Friday, January 30, 2009

Wynton Marsalis Talks with Charlie Rose

Sometimes I get a lil miffed at Wynton and some of his stances. But I love the way this Brother clarifies his messages. He does an excellent job here and I think it would be wise for alot of us to emulate it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tough Times Don't Last

Tough People Do!

Pastor Robert Schuller


Hang on to the world as it spins around....

Just don't let the spin get you down

Nevermind your fear! Hold on Tight and He'll be Here

Take it from me someday we'll all Be Free!

Donnie Hathaway 1972

Did you hang the sky from it's shelf? Did you teach the eagle how to fly? Then by what power do you dare complain? Book of Job
She's come undone!
She didn't know what she was headed for
and when she saw what she was headed for it was too late.
It's too late she's gone to far she's lost the sun
She's come undone. The Zombies 1968

Hang on! I read about this man who when fired from his job, and killed himself and his family. He had two sets of twins and a single. I'm sure he loved his wife, his kids and his life. I didn't want to post on this and wasn't gonna. I'm trying to keep it light. My Wife, My friend asked me to talk about this. I didn't want to cause it disturbs me.

NPR reported that he and his wife had been fired from Kaiser Hospital because they allegedly lied on an application about their income while trying to get assistance with child care. He was maxed out on credit cards, he was a month behind on his mortgage and owed something like 15K in taxes.

He reached out for help and according to the local police he had packed the families clothes and snow chains in the SUV in order to move across country with relatives.

Who's to blame Mista Jaycee?

Does it matter at this point? Right now, just think on that a moment. He got married, had five babies and he owned a home. He lost the job and the home, he was broke and had no prospects of being un-broke anytime soon plus he had seven mouths to feed.

But what about his wife Mista Jaycee? Didn't she work too? Wasn't she fired too? Didn't she have five babies too? Wasn't she in debt up to her eyelids too Mista Jaycee?

Yeah! She was!

He was a man though. MAN M-A-N! He was supposed to be able to take care of his wife and his kids no matter what? A Job J-O-B is what helps a M-A-N define his identity!

Dr. Iyala Van Zant in her book The Spirit of A Man talks about the internal differences between a Man and a Woman.

Yeah, Mista Jaycee! A Womb versus a Penis, more muscle tone versus more fat storing potential, the rounding of the hips versus fur where there was no fur. Like from his ears and back and her chin and chest. We get it Mista Jaycee!

No! You Don't! Although, some of that's true!

Dr. Van Zant speaks of the spirit saying that girls are allowed just to BE and boys are taught what to DO.

BE: This speaks of the essence. A Woman is sad, she cries. She's Afraid, she shows it! A girl is allowed to BE what she is.

Boys are taught to DO.

How does a M-A-N walk? Talk? If a Boy cries he gets "Boy stop being a PUNK!" If a boys afraid he can not show it! Ever!

A Man Works! He Brings home the Money! The life force that helps to sustain the family! If he can't. Then he ain't a Man. That's what boys are taught and society does more than it part to re-enforce that notion. In reality the Man's relationship with his family is what drives the family and helps to sustain them. A Spiritual Man such as, A Christian or Muslim, for example, knows that it is his God that sustains him.

A Man is his job. It is part of his identity. If he is a carpenter and suddenly he's paralysed and can't lift, hammer or carry then that affects his Psyche. Dig?

Men are not encouraged enough to get into the INTERNAL. The Spirit. That means a relationship with God or A Higher Power or Spiritual Consciousness. See, that needs to be planted and cultivated.

I think that all those factors took their toll on dude. The couple was denied unemployment and it was on appeal. But in the meantime things were getting worse and jobs were laying off not hiring.

I think he lost it! He felt he didn't have a way out! Maybe he felt his killing his wife and babies was an act of mercy. Maybe dude, felt, he felt now, that maybe his wife would leave and take the babies. She might be able to start again you know. Go to live with her family instead of the humiliation of living with his.

He might have been feeling humiliated! He had a job, a woman, five babies, a house, a truck, he was living the dream! He was the Man!

Now, he jobless, soon to be homeless, broke and seven mouths to feed. He felt he wasn't a M-A-N anymore. He was powerless. He was vulnerable. He was afraid! He had nothing to fall back on. He fell apart!

I wish the Brother didn't do it!

