Monday, February 2, 2009

Mister Obama Please fund the Arts!

Mr. Obama I was listening to NPR this morning and the stimulas package's merits were being debated and I was alarmed by the Republican's parties stance of funding the National Endowment for the Arts. Notice that I didn't say surprised. No, that honor belongs to the Democrats who have never presented an effective counter arguement for my money.

That's not only surprising but downright shameful. Shame on you Democrats! Here's why!

Arts are not a Luxury that is to be disregarded and shunted to the side. I get tired of Republicans and rich folks in general who make tons of money because of the arts but seek to keep it from being taught in schools, cut a theatres budget to nothing and then justify it by saying it needs to go to higher priorities. Like what? Another War Effort? Another Tax Break for folks who don't need it? Come on tell me! Maybe you will cut a music program and justify it by saying we need to focus on math and science. I know for fact in Watts and Compton, the Arts were cut almost completely out in the 1970's and there have been no massive influsions of cash for Math books, Chemistry Labs and the like and our tests scores prove it!

When people go to the Found Theatre, The Garage Theatre, Long Beach Playhouse, Cal Rep Theatre, or The Musical West Theatres and see a production. The theatre employs local actors and actresses, unionized carpenters, electricians, stage and Sound techs who build set and scenery, create costumes and scores that are performed. During and afterwards the local economy benefits from the additional revenue from the parking meters and local paid parking lots. The resturants benefit from hungry patrons who sample the local fare after seeing a production. Most theatre patrons may only come to a city because of that production.

Republican Stalwart City of Newport Beach, California estimated that they lost over a billion dollars in additional revenue because they had not promoted art. Please feel free to check the Long Beach Press Telegram to verify these facts. So for the Republican, the So called conservative or the apathetic so called liberal who is hostile to the Arts or takes it for granted.
Stop being hypocrites by saying your concerned with job creation yet you attack the arts!

Being a carpenter for a stage show is just as much a job as building a duplex. Driving a group of dancers to another city is just as important as driving a load of vegetables. Ask a Teamster if he cares what he's hauling?

Dancers, Actors, Poets and Musicians work just as hard and contribute just as much if not more to America in concrete terms as the next American. I think America as a nation should fund the Arts and America needs to catch up with the rest of the world and sponsor art year round. Europe does it! Asia does it! Afrika as well as Central and South America does it. Not sure about the so-called Middle East. