Monday, February 28, 2011

Andrew JUDAS Young! Sell Out!

Damn You a Sell Out! Civil Rights Activist, Former Dr. King Aid, Andrew Young is a sell out! A SELL OUT! Shame on you Andrew!

You went on Soledad O'Brien CNN Apologist expose about Civil Rights Era Iconic Photographer Ernest C. Withers involvement as an alleged FBI paid Informant and stated that "We have no problem with Ernest acting as an agent of the Government because it was OUR Government and we were acting within the law"

You ignorant sell out! I guess you have no problem with Dr. King's phones being tapped, or any mis-information campaigns that went against him. How bout FBI Chief J. Edgar (MARY) Hoover's operations designed to discredit, and disgrace Dr. King. They wanted Dr. King to commit suicide. That's YOUR Government that you were a lawful citizen of doing that. The same one Ernest Withers supposedly was a paid informer for? 

What about all the Freedom Riders or Black Liberation/SNCC/Panthers that YOUR Government framed, murdered, jailed or ran out of the country?

Shame on you Andrew Young! You've gotten too comfortable! You've sat on too many boards, and went to too many dinners. YOU SOLD OUT!

If Ernest Withers was an INFORMANT then he was wrong! It was wrong and there is no excuses for it! Mark Clark (Chicago Black Panther Party) is dead because of an informant! Chairman Fred Hampton was murdered beside his pregnant Wife because of an informant!

 It was a War Andrew! A war in which the American Government was the enemy of the Afrikan American Citizens! You have to choose sides! You have to choose methods! Dr. King's method and tactic was Non Violent Resistance! But his side was Black Folks! The Oppressed!

Remember, the last scene in the Orwell's Animal Farm. The Pigs and the Men became indistinguishable to the other Animals at the end. 

You've betrayed Dr. King and the movement! You betrayed the people! I hope they say this at your Funeral after they read off all your awards that ultimately they were HOLLOW cause you sold them out!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Milestone Media Co-Founder Dewayne Mcduffie Dead at 49

Milestone Media Flagship Character ICON

It is appointed once for Man to die and after this the Judgement.  The Holy Bible

Blessed are they that are in that 1st Resurrection for they shall see God (IAM) Rev 13

I never met Dewayne Mcduffie face to face or had a conversation with him but I knew him.  He Friended me  on my Facebook .  (Smile) I knew him though, I knew him intimately through his art and through his writing.  I am an avid comic book collector specializing in Afrikan American Comics and Characters. 

In the 90's I was a huge fan of Marvel Comics The Silver Surfer, The Fantastic Four, Every X Men title in existence with the exception of Excalibur and Spider Man. Every Title except Spiderman 2099.  Yeah, I'm a Proud Comic book nerd.

Marvel Comics had a few Black Characters like the Fabulous Falcon,Power Man Luke Cage , Night Thrasher, Rage, Black Panther and Female Characters like Nocturne ( She was so lame). Marvel didn't use Black Characters that much and when they did sometimes they were kinda lame.  Power Man AKA Luke Cage or Cage is almost 40 years old and there have been three different attempts to give him his own comic. His dialogue at times seemed to be stolen from a Superfly movie, his costume was comically lame. Big Black Dude with a loud canary yellow shirt, collar open, chest hair exposed, Big Afro, with a metal band around it and a chain instead of  a belt. This lasted til the 90's!  There were writers who gave good efforts but Damn! Milestone Comics spoofed Cage with a ccharacter called Buck Wild!

The Falcoln was as smart as Captain America and would lead the Avengers but again, Damn! The Black Panther was a Genius Afrikan Royal who used his Brains, Brawn, Afrikan Spirituality and Charisma to kick major booty. White Writers didn't know how to do justice to the characters and so they languished.

DC Comics were not much better.  Every Black Character was a Black something or somebody! Black Lightning anyone! John Henry Irons (Steel).  The Cyborg (Teen Titans) was half machine, with half a huge Afro. It was in this long term enviorment that Denny Cowen and Dewayne Mcduffie created THE MILESTONE BIBLE which was an artbook of Multi Racial characters.  DC Comics loved it and wanted to buy the characters, but Dwayne and his partners had other ideas.  Milestone Comics was born in a partnership with DC Comics.  That's right they started their own company! They hired artists and writers of color that are now working in the industry. Whoo Whoo!

