Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pictures of Dakah!

Dakah Concert Conducter Geoff Double G Gallegos Pictured in White Tux and tails

On August 22nd I wrote about Dakah, the hip hop orchestra. I hope you got a chance to attend but I will post a few pics of the event in case you couldn't attend. The concert started with a familiar piece to Dakah listeners. Reap what you sow! It was cool and it's such a multi layered, very colorful piece of music that I didn't mind hearing it again. The orchestra went through a virtual catalog of current hip hop, house, and most of all Funk orchestrations and it was cool.

The low light of the evening was the sound. It sounded ok but I have heard excellence there and well I'm picky and spoiled. California Plaza is a great venue for live music but I don't think the sound engineer could handle Dakah. It's seventy pieces with a brass, woodwind, and string section not to mention the bombast of the rhythm section. It's very difficult to balance all those elements live off the cuff. The string section may De crescendo (gradually softer) while the electric rhythm section may be forte! ( Loud)

But the Highlight was seeing everyone, Rastas, Backpackers, Deadheads, Hip hoppers, Afrocuban or Latin Jazz fans of all races, ages, economic backgrounds and political stance grooving to Mothership connection (PFUNK) together! TO-GET-THER! IT happens every summer! It's a beautiful thang!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!


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