Saturday, January 24, 2009

Disney Concert Hall! Huang Ruo World Premiere!

One of my buds, Patrick, and his family moved to Bakersfield and he sent me some tickets to Disney Concert Hall here in Los Angeles. I go to see alot of music down that way doing the spring and summer months at the Grand but I hadn't been down the block to Disney so this was a nice change. Patrick's wife heads a non profit organization called PROJECTENSEMBLE who's' mission statement is to introduce Classical Music, it's players and instruments to Inner City Kids. Check em out! Donate Money! It's worth it!
Frank Gehry designed this theatre and the acoustics are wonderful! The building design is interesting, alot of geometric shapes but I really don't dig that type of design. That not withstanding there is not a sucky seat in the house even if you in the nose bleed. You have a great view and great listening. So tonight the Oberlin Conservatory Symphony Orchestra premiered a piece by composer Huang Ruo called Hanging Cliffs!

It reminded me of a movie score. It was modern, and very dissonant. If you are familiar with 20th Century Classical music then you get it! It wasn't like Charles Ives or Alban Berg or Schonberg but more along the lines of Copeland cause it wasn't so dissonant that it was dark and brooding. Berg and Schoenberg's music was born out of the horror of war.

This dude, Ruo, created a sound landscape, like the name of the piece, Hanging cliffs, and the strings and horns made you feel as if you were ascending a mountain and looking over the side.

Hanging Cliffs Composer Huang Ruo

At times it was majestic and sometimes utterly terrifying!

I can't complain and I won't criticise cause I got to see the World Premiere! I got to see it! I got to see it! Nah! Nah! (Ok, I'm Sorry!)

Now the next two pieces I liked alot more. The Beethoven Piano Concerto Number 4. in G Major. Op.58 was nice. Angela Chang is a very thoughtful pianist. She has a nice feel for the music. I loved the string section.
Concert Pianist Angela Chang

The last thing we heard was Mahler's First Symphony in D Major. Now, one of my favorite pieces of music is Mahler's 5th Symphony in C# Minor, the 4th movement. I'd never heard the 1st but I enjoyed it alot! There are so many twists and turns in this one. Mahler definitely had his own thing. I liked this one the most.

My wife, daughter and niece all looked great! I had to wear a necktie! Evil! But it was a nice day out. I didn't like classical music until I met some great musicians in my class that would discuss Brahms and Coltrane in the same sentence. One of my buddies, named Brad, made me cassettes with Brahms and Steely Dan on each side. Horace Silver and Mozart on another. Oh yeah! Just try a lil something different.

Start with some Chopin!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!



Miss.Stefanie said...

Ive always wanted to go. Nictie? YOu? Choooww!

Lyn said...

Hanging can see/hear the drama, the triumph. If it's like Copeland, can the ballet be far behind?
Mozart plus...that's what the world was made for!!!
Thank you so much.

Dina said...

Nice blog sir. This is Dina showing some love from the D

NaijaBabe said...

Nice blog...hmmm I shall be back o!!

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Lyn,
Well I can let you know the piece is not melodic. Copelandesque yes! But ran through a Philip Glass funnel dig?