I grabbed a bagged copy of Static # 1, went home and read it and immediately went and grabbed ICON, BLOOD SYNDICATE, and HARDWARE and every other issue they had on the shelves.  The art was so-so but the writing was awesome. I'm a story guy and these guys knew how to tell a good story.  The characters were revolutionary and history making but not just for revolutions and history sake.
Marvel Comics had Northstar, a Gay Male Superhero. Other than announcing it Marvel did little with Northstar beyond announcing him.  Milestone had Fade. (Blood SyndicateFade, was a Puerto Rican Gangster who was like a ghost.  He could become more solid in the proximity of his Sister.  Fade was closeted but Fade's conflict was truly a part of the story. Fade's Sister "Flashback" could go back in time three seconds. She saved the Blood Syndicates behind numerous times this way. She could fly but is fighting a crack addiction. Static's first time was shown in Static # 25.  Some Comic stores threatened not to carry the issue because it dealt with a teen aged character having sex in a natural way. The comic did not seek to present the issue in a negative light. 

ICON was an alien who took the form of an Afrikan American Man. He'd lived through slavery, was hung, had fought in wars and now lived as Augustus the Fourth, a high powered conservative lawyer. Rocket, an inner city youth, told Augustus that it was time he got involved with his people's plight; To BE an ICON! Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas read Milestone Comics and wrote the creators to say he favored ICON. ICON was a pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, up and coming country club Nigga.  Rocket was a conscious youth. A Single Mom who fought alongside him and challenged him to get involved. She challenged him not just BERATED him.

Milestone Media Comics did not last a long time but the characters were incorporated in the DC Universe and can be seen there today.  DC got a whole lot of color.

Dewayne, you will be missed Brother. I thank you for great reading that I will cherish.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Long Awaited Honor has been Recieved!

In 1980, Odie Hawkins, wrote a teleplay for a new CBS Television Series "Palmerstown USA". The show was the results of a new formed partnership between Alex Haley, Author extraordinaire, of the groundbreaking "Roots" Novel turned television miniseries and Producer powerhouse Norman Lear (All in the Family, Good Times, The Jefferson's) I could go on but I won't!

The series aired seven episodes before it was cancelled. Well, this past weekend, Mr. Odie Hawkins, along with other esteemed guests were invited to the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, CA for a private screening of the episode he had written "Old Sister" all those years ago.
Odie Hawkins being honored at the John Mitchell Theatre
Photo V. Wade-Williams

We were escorted into the John H. Mitchell Theatre. Mr. Martin Gostanian, of the Paley Center, explained upon his exit, the lights would lower and the program would start. As the lights went low and faded to black, the music and opening credits rolled "Old Sister" Teleplay by Odie Hawkins other credits included famed Actor/Director Bill Duke of Carwash and Predator in the starring role. The episode also featured Actor Glen Turman of Cooley High. Oh, we must not forgot a very young Michael J. Fox (Back To the Future, Family Ties) What a cast of people that would all go on to do awesome work!

This was high quality television. The ensemble was top of the line and the script was nuanced. Like CBS other show "The Waltons" it was set during the Depression but this show explored the life's of two Families. One White, the other Black. The Families knew and cared for one another but lived with the backdrop of Jim Crow. The show was not ruled by cliches and did not brush over Jim Crow.

WD Hall to his Wife:  "Why did you say that we would be at "Aunt Jenny's" ceremony at the "Colored" Church?

Mrs. Hall: "Why wouldn't we be? In WW 1 when you were all shot up and hurt she nursed you back to health and "Aunt Jenny" nursed half the town back to health. She wants her Family there. I've known her my whole life."

W.D Hall: You think that I don't know that? I agree and am happy that she is being honored as an "Old Sister" she certainly deserves it but “We ain't Family and "She" ain't your Aunt"! (Ant) It seems hypocritical is all. They invite us to their church but do you see anyone from "Our" Church invite any of them?

The episode revolved around the the Afrikan American Matriarch "Auntie Jenny" being honored by her Church as an "Old Sister". This honor was bestowed on one every 25 years to a Woman who had great character and charity. This was something that Alex Haley recalled from his childhood in the South.

After the show ended and the lights came up, Mr. Martin Gostanian from the Paley Center presented Odie with a vintage copy of a TV Guide magazine, from the week when the "Old Sister" episode of Palmerstown USA aired. Odie would go to win an NAACP Image Award for writing the episode.

From Left to Right Mista Jaycee, Martin and Odie Hawkins
Photo by V. Wade-Williams
The show was nuanced and well thought out. Check out the above dialogue. This was courageous even after "Roots" and certainly for 1980 era Television. I doubt the show would even be made in today's hyper politically correct date and age.

