birthday! You've really slimmed down what are you an A cup now? Your Moobies( Man Boobs) are the size of raisins now!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hall Of Famer Gene Upshaw dies!

NFL Union President and Raider Hall Of Fame member Eugene Upshaw has joined the ancestors after recently being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. #63 is the only player to play in three different Superbowl's in the 1960's, 70's and 80's.
The perennial all pro lineman received his Bachelors of Science from Texas A and I university now Texas A and M at Kingville. He is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. He did his graduate work at Lincoln University.
He was a tenacious defender and will certainly be remembered for being a Raider great! The Silver and Black will miss you. He leaves behind a loving wife and two children.
Since 1983 he has represented the players union, serving as a rep and then as the president. Recently the rank and file and retirees have been highly critical of Upshaw believing that he was too cozy with management and that he had not maintained a proper adverserial relationship necessary to represent his union fairly. I too, agreed with this view.
In reality though NFL players receive more than 50% of the revenues. NFL retirees received more revenues in retirement than their salaries during their playing days. But with rising salaries of current players and rising medical costs and decreasing health benefits retirees have a legitimate beef in asking that their medical packages be increased not only from the NFL but a fund paid for by the current crop of highly paid professionals.
Gene Upshaw has been under assault for the last few years. In response, The next Union Pres may find what most critics find when they actually are in the drivers seat. It ain't easy I just make it look easy.
Last, to all men but especially Black men, Gene Upshaw was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on August 19th, he passed on August 21st. He woke up not feeling well, his breathing was labored and his wife made him go to the doctor. How long had he had the cancer, how long had he suffered and how long did he just walk it off?
Men are notorious for not going to the doctor and taking care of themselves. Goooooooo to the doctor! It's not for you it's for the ones who love you.
Until the last day sleep well Gene. God bless your family!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Black Dots and Blue Notes! DAKAH

If by chance you are in the Los Angeles Area you have got to check out DAKAH the Hip Hop Orchestra! Dakah is a full symphony orchestra augmented by a full rhythm section including a group of rappers and singers and turntablists. This is a site to behold I assure you.

Dakah is a home grown orchestra based in Los Angeles. Years ago when I was less hip and more closed minded to the idea that hip hop and other genres could mesh successfully. I was wrong. Dakah blends the two genres perfectly! Dakah held residence at the Conga room for years and I didn't go! Oh, what a fool I was!

Conductor Geoff "Double G" Gallegos, the orchestras principal arranger has successfully bridged the chasm between Charles Ives, Claude Debussy, Alban Berg and Aaron Copeland, William "Count" Basie and Edward "Duke" Ellington with all the modern 20th and 21st century sounds, instrumentation and dissonance and the spoken word and spare instrumentation and complex rhythms of hip hop!

Ok, enough egghead stuff, Dakah just rox! Once again they are gracing us with a free concert at the awesome California Plaza courtesy of Get there early because they get over 5000 people some nights hipped to the great sounds and sights that the area has to offer.

California Plaza
Downtown Los Angeles
On the rooftop by the waterfall

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When will Obama and Mccain answer Black Church Leaders?

Presidential Candidates John Old Kane Mccain and Barack Bam Bam Obama visited the Saddleback Church pastored by Rick Warren to answer questions about faith, state their positions on issues important to some evangelicals and hopefully court the Evangelical voting block. However once again, Black folks have not demanded fair exchange and so once again we get robbed.

First, who is Rick Warren that we should grace his church? Who decided that this venue and conditions set were agreeable? I didn't! In fact just about anyone you ask would agree.

But since they are so keen to court the religious intelligentsia here's a short list of some of our more prominent Black Religious folks that they can talk to. I am sure that Bam Bam and Old Kanes slight was unintentional.
Pictured above representing Christianity; Pastors Warren Pearson, Dr. Earl E. Cleveland, Kwame Ronnie Vanderhorst, Dr. Calvin Butts, Bishop Charles Blake, Cecil Chip Murray, Dr. Freddie Haynes and Bishop Vashti Mckenzie who can serve not only as a woman but a historical figure.

