Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mildred and Lavena!

Surf the net or lurk through the blogs and you will see story after story about these two sistahs! What you won't see is Justice coming to fruition as a result of some one's conscience being awaken or just good ole fashioned detective work yielding the results! There are some great blogs and commentators giving vigil for these sistahs, yours truly included but what I want to know is when will we read Killers found! Killers convicted! Killers sentenced to life imprisonment until death! Military puts muscle behind efforts to protect female personnel. Military Justice finds offenders, Evidence irrefutable! Killers, Rapists Convicted! Military prosecutes those involved in cover up! When is that going to happen?
I signed a large petition for PFC. Lavena Johnson, after reading the stories. Her death was ruled a suicide but upon further investigation evidence surfaced that she may have been raped and murdered and that the evidence was tampered with by parties unknown and the case quickly swept under the rug as a suicide! In a time of war, the Armed Forces owes it to its own troops to protect them and see that they receive a proper investigation hopefully resulting in Justice! Check out the petition and the stories online and please participate!
I wrote about Mildred, how she was shot after her and her friends ran afoul of a group of hard heads who spurned decided to open fire on a group of Girls! There's more to the story but that about sums it up! Still, I don't want us to forget! So I encourage you to read the earlier posts!
Mildred Beaubrun is dead and still awaiting Justice! Her killers are still out there!
PFC Lavena Johnson is gone, she too awaits justice and most of all truth! None of us is safe or free when we forget about someone else!

Don't keep quiet on Murder! It's Murder! It's Murder! It's Murder! Don't protect Murderer's!

Don't pledge Loyalty to Murderers! They committed the most heinous offense on Earth! Don't hide em! Don't help em! Turn them in! Turn them in! Turn them in! We owe them Nothing!

Justice for Mildred and Lavena!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


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