Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Herman Cain, Super Pimp????!!

Are you aware of the damage one geechie nigga can do?  Sgt. Waters.   A Soldier's Story

I don't like Herman Cain and I never did.  I don't like his politics.  But now I friggin despise this Knukka.  First, Herman you out Republican the Republicans! That was bad enough.     You tout yourself as a little businessman while in reality you are an Affirmative Action Baby who spent Twenty Years in a Government job (Secretary to the Navy Office) and then got in to Proctor and Gamble before helming their failing pizza business "God Father's" Pizza Chain.

And now, your campaign is over. Why? Multiple sexual harrassment accusers, and an alleged 13 year affair. 

Listen Pizza Boy! You played the part well for the Rich White Boys that put you in power.  You sang! You came up with catchy hip slogans! You smiled that 150 K Smile for the cameras, belittling anything that helped your Race and the Poor; And in the end you gave em the cherry to go on top of their Sh*t Sundae. You went for their White Women! You Niggered for them! You jackass, sell out COON!

Lets go over the list so you and our readers will understand the depths of your COONERY!

1. Sold your own people out! Check!
2. Belittled the Poor! Check!
3. Gave little or no substantive ideas or thought just hip slogans! Check!
4. You smiled and sang for those F*ckers! Newt, Ron, Mitt and even Rick didn't do that! Why would you? The only Black Dude on the panel.

And # 5

You a Black Dude with a Black Wife but you caught up in Multiple Sexual Harassment cases with WHITE WOMEN and There is no confusion that these are White Women.  No Multi-Ethnic, could be mistaken for any other race than White Jessica Alba, Jennifer Beals thing happening here! 100% Blonde, Blue Eyed, Corn fed, All American White Girls!

So, you LIVE UP TO THE GOT DAMN STEREOTYPE that the White Power Structure has preached about your Black Brothers since the beginning of our torture here! That the Black Man is only after the WHITE WOMAN!

You an Educated Dude, with Multiple degrees, Government experience and Corporate Success who has climbed high in the White Corporate World that your Black Brothers have to live in and navigate like a laser lighted mine field and you lived up to the stereotype! And hurt your Black Brothers to boot!

Good for you and Good Riddance you sell out piece of sh*t!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!