Representing Dar Al Islam; pictured Imam Wallace Muhammed of the World Community of Al Islam, Minister Louis Farrakhan, National Rep of the Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West.
Representing Buddhism: Rev. Angel Kyoda Williams of New Dharma Faith community and Rev. L. C. Rangdrol of The Rainbow Dharma Community, and rounding out the discussion Priest ( IFA does not recognize gender) Iyala Van Zandt representing a traditional African religion known as IFA.
I'm sure this would be a lively and interesting forum and would look absolutely great on TV. I want to see it just to have Presidential candidates especially White ones before a panel of Black folks answer the real hard questions! And I am sick and tired of White candidates and candidates of all other stripes including the traditional religious and political communities ignoring us, showing us their contempt and getting a pass! So there!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Dave Matthews Band Saxophonist Leroi Moore Dies!

Dave Matthews Band founding member Leroi Moore joined the ancestors passing away at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital from injuries he suffered in an all terrain vehicle accident on his farm June, 30, 2008.
LeRoi Moore (September 7, 1961 - August 19, 2008) was the saxophonist for the Dave Matthews Band, and a founding member of the band. Moore often arranged the music for the songs written by frontman Dave Matthews. He had co-writing credits on many of the band's songs, most notably "Too Much" and "Stay".

Moore was born on September 7, 1961 in Dunn, North Carolina to Lee Vester and Pennie Louise (née Smith) Moore. Raised in Virginia, he attended college at
James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia studying tenor saxaphone and later became an accomplished jazz musician in Charlottesville, Virginia playing with artists such as John D'earth and Dawn Thompson. Ibid. Wiki.
He was tapped by Dave Matthews in 1991 to record some songs he had written and wished to flesh out with larger instrumentation. He played bass, baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano saxophones, as well as the flute, bass clarinet and wooden penny whistle. Ibid. Wiki.
As a longtime Dave Matthews Band fan I will miss his quirky bass sax instrumentation. I loved the interplay between Carter Buford, the DMB violinist and Moore especially on tunes like my personal favorite "Ants Marching."
Sleep well until the Last Day!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Premiere Thespian Lawrence Fishburne Joins CSI !

Actor extraordinaire Lawrence Fishburne, (Othello, Two Trains Running and the Matrix trilogy) has joined the cast of CSI Crime Scene Investigation as the new principal lead with the recent departures of William Petersen (Best Will Graham Ever) and Gary Dourdan.

First, Oh He** Yeah! Lawrence Fishburne is one of the great ones going back to Cornbread, Earl and Me all the way through his salad daze playing Thug # 1 this dude just had the chops! Don't let your Fishburne experience remain limited to the Matrix trilogy or to Deep Cover! Ya got to go back to the true classics like School Daze! Just kidding but he was good in that too!
I'm happy for Lawrence but once again Damn! They making a Brotha nutz! What the happy happy joy joy! (I am trying not to curse)

Fishburne's yet to be named character is a college professor and criminologist who shares many genetic traits with serial killers.


Now, let I git this straight! You got Lawrence Fishburne, a Tony award Winning, Oscar nominated actor, one of the finest African American Actors alive who coming in to replace your Franchise player who you've lost and the best character sketch you can come up with is that he is exploring the traits that he shares with SERIAL KILLERS?


Now, I was cool when they snubbed Denzel for Best Actor during the Hurricane, Cool when they passed him over for Malcolm X, Bit my lip when they didn't even nominate him for Remember the Titans! But then you gave it to him for TRAINING DAY where he played a CROOK!