But the point of all this is for the next M-A-N not to DO it! There is a God (IAM) that is a sustain er. Do I know the way out of this economic hell? No! But I DO know that Black folks have survived worse. We did it by keeping the faith of our ancestors! That Ole Time Religion that Grandma gave you. We stuck together with our NEIGHBORS and OUR FAMILY and we helped each other out!

Hummm! We Trusted in our God! We Relied on our Community! NEIGHBORS PLUS FAMILY EQUALS COMMUNITY!

There will be light at the end of this mess!

May the God I AM THAT I AM In the Name of Yeshua, who in John 11 declares Before Abraham Was.....I AM bless you and keep you and have mercies on the families affected by this tragedy.




Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Poetry!

Poem: Mista Jaycee
Picture: Web domain, no relation to the subject matter

I was cruising a few blogs and happened on this blog called Don't Trip yet. The Sista wrote a post about how the Japanese have created a fake Hymen so a lady can fool her man into thinking she's a virgin. You insert it. I spare you the rest. Anyway I was leaving a comment but instead wrote this little half limerick poem in it's place. I changed a the last line a lil.

My Lady Love, My Lady

How do ye deceive me let me count the wayz,

fake virginity, concealing real liez,

mouth speak true love,

dead soul behind those eyes,

How do ye deceive me, let me count the wayz,

Guess the STD, maybe a permanent case of HIV or maybe when we both test positive for AIDS!

Mista Jaycee the Poet

January 28, 2009 10:06 PM

Pope Recindes Order of Excommunication!

I was listening to NPR Radio "Fresh Air with Terry Gross" and listened to the debate about Pope Benedict IVI decision to rescind the order of Excommunication of Four Catholic Bishops that belong to a schism group called the Society of Pius 12. One of which is a European Jewish Holocaust denier.

From what I understand lifting the order of Excommunication was one of the conditions set by the group before any dialogue concerning reconciliation to the church body could commence. The Order of Pius the 12th is a conservative order that opposes the reforms of Vatican Two.

Under Vatican Two, the Catholic Church sought to open communications with those of other faiths as well as dissidents in the hopes of reunification to the Church. The order of Pius believes that the original masses and certain prayers reflect the proper viewpoint. I won't elaborate on this as I am not a Catholic but it would seem that some of the groups views are held to be anti-Semitic and not interested in open dialogue between other faiths but rather conversion.

Please pardon me if I have misunderstood or mis stated anything.

For the record there was a attempt of genocide of the European Jews, commonly called the Holocaust. It happened! It was the work of Satan and his followers and it should have never happened cause there were People of God (IAM) on the watch. But it did! I say never again!

Never Again!

But what about the Holocaust of the Afrikan? The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was approved by Pope Nicolas V continued by Popes Calixtus III, Sixtus IV, Leo X, Alexander VI, and Urban II.

Just read the Papal Bull Dum Diversas.

Dum Diversas provided:

"We grant you [Kings of Spain and Portugal] by these present documents, with our Apostolic Authority, full and free permission to invade, search out, capture, and subjugate the Saracens and pagans and any other unbelievers and enemies of Christ wherever they may be, as well as their kingdoms, duchies, counties, principalities, and other property [...] and to reduce their persons into perpetual slavery.
[3] Wiki.

I don't hear any real apologies for that Holocaust which was even more horrific and longer lasting. I have not seen any great theological proclamation denouncing the church's tolerance and approval. It's complicity and it's benefit from our collective human suffering and bondage.

Presently we are witnesses to genocides all over the globe not excluding the European Jewish States current sieges in Gaza, Palestine.

In order for there to be any reconciliation there must be first an admission of truth, a real apology and reparations. The Catholic Church as well as other Nations and Faiths have much to answer for in this regard, certainly more than could be placed in this humble blog!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Mista Jaycee's Rant on The Greatest, Bestestes Candies in the whole wide world that Y'all copied from Compton! So There!

Hey Y'all
So I was having a deep, I mean, super deep, heavy philosophical type, esoteric discussion on the really good candy. My Wife, is a lil bit older than me so she thinks she's got it on lock when it comes to the greatest, bestest, super duper type ish. But she don't know!
And just so you know, for the record. Just cause you were old enough to dance to the Ohio Players and Earth Wind and Fire and carry the cool Afro Fist pick don't mean y'all know every damn thang! Besides, Polyester and the Pet Rock came out in the 70's too. So there!
Well, wait....Death before Disco!
Gotta recite the pledge ya know. On with Mista Jaycee's List of the Greatest, Bestest Candy! Feel free to join in, make suggestions although I think I got it on lock!