I was immensely proud of Odie and the work that he allowed to come through him. "Palmerstown USA" may not have succeeded as a Television program but it was and is still great Television.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

FBI Declines to Take the Matrise Richardson Case!

I am angry and disappointed. Mitrese Richardson, a beautiful Afrikan American young Woman with a college degree, was arrested, taken into custody by Law Enforcement. She was released at two in the morning on foot, with no cellular phone, purse or id into a dark wooded area.

Mitrese Richardson courtesy of the web

She’s dead. She was missing for almost a year. Her skeletal remains found in a ravine. Rumors and photos have surfaced on the internet suggesting that Matrise was a lesbian, that she was suffering from Bi-Polar Depression, or that she simply had run away.  As early as one week before her remains were found, there was a rumor that she'd been sited in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Could Matrise’s disappearance and death be a hate crime perpetuated by members of Law Enforcement? We certainly can not rule it out. It has not been properly investigated to this writer’s knowledge. The investigation is not neutral and unbiased. The Malibu/Los Hills division of the LA County Sheriff is an unofficial suspect. They were the last one’s to see her alive.

Courtesy of the Web

They have yet to give a satisfactory explination why Ms. Richardson was released at two in the morning on foot with no id or cellular phone. Was she bailed out? Was she given a citation? Why was she not allowed to use a sheriff's phone? When she was arrested the was a suspicion that Ms. Richardson may have been suffering a mental breakdown. It that is true then why was she not seen by a Doctor? Why was she not kept overnight for observation?  Why release a Young Woman into the night on foot into a wooded area? 

Site of Matrise Richardson's found remains
Would you want your local Law Enforcement Agency to release your Daughter into the a wooded area on foot without an ID, Phone or purse?  Where was Ms. Richardson gonna catch a bus?  Where was she gonna call anyone to come and pick her up? What place would have been safer than a Law Enforcement office? 

Why isn't there any video of Ms. Richardson being brought inside the station or leaving it? Where is Ms. Richardson's car, phone, purse and Identification? 

Why hasn't the Mainstream media hounded Law Enforcement officials with this?  While some Mainstream media has picked up the story and continue to cover it, t
here has no been no intense investigative journalism as of yet.  Thankfully some media outlets such as KJLH 102.3 FM in Los Angeles, CA as well as Jasmine Cannuck have kept the fire burning for Ms. Richardson.

Writer Activist Jasmine Cannuck

The Sherriff’s department removed her remains and cleaned the crime scene. Is it proper for a possible suspect in a case to investigate that case? It seems more than reasonable to question any conclusions made in this case because the crime scene has been compromised and the evidence tainted.

Sheriff Lee Baca held a News conference announcing that there is no evidence of foul play. That’s not necessarily a lie.

There may be no evidence of foul play especially if members of the sheriffs department removed it all and are obstructing the truth.

That’s just an observation. No one has been accused or charged with any wrongdoing. Sheriff Lee Baca should be held to account for making such a closed statement when a branch of his department is under a cloud of suspicion.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca
No evidence of foul play? What evidence do you have that would indicate that it was not? Did Matrise die of exposure, at the hands of an animal or from a fall? Was there anyway to conclude that she had not been assaulted physically or sexually at any time before her release? Sorry Sheriff Baca but we can not hold your department’s findings in the highest confidence. We can’t and we should not!

The Federal Bureau of Investigations has declined to become involved with the case.


If there was ever a case that demanded that they become involved this is it! The Local law enforcement agency is a suspect in the case. The FBI should be asking some real questions of all the parties involved. They should be interviewing every officer and person in the building that evening but most of all they should exhume her remains and conduct an autopsy. Recently, eight more bones were found that are believed to belong to Matrise.

"No Evidence of Foul Play?"

How did Matrise Richardson die?

The FBI should do this in the interest of justice. Please email your local representatives and enlist their help in seeing that Justice is done in this case. Demand that Matrise’s body be exhumed! Demand an independent autopsy and demand that everyone involved in this case be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations including shutting down the Los Hills/Malibu Branch and investigating all it's officers and records completely.