I was cool when you passed over Halle Berry for Best actress and Best Supporting in Losing Isaiah opposite Meryl Streep! I remained calm when you didn't even consider her for The Rich Man's Wife or gave her props for Their Eyes were Watching God but then you give her the OSCAR for getting the Hippity Hoppin Nonsensical Babble bounced out her by Billy Bob Thornton in Monster's Ball!
Lawrence, I know you are a consummate professional and that you will create one of televisions more memorable performances but the moment they said SER-i- AL Killer!

You should have politely replied .....excuse me,,,,,,,, did I hear you mention serial killer?

But hey what do I know, you probably get an Emmy for it!

BE Mindful! BE Careful! BE Prayerful!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Long Beach Main Library In Danger!

Mayor Bob Foster and The Long Beach City Council recently proposed the closure of the Long Beach Main Library as part of a series of cutbacks designed at lowering the cities 16.5 million dollar shortfall.
The Main Library built in 1977 is the 2nd newest library and is the central hub to the system. Mayor Foster stated in a recent Press Telegram article that while he is an avid supporter of the Library and the system, the Main is in need of repairs with the estimated costs totalling 10 million to repair the roof alone.

The Library is repository for over a million books including several collections of rare books and art and home to a theatre. It has a large media collection consisting of thousands of VHS, DVD, Vinyl and cassette collections of music and movies.

It serves at least five local area schools assisting with literacy programs, art and poetry and a large public computer network that several communities take advantage of.

While I do support Mayor Foster, I voted for him, and as a former long time residence of the 1st district, I support Councilperson Bonnie Lowenthal, in spirit, I now live in the 6th district represented by Dee Andrews, I must say that I am suspicious and a little taken aback. Both the Mayor and Rep Lowenthal failed to even show up as the East Arts Village was being leveled. East Arts Village is a section of downtown which is home to the Acres of Books, Open, Education 2000+ and the Shades of Afrika.

Two four square blocks from Broadway, Long Beach Blvd, Elm Ave, and 3rd street are now the a large demolition site. Jacks Liquor gone, Terry's Cameras gone, Stop Furniture store gone, Assisted living gone, 99 cent store gone, Al's Fingerprinting and Photography moved, Shades of Afrika moved, Jansens stamps gone! The only one still standing is the venerable Acres of Books, a huge bookstore which until recently Long Beach proudly advertised as a historic landmark. When overtures were first entertained to condemn the property with eminent domain and the historical landmark status was invoked, the city conveniently stated that the Historical landmark status was only issued by the city and revoke it. The city has yet to explain how and what standards are they using to decide when in fact the city will recognize a property as historic and when and if that status can be revoked.

In typical Long Beach fashion though Acres will be leveled and long gone and some new property will be built and sold by the time anyone decides maybe this was a bad idea. Let me tell you now Mr. Mayor that it is a Bad idea. Sci Fi Giant Ray Bradbury supports the Long Beach Main and The Acres of Books and when he visited recently no city official came to the packed house. There was virtually no media presence either. This once again reinforces my belief that the Long Beach Press Telegram is not an independent news organ. They are guilty of collusion with the city.

Ok, it may be cheaper just to build a new library as opposed to repairing the current Main Library but I haven't heard that being proposed. What has been proposed is opening all the sister branches up seven days a week and possibly building another Main branch later. Libraries open seven days a week? Cool!

But what about the current site? What happens to it? Tell me! Tell Me!
Now it could just be conspiracy but I don't think so because my BS sense is tingling. I've got a great BS detector! Ya see, all those new artist lofts the cities been building right across the street and the New Pike retail area just a little further up Ocean Blvd give the impression that you are trying to clear more space for a similar project. Of course that's just me.

Mr. Mayor the fact that the homeless choose to congregate in the gardens and parks in front of City Hall and removing said Library might help to eradicate that visual liability could that have something to do with it?
Now, I wouldn't blame you if that was one of your reasons but......if your immediate solution was just to sweep the problem out of the 1st district and into say......the less affluent 6th then think again! Then think again some more!