If You didn't own a Pez Dispenser You was deprived!

The Ring Pop!
The Ring Pop! It worked on so many levels. It was the cool, Mack like. Pinkie ring. Cute Lil gyals, dug em and dug you for a moment. The Cute Lil Gyals thanks to 3D ripened to become beautiful young Sistahs, still roxxin the ring pop but with an extra mass appeal. ( WINK) Oh, come on, none of us was seeing or doing nothing except getting hot and bothered watching Select TV or On after dark. BE Real!

Ok, My Wife totally digs these! I don't get em myself, but Y'all chime in.

The Candy Necklace!

Now, this was probably the first piece of jewelry any of us owned. It was overpriced, cheaply made, sugary and gaudy as all hell. Then after it got wet, your hair got stuck on it but you ate it anyway. ( Admit it) AHHHH! Good Times!

The Matching Bracelet! ( read the above caption)

Candy that lasted all day! Had to have the Toofis of a G to eat this!
Oh, one of my first loves! Now Laters! The Apple were the greatest! They were Hard but we loved them and if you got a stale pack they were chewy and good. Now they jacked em up and changed the recipe. They ruined!The Big Hunk! You had to have them G Teefis to eat this!

Polla Seeds Or Sunflower Seeds!
The one that filled a thousand and one detentions! Still going strong! Still filling detentions! Still getting kids in trouble during Church Services but boy do they ever make your breath stink!
Breath just be Howling!
Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum!
Again, got you in trouble in church and filled detentions in schools all over America.

The Straight up no nonsense pure unadulterated Funkadelic candy! It was Hot! Good to have at the movies!

The Jolly Rancher! Same thang as the ring pop but more bang for ya buck! And if you really grown and sexxxy the fire stick was the bomb!

Jolly Joe's was the Original Hub City Compton California Candy! Sugar! Water! Purple! Nothin else!

The Absolute Top Dawg! Lemonheads! The best 10 cent candy for 35 cents! Hey! It was marked up but so totally worth it!

Ok, You got to be a real Candy connoisseur to know the original Fun dip! The one with the hard candy stick and the three flavors that would mix together. Another one they tampered with and jacked!

Boston Baked Beans!
Again, Best 10 cent candy you could get for 35 cents!
Candy Lipz! I just like lips!
Ok, tell me your list so I can tell ya how wrong ya is! (Smile)
BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time for Change With In!

I read about this on Super Womans Blog and it just got me thinking. G--Damn! Jaycee

When you under 21 you have no fear of death for tomorrow is considered promised.

When you under 21 you have no respect for life because you've never had to raise one.

When you under 21 you've never had to stay up late helping your baby with homework you no longer understand.

Over time when you had a few too many hangovers, and a few times, the monthly visitor, was a couple weeks late you will understand what life means. The weight and how much these things matter. You will understand the anguish of waiting for test results after a few mornings after!

When you under twenty one you don't know the joy of being 21.

One moment the world was yours! Next.....Darkness and for us the living.... No Answers! No Solace! Just Sadness and Rage!

So now Change from With in! Oscar Grant Died from an External Source but our Internal sources are far more frequent! Put your guns down! Throw them away! There is absolutely nothing you could use it for that would be for the good of our people or yourself!

Put Your Guns down and Learn to deal with Anger and Rage like Healthy Grown Ups!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Change! With In With Out!

Maybe it's just me, but whenever I read the Apostle Paul, I get the impression that he was a bit of a d*ck! I don't get the impression that he was liked by a whole bunch of folks. The New Testament gives documentation that Paul met with a few of the Disciples who were Old Men when he met them and was on his mission of evangelism and I don't get the impression that they liked each other, much less agreed with one another.

Paul journeyed with Barnabas and although they were friends and had been through some stuff together, Paul split with Barnabas, going to forge his own ministry. So I always think about Paul, a murderer, many times over, an extremist, for sure and his life.

