Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Premiere Thespian Lawrence Fishburne Joins CSI !

Actor extraordinaire Lawrence Fishburne, (Othello, Two Trains Running and the Matrix trilogy) has joined the cast of CSI Crime Scene Investigation as the new principal lead with the recent departures of William Petersen (Best Will Graham Ever) and Gary Dourdan.

First, Oh He** Yeah! Lawrence Fishburne is one of the great ones going back to Cornbread, Earl and Me all the way through his salad daze playing Thug # 1 this dude just had the chops! Don't let your Fishburne experience remain limited to the Matrix trilogy or to Deep Cover! Ya got to go back to the true classics like School Daze! Just kidding but he was good in that too!
I'm happy for Lawrence but once again Damn! They making a Brotha nutz! What the happy happy joy joy! (I am trying not to curse)

Fishburne's yet to be named character is a college professor and criminologist who shares many genetic traits with serial killers.


Now, let I git this straight! You got Lawrence Fishburne, a Tony award Winning, Oscar nominated actor, one of the finest African American Actors alive who coming in to replace your Franchise player who you've lost and the best character sketch you can come up with is that he is exploring the traits that he shares with SERIAL KILLERS?


Now, I was cool when they snubbed Denzel for Best Actor during the Hurricane, Cool when they passed him over for Malcolm X, Bit my lip when they didn't even nominate him for Remember the Titans! But then you gave it to him for TRAINING DAY where he played a CROOK!

I was cool when you passed over Halle Berry for Best actress and Best Supporting in Losing Isaiah opposite Meryl Streep! I remained calm when you didn't even consider her for The Rich Man's Wife or gave her props for Their Eyes were Watching God but then you give her the OSCAR for getting the Hippity Hoppin Nonsensical Babble bounced out her by Billy Bob Thornton in Monster's Ball!
Lawrence, I know you are a consummate professional and that you will create one of televisions more memorable performances but the moment they said SER-i- AL Killer!

You should have politely replied .....excuse me,,,,,,,, did I hear you mention serial killer?

But hey what do I know, you probably get an Emmy for it!

BE Mindful! BE Careful! BE Prayerful!


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Daisy said...

Don't forget APOCALYPSE NOW when he was 14. (He lied about his age to get in the movie.)