Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lame! Superbowl Half Time Show! Lame!

Insipidity:  \in'siped\ adj, 1. tasteless, 2. not stimulating

Let's face it, the Superbowl half time show has been lame for quite a few years. Superbowl 45 was Noooooooo exception. If lame, recycled, cookie cutter, pop songs with Disneyesque overtones is your thing, then cool! That show was for you. (I feel sorry ,for ya.)
But, A Choice of Weapons is about positivity so i'll just pass the word that Michael Bolton and Kenny G are a couple doing shows in your town. 

A Couple, Mista Jaycee? Now that was a thinly veiled barb at Michael and Kenny. Shame on you! Implying that they are NOT Manly Men. That somehow they a Soft, Safe, Saccrine, lame, wimpy Guys!

You are right! Thinly veiled is not right. Kenny G and Michael Bolton ARE LAME! The Black Peas were Lame that night.


Pop Success, that's why! We've heard those songs and seen that show a hundred times! It's safe! It's non threatening, it's the same! It's pop!

POP is the antithesis of what the National Football (RAIDERS) League is about!  It's a big, stinky, Rush Limbaugh size Turd flown in the face of all that's right about AMERICAN EFFIN FOOTBALL!

American Football is a violent game! It's pushing, shoving, spitting, kicking, biting, cursing and bad behavior wrapped up in a colorful jersey!   It's Hot Dogs with Mustard, Chilli, Onions, lots of onions, pickles, Kraut, and cheese product.  Not Cheese, made from cows milk, but cheese product. That may have some kinda milk but most likely NOT! It's whatever's yellow they shoot out the can.  It's ice cold sodas and BEER! Kegs, cans and bottles of BEER! Note to the NFL! Football is a Violent game and we like it like that!

Did I mention BEER?  Did I mention Pushing, shoving, biting, kicking, cursing and ROWDY? 

You didn't say ROWDY!

I meant to! Superbowl Sunday is one of the High Unholy Days that brings the whole community together. It's the one time Men and their Childrens, get to jump on the furniture, let foul language fly freely, and eat Fatty, Processed Foods together.  The show and the music should reflect that ROWDY spirit!  You've failed NFL Marketing! YOU'VE Failed!

Janet Jackson's Medium sized, 45 year old, luscious, chocolaty, boob had nothing to do with how lame the Superbowl half time shows have become.  They were lame long before we caught a glimpse of that brown sugar perfection.

Case in Point AFC Championship Game. Ja Effin Rule was the act that year.  Lame pop songs.  "The Luniz" had a local hit in OAKLAND that year called "Oakland Raiders'. Oakland was playing that year in the AFC Championship! And you book an East Coast Act singing a pop song! KMEL was playing "Oakland Raiders" all week leading up to it.

The NFC Championship: Rap Legend LL COOL J not performing any of his Rah Rah hits, that made him a famous as a Rapper to reckoned with but a pop song called "Doin it doin it doin it well."  Lame!

The NFL Superbowl Half Time Show should not BE Disney Friendly! Think SPIKE! Think F/X! THINK HBO's The WIRE!

This led up to Justin (NSYNC) Timber lake and Janet (Penny from Good Times) Jackson in the Championship where we witnessed greatness! Janet (Penny from Good Times) Jackson's LUSCIOUS, CHOCOLATE, BROWN SUGAR BOOB!

One moment for station identification. ( Oh yeah!)

Ok, I digress. (smile)

The Rolling Stones, old familiar songs, Sir Paul McCartney, old familar songs, The Who, old..... Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen old..... Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, did I say Old?

How bout the NFL do something original.  How bout the Grambling State Tigers Marching Band versus the Alcorn State Marching Band?  The Marching Bands at Historically Black Colleges and Universities are WORLD RENOWNED! It would be a great show! It would be fresh and new and more importantly it would give exposure to a body that truly needs it!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Serious Black said...

It was terrible. They barely moved. Usher did his thing but by then it was to little to late. FAIL!!!

Serious Black said...

It was indeed terrible. The Peas failed on every level. Might be the worst halftime ever.