Monday, February 28, 2011

Andrew JUDAS Young! Sell Out!

Damn You a Sell Out! Civil Rights Activist, Former Dr. King Aid, Andrew Young is a sell out! A SELL OUT! Shame on you Andrew!

You went on Soledad O'Brien CNN Apologist expose about Civil Rights Era Iconic Photographer Ernest C. Withers involvement as an alleged FBI paid Informant and stated that "We have no problem with Ernest acting as an agent of the Government because it was OUR Government and we were acting within the law"

You ignorant sell out! I guess you have no problem with Dr. King's phones being tapped, or any mis-information campaigns that went against him. How bout FBI Chief J. Edgar (MARY) Hoover's operations designed to discredit, and disgrace Dr. King. They wanted Dr. King to commit suicide. That's YOUR Government that you were a lawful citizen of doing that. The same one Ernest Withers supposedly was a paid informer for? 

What about all the Freedom Riders or Black Liberation/SNCC/Panthers that YOUR Government framed, murdered, jailed or ran out of the country?

Shame on you Andrew Young! You've gotten too comfortable! You've sat on too many boards, and went to too many dinners. YOU SOLD OUT!

If Ernest Withers was an INFORMANT then he was wrong! It was wrong and there is no excuses for it! Mark Clark (Chicago Black Panther Party) is dead because of an informant! Chairman Fred Hampton was murdered beside his pregnant Wife because of an informant!

 It was a War Andrew! A war in which the American Government was the enemy of the Afrikan American Citizens! You have to choose sides! You have to choose methods! Dr. King's method and tactic was Non Violent Resistance! But his side was Black Folks! The Oppressed!

Remember, the last scene in the Orwell's Animal Farm. The Pigs and the Men became indistinguishable to the other Animals at the end. 

You've betrayed Dr. King and the movement! You betrayed the people! I hope they say this at your Funeral after they read off all your awards that ultimately they were HOLLOW cause you sold them out!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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