Monday, January 5, 2009

Dr Who!

I just finished a Dr. Who Novel I got for my Christmas gift. I also got a Torchwood Novel that I'm about to get into. Dig, I know some of y'all ain't hip to the Time Lord and his companion Martha Jones, my favorite companion played by Freema Agyeman cause she's a great actress, and well she's insanely HOT!

The novel is Forever Autumn, for those of y'all, not familiar with the whole series or like I was a few years ago, my opinion was that it was just weird British Science Fiction. Don't feel bad. Heck, It came on PBS in the 1980's, the music was electronic and strange, and it just turned me off. Now, after I watched the series by chance with Christopher Eccellston as the 9th Doctor (The Doctor Regenerates retaining all the memories of the previous incarnation but with a new body, face and personality.) with his companion Rose Tyler, played by the easy of the eyes Billie Piper, (Yeah, I know... a hot actress will get a show looked at 8-) ) I got hipped to how cool the show was. The Doctor travels in the TARDIS ( A Time and Space Dimension something or another) well anyway he goes from world to world and age to age. Part of his duty as a Time Lord, He comes from a planet of Time Lords of which he is the last, supposedly, He fights villains, monsters, and natural disasters ultimately setting things right.

So all that aside, Forever Autumn, has the Doc and Martha landing in Vermont one day before Holloween after recieving a disturbing signal on the TARDIS. Three teenagers have unearthed a strange book under a strange blackwood tree and custom to every horror film ever made, they open it and unleash some ultimate evil. It's not a Yanni and Kenny G duet but well, the evil they unleash is pretty friggin evil!

Ok, I'm not gonna tell you what it is but I will give you a peek. It starts with a putrid green mist which seems to envelope the town, the mist affecting everyone's mood and goes on to well being chased in a graveyard by monsters created from the trees, a local doctor found with a missing mouth, about thirty house cats trained to attack in unison and one highly motivated Evil clown.

Of course Dr. Who Novels like the television series always keep a fair amount of camp humor to balance out the horror and suspense. So don't worry it ain't gonna be Clive Barker or LA Banks but fun nevertheless.

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!



Miss.Stefanie said...

You just gave some books I can read to occupy my time :)

Anonymous said...

do u know what? i hate doctor who. here people are mad about it, but i think it's badly made tv.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Neema,
Well it ain't for everybody. So what do you like? Tell me about it.
Happy New Year!

Foia said...

Sounds very interesting and when I get a moment of time where I can read for enjoyment I will check your suggestion out.

mrs. mary mack said...

I need to google this.