Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Ain't Scared Of You Mutha&#$@!

Original King of Comedy member Bernie Mac passed away and has now joined the ancestors awaiting that Last day and The first resurection. I first saw him on Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam when it was still funnie, Yelling his signiture catch phrase I ain't scared of you Mutha@^%&$ !

Earlier this week, it was reported that he passed, thankfully that was a rumor but today when it was again reported sadly it was all too real. He came up from Chicago, he came up hard, he paid his dues performing on the subways trains and in nightclubs. When stardom came he like his fellow Original Kings of Comedy dressed dapper and gave us insightful, blazing comedy. He is most well known for The Bernie Mac show but I will always remember him for looking at the camera and talking to America! Rest well Bernie!

We will Miss you!


Serious Black said...

Who you wit? Rest in peace Mac-man.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how he will be sorely missed. This hit as hard as losing Robin Harris.