Think about us and what it says of our character. I read in the Book of Ephesians, long ago about Paul cautioning the church about how they looked at non believers. It seems they had forgotten who they were and how they got there.

Paul said "Some of you were drunks, liars, thieves and it is only through Christ Jesus, that you are not them today." Paraphrased

What would be your impression of President Barack Obama if you'd met him with a cigarette in his mouth? Yet, he's still a Harvard Graduate! Still an Occidental Alum, still a father of two, Still Husband to Michelle, still a Lawyer, A Bi-Racial Black Man, and is now the President of The United States of America!

How did Barack's change happen? He made up his mind to change and then he gave it over to God! (IAM) That was the start. His change happened while he was being the Barack he was and his change is still happening right now. Your change is happening now too.

President Obama's mantra has been We are the Change we have been waiting for. It has been God's (IAM) efforts through his servants that we become living testimonies of that change. We are not to destroy without building up and we are not to build up without remembering the architect and the planner of our lives.
BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Spiritual Food For Thought!

'What is the most important thing for servants?

Which thing is most important and most acceptable in the Divine Presence?

Which thing is also most precious to the Lord of the Heavens, and even most precious among the children of Adam?

That is a very important thing we must know and we must try to obtain. If you do every action that you do with love, that is acceptable in the Divine Presence.

Therefore, those actions which you do with love are tasteful to that worker or worshipper, and also to his Lord. If you love your work, it is easy for you to work.

If you don't like it, it is a burden on you.

Almighty God invites His servants to worship with love.

'Otherwise', He says, 'I am not in need of your worship.

I am only looking amidst your worshipping or amidst your actions,whether they are coming with love.'

Oh believers, you must give so much attention to this point.'

Sheikh Nazim

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gotama Temple Celebrates New Year In Long Beach!

I can hear the chanting throughout my house all through the week but today is the Vietnamese New Year. Today, was a special service, for my neighbors. The Monks and Nuns of the Chua Phat To Gotama Buddhist Temple are my neighbors. They are peaceful, they speak as much as their english will allow. They have welcomed me personally to Tai Chi, of which I accepted, and to chant and pray if I wish.

A smile, a friendly hello or a wave crosses all boundries. Enjoy the Photos!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Disney Concert Hall! Huang Ruo World Premiere!

One of my buds, Patrick, and his family moved to Bakersfield and he sent me some tickets to Disney Concert Hall here in Los Angeles. I go to see alot of music down that way doing the spring and summer months at the Grand but I hadn't been down the block to Disney so this was a nice change. Patrick's wife heads a non profit organization called PROJECTENSEMBLE who's' mission statement is to introduce Classical Music, it's players and instruments to Inner City Kids. Check em out! Donate Money! It's worth it!
Frank Gehry designed this theatre and the acoustics are wonderful! The building design is interesting, alot of geometric shapes but I really don't dig that type of design. That not withstanding there is not a sucky seat in the house even if you in the nose bleed. You have a great view and great listening. So tonight the Oberlin Conservatory Symphony Orchestra premiered a piece by composer Huang Ruo called Hanging Cliffs!

It reminded me of a movie score. It was modern, and very dissonant. If you are familiar with 20th Century Classical music then you get it! It wasn't like Charles Ives or Alban Berg or Schonberg but more along the lines of Copeland cause it wasn't so dissonant that it was dark and brooding. Berg and Schoenberg's music was born out of the horror of war.

This dude, Ruo, created a sound landscape, like the name of the piece, Hanging cliffs, and the strings and horns made you feel as if you were ascending a mountain and looking over the side.

Hanging Cliffs Composer Huang Ruo

At times it was majestic and sometimes utterly terrifying!

I can't complain and I won't criticise cause I got to see the World Premiere! I got to see it! I got to see it! Nah! Nah! (Ok, I'm Sorry!)

Now the next two pieces I liked alot more. The Beethoven Piano Concerto Number 4. in G Major. Op.58 was nice. Angela Chang is a very thoughtful pianist. She has a nice feel for the music. I loved the string section.
Concert Pianist Angela Chang

The last thing we heard was Mahler's First Symphony in D Major. Now, one of my favorite pieces of music is Mahler's 5th Symphony in C# Minor, the 4th movement. I'd never heard the 1st but I enjoyed it alot! There are so many twists and turns in this one. Mahler definitely had his own thing. I liked this one the most.