Here's my take, I love the downtown area, moved there as a younger man, learned, loved and dated my wife while doing poetry there. I loved the easy access to the trains, buses and the walk ability to the clubs and the grocery stores but most of all I love the Galleries and the Bookstores.

The Redevelopment Association does not love books and art as much as I do since they have closed down or are in the process of doing so most of the bookstores downtown but I will be damned if I will sit idly by while you close the Library!

Nooooooo, a neighborhoods charm is judged not just by the affluence of the people or the beauty of the buildings but most of all by the culture from it's literature, music and arts!
Good Luck Mayor Foster!
BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Darren " Bo" Taylor Unity One Founder Succumbs to Cancer!

Article Printed Courtesy of The Los Angeles Times

By Elaine Woo, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer August 13, 2008

Darren "Bo" Taylor, a former Los Angeles gang member, who became a peacekeeper respected by street toughs as well as by law enforcement and community activists struggling to reduce inner-city violence, has died.

He was 42. Taylor died of cancer Monday in San Diego, according to his brother, Le-Chein. After the 1992 Los Angeles riots, Taylor founded Unity One, a grass-roots organization that attacked gang violence through life-skills training as well as through conflict resolution on the front lines.

Taylor was a consummate mediator, whose years as a Crip gave him credibility and insight into problems that had divided the community and law enforcement into warring camps. When the Los Angeles County jails were roiled by race riots five years ago, Taylor quickly assembled the gang leaders responsible for the violence and persuaded them to call off the fighting that left dozens injured.

He later led a program in the jails that reached 3,000 inmates with sessions to increase cultural awareness and impart concrete skills for managing anger and resolving conflict nonviolently.

"It was an unprecedented program in county jails," Sheriff Lee Baca said Tuesday, because it relied on the counsel of a man who had once been firmly on the other side of the law.The classes were demanding, Baca said, but "Bo knew how to change lives for the better. He did it very well."

His organization received major funding from A Better L.A., a group founded by USC football coach Pete Carroll to empower communities to address urban violence. Taylor took Carroll to some of the city's toughest neighborhoods to help him understand the origins of gang problems."We floundered around until we met Bo," Carroll said Tuesday. "He gave us inroads. He showed that only people with the community in their soul were the ones who could be effective."
Taylor was born in Memphis, Tenn., on Jan. 20, 1966, and moved to Los Angeles when he was about 5. When he was 14, he became a Crip.He graduated from Los Angeles High School and at 18 joined the Navy.
After four years, he was honorably discharged and returned to the city but drifted back into criminal life when he could not find a job. Involved in drug trafficking, he recalled being shot at seven times in one month in the same phone booth. After repeatedly dodging death, he had a spiritual awakening and decided to change course. He figured he had attended 200 funerals of victims of street violence and, as he told National Public Radio last year, he "couldn't cry no more."

He formed Unity One to talk to warring sets of gang members and persuade them to lay down their guns. Sometimes, he did more than talk, physically throwing himself between rival gang members reaching for their guns.His overall approach was humanistic.

"I don't even like to stereotype and say 'gang members.' I say they're disenfranchised youth," he told NPR. "They don't really have all the tools to make the right decisions that's necessary in today's society, and they don't fully understand the system."Gang members listened because he had a "license to operate," earned in his past life on the path they still walked."
Bo would tell his personal story of being a former gang member who would not let gang life trap him into a sense of hopelessness and despair," said Najee Ali, an activist who has worked to reduce crimes between blacks and Latinos. "And he talked about working hard and not making excuses."

