Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Day of Black History Month! Happy Birthday Langston Hughes!

"Dream Boogie"

Good morning, daddy!

Ain't you heard

The boogie-woogie rumble

Of a dream deferred?

Listen closely:

You'll hear their feet

Beating out and beating out a -

You think

It's a happy beat?

Listen to it closely:

Ain't you heard

something underneath

like a -

What did I say?


I'm happy!

Take it away!

Hey, pop!




Langston Hughes

Happy Birthday to Poet, Activist, Writer, Journalist, Critic Langston Hughes. Thank you for telling some of our stories. Interjecting the rhythm and slang of our day. You introduced not only other Black People to our Afrikan Creole Patois but the entire world.  Your writing was cutting edge, witty and current. It was hip and intellectual.  Thank you ! Thank You for being and having the courage to be one of our voices. 
I once read that Langston Hughes read a published poem of a "Colored" Poet from Harlem, New York. (His Adopted Home) He contacted the young poet.

 "I hear you Colored and From Harlem"

Langston made sure that he reached out to his people, not just content to rest on his own laurels, but he reached out and he reached back.

Thank You Langston! Happy Birthday! Sleep Well til the Last day!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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