My wife, daughter and niece all looked great! I had to wear a necktie! Evil! But it was a nice day out. I didn't like classical music until I met some great musicians in my class that would discuss Brahms and Coltrane in the same sentence. One of my buddies, named Brad, made me cassettes with Brahms and Steely Dan on each side. Horace Silver and Mozart on another. Oh yeah! Just try a lil something different.

Start with some Chopin!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Friday, January 23, 2009

New Haiku!

Fear breeds self hatred

reflection is distorted

mirror trumps reason


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spiritual Food For Thought!

[14:21] When they all stand before GOD, the followers will say to the leaders, "We used to follow you. Can you spare us even a little bit of GOD's retribution?" They will say, "Had GOD guided us, we would have guided you. Now it is too late, whether we grieve or resort to patience, there is no exit for us."
The Noble Quran

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mista Jaycee's List of Weapons of Mass Destruction!

The Jheri Curl
Unleashed in the 80's by a desperate Dry cleaning industry, this lubricated, highly addictive and flammable hairstyle like the hair weave turned a generation of young Afrikan Warriors into Psycho Eunuch's! Women were mesmerized by the sheen but quickly learned you can't wash that out of your clothes and Sheets!
Hello, and Welcome to another installment of Mista Jaycee's Weapons of Mass Destruction!

Disclaimer: The images you will see will be graphic and shocking! Mista Jaycee is not responsible for any permanent damage incurred! If you laugh and shoot soda out your nose, It ain't my fault! View at your own risk!

And now on with our program!

The Brazilian Thong

Used properly this can create breathtaking visuals inspiring poetry and increasing the population of any area immensely.

But...(No Pun intended)

Used improperly the horror that can be unleashed not to mention the hours of sheer comedy well...point is leave it to the professionals. You could put some one's eye out!

Next up on our list!

The hair weave!
Once used by professional hair salons to provide the wearer with a thicker look temporarily. It escaped and was introduced into the general populace of an undetermined Large Urban Center! This foreign object once introduced into the ecosystem has wrought havoc turning cute young women with short natural beauty into brainwashed zombie bots!

Mista Jaycee personally believes that this particular weave tried to crawl and attach itself to his then girlfriend. She was saved only when Mista Jaycee angry after listening to a Kenny G album wrestled it to the floor and killed it using a Cuisinart!


The dreaded Leisure Suit!

Unleashed after the CIA LSD Experiments were discontinued this in tandem with disco and the mysterious Mr. Jiggly. It ruined every television show from the late 60's until the early 80's! Like any virus it lay dormant for over a decade but threatened a new outbreak after Jamaroqui came out with Space Cowboy! It's flammability is the stuff of legend. This in combo with Stasoftfro and Afro Sheen would have burned down all of West Philly!

Beware! Be Vigilant!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!


Yes! Mr. President! Can You Dig it?

The Arizona Cardinals have made the Super Bowl and now Obama, a Black dude, is President of The United States Of America. The United States Of Amerikkka! Yeah, I can't believe it either!

I almost want to check gravity and see if water is still wet! I'm happy about it! WoW! Congrats to the Steelers and Cardinals, wish it was the Raiders but well everybody has their time.

I'm cool about Bam Bam (That's Obama for all y'all new readers) but I want more. I want the politicians we got to get on board with this idea of change and looking out for the people. I want a whole breed of States people who are looking out for the interests of the people and not just their own interests!

I want to see our freedoms restored. The Patriot Act relegated to the compost heap of history and for those who were imprisoned back in the 60's for political agitation released. Assata, Marshall, Leonard Peltier, Albert Nuh Johnson, the Angola 3 and the list goes on. Time for that evil to be vanquished!

Lastly I want us to be good towards each other. Sure the world sux's right now but we can get through it together!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Thoughts on Dr. King!

Last night a new documentary on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. aired on the History Channel. It featured President Bill Clinton, Dr. Condoleeza Rice (No, really!) Mrs. Juanita Abernathy with commentary from Chuck D and John Legend. It was modern and like all updates informative. I got a problem with John Legend and Chuck D being on it. Chuck was a baby and John wasn't even born yet or was just getting born. None contributed to that part of the movement and there are more than enough living participants and planners still with us to add insight not just the ones we see on every panel. Dig?

