Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is the NAACP Still Relevant?

Relevance: Noun, Relation to the matter at hand. Courtesy of Merriman Webster Dictionary
Every time I see the NAACP lately they're railing on some plan b type ish! Soul Plane 2 coming out! There they are!

Someone in Black face singing a gospelized jiggle selling chicken! They there!

In need of real legal representation? Can't find them! Sheer dearth of Black Owned Businesses! Can't see em! Too many liquor ads! Too much Liquor induced killings, Nothing!

Black folks losing HBCU's ? Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

Let a Brother get killed by the Po-LICE and even , when they are on the front line no one cares!

Why? Tell em why, Mista Jaycee!

The NAACP is not relevant today because they don't want to be! That's why?

Police Brutality never stopped being an issue! Lack of Home Ownership! Still an issue! Re segregated schools! Still an issue! Inferior Schools, Lack of Proper Medical care, Lack of Financial Institutions! All relevant issues that the NAACP has not been at the forefront on.

They don't want to be relevant cause they still keep Julian Bond and all the elders from the 50's and 60's on the board and in the leadership! (Mr. Bond did tender his resignation but the board has continued to persuade him to stay on)

What about Bennie Jealous? What about him! The NAACP allowed Bruce Gordon to resign cause they didn't want to remake the NAACP they wanted the status Quo. So, you didn't elect Dallas, Texas Friendship West Baptist Church Pastor Dr. Freddie Haynes to the leadership allegedly because he would not resign his pastoral Ministry. Allegedly, of course. Of course it may be mere coinidence that he is a friend of Pastor Jerimiah Wright. Mere coincidence. That could not have had anything to do with the boards dicision. Dr. Haynes was alledgedly told that he had the job. Alledgedly of course.

Mumia Abu Jamal is still in prison. His case still stinks to high heaven. Marshall Eddie Conway is still in prison! COINTELPRO, case, still stinks! Assata Shakur is still in exile in Cuba! Plenty of evidence to prove her innocence, no one's pressing the issue in court! Prisons are being privatized all over the nation. And you railing against a dress! A G-Damn Dress?

And you wondering why no one takes the organization seriously anymore. It's because you forgot the grassroots, radicals and progressives. The Working class folks! You have become the bastion of the Black Middle and Upper class that's all too comfortable in America. That's right!

Sure, the organization has done great things in the past and locally, still does, but the larger brand has rested on it's laurels, for much too long. Y'all forgot, that you were the party of Robert Williams not just Walter White. Y'all forgot that Dr. W.E.B Dubois was a founder too. Of course, you have to balance ,Dr. Dubois's, seemingly radical views, with the fact that he publicly quarrelled with Marcus M. Garvey.

The issues that the organization got famous for fighting are not being challenged now! We let too many personalities use the organization as a springboard for their own resumes instead of dealing with the real ish.

Katrina! Still an issue! Bodymore, I mean Baltimore, still needs the NAACP! Los Angeles, still needs the NAACP! Killadelphia, I mean, Philladelphia, still needs help!

Now if Mainstream colleges don't hire the clearly overqualified Black dude to be a coach, then I know I can count on the NAACP to hold a press conference! But if 50% of Minority High school's population drops out and only 30% of the entire student body can read and pass the basic skills test and exit exam. I can hear a rat taking a whiz on cotton!

That's a crying shame! Work on the needs of our people! That's what makes you relevant!
If not then perhaps like all dinosaurs, it's time to be extinct!
BE Prayerful! BE Careful! BE Mindful!



Miss.Stefanie said...

Great post hun! I believe the NAACP is still needed but at the same time, I wish they would be more involved in some situations.

Anonymous said...

It's not about the dresses, it's about what the dresses symbolize. It symbolizes the oppression we are fighting.

Obi Asad said...


Mista Jaycee said...

Hello Bro and/or Sis Anonymous,
I understand what the dresses symbolize and that's the point of the post. Forget symbolism! What is happening to us is real! We are neglecting real issues and chasing symbols.

Would you like someone to actually relugate you to the status of a slave or just call you one? Both are bad but if the first one actually occurs then the second one's a given. Dig?

RealHustla said...


revvy rev said...

You got it right JayCee. You've got to change with the times in order to be relevant. But the old principles of taking action against injustice can never get away from us, as seems to be the case with the NAACP.

Mista Jaycee said...

Double R,
I love the NAACP too. But we've gotten comfortable and we forgot that we have to be ready to fight the battles.

Anonymous said...

i like the new layout

nice way to say the naacp is muted now

we need the panthers and a little bit of that al sharpton juice. hi, and his people seem to have a system where they work with the folks and make a deal on the causes they seek to justify

Ziggy Za. said...

Once again, another great post. I'll definitely guide some followers your way; I know a few people who need some education.