Connie Rice, a civil rights activist and attorney, once described Taylor as the Dr. Phil of gang intervention, but he proved to be as adept at navigating the corridors of officialdom as he was wise to the streets.
"He was extraordinary," said Rice, who knew Taylor for 17 years."You don't find many in the gang-intervention world who can be effective in the street, effective in the courtroom, effective at City Hall and effective in the prisons. . . . He could calm everyone down and make us work together."He was one of the first voices and perhaps the most influential from the gang intervention side to advocate cooperating with law enforcement to quell the tide of street killings, a position that raised eyebrows among other gang interventionists."He helped bridge that divide by setting the example of partnership," Ali said, "a new paradigm of leadership where now it is commonplace for us to meet with Sheriff Baca, Chief Bratton and other members of law enforcement. That is one of the most important things about his legacy."

In 2007, Taylor began hosting a midnight-to-2 a.m. call-in show on what was then KRBV-FM (100.3), which became a popular forum to discuss the causes and consequences of gang activity.
The callers included gang members, police officers and victims of gang violence. It was described as part therapy session and part community hotline. It ended when the station adopted a new format. Eight months ago he was diagnosed with a rare cancer that attacks the tissues of the mouth. It spread to his neck and head, but he insisted on fighting it in his own way, resisting traditional medicine to seek treatment in Tijuana. He died en route to a clinic there.

A funeral service for Taylor, who is survived by four children, will be held at 11 a.m. Friday at City of Refuge Church, 14527 S. San Pedro St. in Gardena. Memorial donations may be sent to Unity One Foundation Inc., 3990 S. Menlo Ave., Los Angeles

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marion Jones! Redemption Possible!

The other night my wife excitedly rushed home to watch the beginning of the 2008 Olympics! We would eat take out and watch the opening ceremonies together. I hadn't given the Olympics a second thought most of this year. I had no plans to watch any of the events at all, I told my wife. She was shocked! Why? She asked! The Country is at War! Kobe and the rest of the players are going over there trying to win a gold medal to cement their legacies and the countries just using them to make itself look good! The country is all jacked up! Plus just to put the kibosh on it! I haven't forgiven them for what they did or are doing to Marion Jones!
But I did wind up watching the opening ceremonies with my wife and I enjoyed them. I'm glad that I did. Now, I know some you will say Marion used Steroids! Did she? I don't recall her ever testing dirty do you? She didn't test dirty in High school, College, The Pan Am games, the golden games, the Olympic trails or anything never!
Blood test after blood test, urine sample after urine sample! But what about BALCO! Her ex was involved wasn't he? Yep! But Marion wasn't caught doing any substances and they didn't have any evidence that she did. They still don't! Tim Montgomery, the Ex, got caught up in the Balco scandal, had a check kiting thing going on that she got involved in too. Did she do something wrong possibly and probably! Should she have to pay for that? Yeah, she should if she was proven guilty! But let's talk real about it! The Feds needed a scapegoat! They haven't been able to get Barry, they probably won't either and they needed a high profile face to convict. So, they gangstered Marion! Admit to this and we will go easy on that! She makes a speech, gives back her medals and she becomes the poster child for steroids!
That was wrong! She wore that flag! And the IOC sold her out as well. Did ya go back and test everyone that ran those races? If so, who came up dirty? If they were all dirty and there is evidence from previous scandals that they probably were even if they were not using a super sophisticated agent like the clean or clear then all the races need to be wiped out, invalidated and the medals returned! Marion should not be singled out when the IOC didn't catch it!
Now here's a bunch of new athletes with inspirational stories to be exploited and again the IOC has not done much to insure that the so called problems that plagued previous contests will not continue well into the future.
Now, Marion politely asks the President to commute her sentence, to pardon her! He should and I hope he will. He will probably pardon far worse in the next sixty days I'm sure! As for the IOC you still have not done right because you don't want to know how ugly it may be! But, athlete beware! See what they've done to Marion, Michael and Ben, see how they whisper about Flo-Jo even in death! They will use you and throw you away! Think about that before you wrap that flag around ya self. America loved it when Marion did it! They exploited it to the hilt! Nike too but will Nike give Marion a job when this is all over even speaking about enduring scandal?
We still love you Marion!
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!