But it bothered me not because I don't care for Dr. King but if you ignorantly went by these documentaries you'd think there was no Human Rights Movement, no Civil Rights Movement, no movement towards Social and Economic Justice before Dr. King came on the scene. It's as if the movement started in 1954.

Dr. King great as he was did not operate in a vacuum. He did not originate alot of the tactics that he is well known for. He may have introduced them to a mass movement, he may have improved or even dare say I....

Dare! Dare!

Perfected some but it is dis ingenious, unfair and dangerous to constantly credit Dr. King and rob the others of their place. So I'm going to speak on a few and provide links where I am able so that you can check it out for yourself. Cool?


Let's talk about Bayard Rustin.


Bayard Rustin! He organized the March on Washington for Freedom and Jobs where Dr. King gave his famous "I have a Dream" speech. Rustin studied Henry David Thoreau and had travelled to India to study Gandhian Non Violent Resistance Techniques from Gandhi! He was organizing and teaching these techniques years before and in fact taught them to Dr. King and many in the struggle. He had also been on the front lines fighting for the Scottsboro Boys earlier.
His candor about his sexuality is one of the reasons he is not known widely but he was instrumental in the founding of the Congress of Racial Equality. (James L. Farmer Jr.) He organized with A. Philip Randolph. (President Brotherhood of Sleep Car Porters) He went to Prison for resisting the draft, as a practicing Quaker he contributed to the Pacifist movement.

Rustin deserves a proper place and a setting in talks about the struggle.

Next, let's talk about Vernon Johns!


Dr. Vernon Johns!

Didn't Kareem Abdul Jabaar produce a movie about him?
Yeah, James Earl Jones starred in the lead role.

Dr. Johns was speaking out against segregation and Black and White folks complicity in keeping the American Apartheid System alive.

What about Dr. Ralph Abernathy?


Dr. Ralph Abernathy! He was one of the Generals of the Nonviolent Resistance Movement with Dr. King!
You mean that dude who confirmed that Dr. King wasn't always faithful to Mrs. Scott-King?

No, I mean the dude who turned Dr. King on to Black Birmingham, helped organize the movement, went to jail and took just as many lumps as Dr. King who happened to confirm what we already had known for thirty years. That dude!
What about the real Rosa Parks!

The real Rosa Parks Mista Jaycee?

The myth paints her as an old woman who just got tired and didn't give up her seat.
The real Rosa Parks and her Husband Mr. Parks were both activists long before the Montgomery Bus Boycott. They each taught classes in NAACP on resistance. It was a tactic that the students were going to use. One of her students Claudette Colburn ( I hope I got the name right, forgive me if I didn't) used the tactic one week before on a bus and was arrested.

The Church leadership chose not to use Claudette as the face of the movement cause she was a Single Unwed Mother. Mrs. Parks however was a young Woman, Married and worked in the local NAACP office. She took up the mantle a week later and refused to give up her seat! This time the Black Church Community had person with an untarnished reputation.
If Mrs. Parks's resistance had failed someone else from her class would have stepped up. They had made a plan and had tactics.

What about E.D. Nixon? He financed Mrs. Parks bail. You had to own a house in order to post bail for someone in Birmingham at that time. You couldn't just pass the hat. Mr. Nixon was one of the few Black people that owned their property. He was very important logistically for Dr. King and the Movement yet he is unrecognized today.

What about the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee. Stokley Carmichael and H. Rap Brown were both members. They both walked the front lines. Stokley did love and respect Dr. King talking tactics with him long after he became a spokesman for the Black Panthers and coined the phrase Black Power. Remember the Panthers got the idea for their symbol from the Voting Committee of Lourdes County, Alabama that Stokley helped to organize. The mascot was a Black Panther! The Southern Democratic Leadership of Alabama used a White Rooster as their symbol.

They were registering voters, doing freedom rides and sit ins before Dr. King intersected with them. Why aren't their views in relation to Dr. King discussed? The Movement didn't start in 54. It didn't end with Obama!
It's an ongoing struggle and I fear that by neglecting Carmichael, Brown, Nixon, Parks, Abernathy, Johns, Adam Clayton Powell and Rustin. We are losing vital information that will keep us from making crucial mistakes as we seize the future.

Just ranting!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!