Please Write, Email, Fax, Facebook, Phone or Tweet the following in support of a complete independent investigation into the Arrest, Release, Search, and Death of Matrise Richardson by the State of California and uultimately the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Governor Jerry Brown

c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160


Kamala D. Harris
1300 “I” Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 944255, Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
Telephone: (916) 445-9555
Fax: (916) 323-5341

Furutani, Warren T. [D, 55, Los Angeles] 
State Capitol, Room 6025, Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 319-2055; Fax: (916) 319-2155
4201 Long Beach Blvd, Ste 327, Long Beach CA 90807
Telephone: (562) 989-2919; Fax: (562) 989-5494

Hall III, Isadore [D, 52, Los Angeles]

State Capitol, Room 3123, Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 319-2052; Fax: (916) 319-2152
2200 West Artesia Blvd, Ste 210, Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
Telephone: (310) 223-1201; Fax: (310) 223-1202

Congresswoman Laura Richardson 37th District of California
may be reached at (562) 436-3828

100 W. Broadway
West Tower, Suite 600
Long Beach, CA 90802

In Washington, DC, we ( Congresswoman Laura Richardson ) can be reached at (202) 225-7924 (the fax number is (202) 225-7926)
1330 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's day! I can dig that not everyone has someone to snuggle with. I really understand that. But now is NOT the time for the anti-cupid, naysayers and hateful trolls and banshees to rule the day. It's a time for love! So, call someone in the spirit of love and see how they are. Let us count our blessings!

These are hard times for alot of us and the last thing we need is anymore negativity dig?

Happy Valentines Day!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Stars and Bars is Racist! The End!

I am a serious Lynerd Skinnerd Fan! Love "Sweet Home Alabama, Tuesdays gone, That smell, Working for MCA, and Simple Man.  If I never heard "Free Bird" again, It would be too soon. That said, I always wanted to kick they old asses for using the Stars and Bars as their banner.

Southern Heritage, my beautiful Black booty! It's a Confederate flag! It's symbolism is rooted in the murder, rape and subjugation of an entire people. Is that a heritage that you want to honor and pass on?

I enjoy a good bowl of grits on occasion, I'm no stranger to some good BBQ. My Mama makes Black Eyed Peas for New Years day! Those are Southern Traditions. I give honor to them.

No ,My European American Brothers and Sisters from the Southern United States.  The Stars and Bars is not your heritage. It's part of our collective story but not our collective heritage.  Rape, Murder, Slavery, Torture, False imprisonment are not values. 

Why am I writing about this? Presidential Candidate John McCain got caught up on if his stance of the Stars and Bars years back in the South Carolina primary.  He cowered to those supporters and sold his integrity.  He later stated.

"The Stars and Bars is a Loser Flag. It symbolizes the division of the United States and was the banner in a war that tore apart the country." Sen. John McCain

I wasn't gonna vote for you John but I would have respected you. Instead, you said it afterwards. Blast your oily politician Hyde!

Listen here White Folks! (European Americans) Your Afrikan American Neighbor may not say it but He/She is offended by the flag.  They are your neighbors, your kids go to school together. You borrow each others tools and help one another as neighbors.  We are one people although we do not always understand or agree with one another. Understand this. The Stars and Bars, The Confederate Flag has meant the Same Evil, Satanic Thing that it's has since it's inception.

Never Buy Texas from a Cowboy and Don't try to sell that Bull ish to me!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Mississippi God Damn!

The Sons of Confederate Veterans want to honor Ku Klux Klan Founder Natan Bedford Forest with a specialized license plate in Mississippi and the idea is being considered. My advice is don't do it Mississippi!

Domestic Terrorist Oraganization KKK Founder Nathan B. Forest

Mississippi God Damn!

Nathan Bedford Forest is responsible for creating an Domestic Terrorist Organization that murdered and terrorized Black American Citizens for over a Hundred years.

Perhaps, you feel that is an achievement worth commerating.  Let's face it Mississippi, if there is a Hell, you've earned top marks and deserve a place in the hottest corner for what you have already done in this writers humble opinion.

Mississippi God Damn!

Do the right thing for once.  If you want to lionize someone let it be NAACP General Medgar Evers not Nathan Bedford Forest. Medgar Evans fought for equal rights guaranteed under the constitution for Everyone. Nathan Bedford Forest was a terrorist fighting against a People very right to exist.

Do the Right thing and Denounce your Racist past Mississippi.

Mississippi God Damn!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lame! Superbowl Half Time Show! Lame!

Insipidity:  \in'siped\ adj, 1. tasteless, 2. not stimulating

Let's face it, the Superbowl half time show has been lame for quite a few years. Superbowl 45 was Noooooooo exception. If lame, recycled, cookie cutter, pop songs with Disneyesque overtones is your thing, then cool! That show was for you. (I feel sorry ,for ya.)
But, A Choice of Weapons is about positivity so i'll just pass the word that Michael Bolton and Kenny G are a couple doing shows in your town. 

