Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time for Change With In!

I read about this on Super Womans Blog and it just got me thinking. G--Damn! Jaycee

When you under 21 you have no fear of death for tomorrow is considered promised.

When you under 21 you have no respect for life because you've never had to raise one.

When you under 21 you've never had to stay up late helping your baby with homework you no longer understand.

Over time when you had a few too many hangovers, and a few times, the monthly visitor, was a couple weeks late you will understand what life means. The weight and how much these things matter. You will understand the anguish of waiting for test results after a few mornings after!

When you under twenty one you don't know the joy of being 21.

One moment the world was yours! Next.....Darkness and for us the living.... No Answers! No Solace! Just Sadness and Rage!

So now Change from With in! Oscar Grant Died from an External Source but our Internal sources are far more frequent! Put your guns down! Throw them away! There is absolutely nothing you could use it for that would be for the good of our people or yourself!

Put Your Guns down and Learn to deal with Anger and Rage like Healthy Grown Ups!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!



starr the barbie said...

very true... we don't value life until something tragic occurs!

Afrobabe said...

yep, its one of those things you dont/cant teach people...they learn for themselves...the hard way...

Miss.Stefanie said...

Young and moronic and people wont understand change until they are the change.

Coogie Cruz said...

Even though I am only two years past 21, I look back at when I was that age and younger and think myself "what the hell" or realize just how much I have changed as well as my outlook on life, my priorities and etc.

Anonymous said...


Saved Girl said...

great assessment/reflection

Kayos said...

You aint neva lied about 21 year olds. Act like they gonna be in this world forever.