A Couple, Mista Jaycee? Now that was a thinly veiled barb at Michael and Kenny. Shame on you! Implying that they are NOT Manly Men. That somehow they a Soft, Safe, Saccrine, lame, wimpy Guys!

You are right! Thinly veiled is not right. Kenny G and Michael Bolton ARE LAME! The Black Peas were Lame that night.


Pop Success, that's why! We've heard those songs and seen that show a hundred times! It's safe! It's non threatening, it's the same! It's pop!

POP is the antithesis of what the National Football (RAIDERS) League is about!  It's a big, stinky, Rush Limbaugh size Turd flown in the face of all that's right about AMERICAN EFFIN FOOTBALL!

American Football is a violent game! It's pushing, shoving, spitting, kicking, biting, cursing and bad behavior wrapped up in a colorful jersey!   It's Hot Dogs with Mustard, Chilli, Onions, lots of onions, pickles, Kraut, and cheese product.  Not Cheese, made from cows milk, but cheese product. That may have some kinda milk but most likely NOT! It's whatever's yellow they shoot out the can.  It's ice cold sodas and BEER! Kegs, cans and bottles of BEER! Note to the NFL! Football is a Violent game and we like it like that!

Did I mention BEER?  Did I mention Pushing, shoving, biting, kicking, cursing and ROWDY? 

You didn't say ROWDY!

I meant to! Superbowl Sunday is one of the High Unholy Days that brings the whole community together. It's the one time Men and their Childrens, get to jump on the furniture, let foul language fly freely, and eat Fatty, Processed Foods together.  The show and the music should reflect that ROWDY spirit!  You've failed NFL Marketing! YOU'VE Failed!

Janet Jackson's Medium sized, 45 year old, luscious, chocolaty, boob had nothing to do with how lame the Superbowl half time shows have become.  They were lame long before we caught a glimpse of that brown sugar perfection.

Case in Point AFC Championship Game. Ja Effin Rule was the act that year.  Lame pop songs.  "The Luniz" had a local hit in OAKLAND that year called "Oakland Raiders'. Oakland was playing that year in the AFC Championship! And you book an East Coast Act singing a pop song! KMEL was playing "Oakland Raiders" all week leading up to it.

The NFC Championship: Rap Legend LL COOL J not performing any of his Rah Rah hits, that made him a famous as a Rapper to reckoned with but a pop song called "Doin it doin it doin it well."  Lame!

The NFL Superbowl Half Time Show should not BE Disney Friendly! Think SPIKE! Think F/X! THINK HBO's The WIRE!

This led up to Justin (NSYNC) Timber lake and Janet (Penny from Good Times) Jackson in the Championship where we witnessed greatness! Janet (Penny from Good Times) Jackson's LUSCIOUS, CHOCOLATE, BROWN SUGAR BOOB!

One moment for station identification. ( Oh yeah!)

Ok, I digress. (smile)

The Rolling Stones, old familiar songs, Sir Paul McCartney, old familar songs, The Who, old..... Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen old..... Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, did I say Old?

How bout the NFL do something original.  How bout the Grambling State Tigers Marching Band versus the Alcorn State Marching Band?  The Marching Bands at Historically Black Colleges and Universities are WORLD RENOWNED! It would be a great show! It would be fresh and new and more importantly it would give exposure to a body that truly needs it!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Day of Black History Month! Happy Birthday Langston Hughes!

"Dream Boogie"

Good morning, daddy!

Ain't you heard

The boogie-woogie rumble

Of a dream deferred?

Listen closely:

You'll hear their feet

Beating out and beating out a -

You think

It's a happy beat?

Listen to it closely:

Ain't you heard

something underneath

like a -

What did I say?


I'm happy!

Take it away!

Hey, pop!




Langston Hughes

Happy Birthday to Poet, Activist, Writer, Journalist, Critic Langston Hughes. Thank you for telling some of our stories. Interjecting the rhythm and slang of our day. You introduced not only other Black People to our Afrikan Creole Patois but the entire world.  Your writing was cutting edge, witty and current. It was hip and intellectual.  Thank you ! Thank You for being and having the courage to be one of our voices. 
I once read that Langston Hughes read a published poem of a "Colored" Poet from Harlem, New York. (His Adopted Home) He contacted the young poet.

 "I hear you Colored and From Harlem"

Langston made sure that he reached out to his people, not just content to rest on his own laurels, but he reached out and he reached back.

Thank You Langston! Happy Birthday! Sleep Well til the Last day!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!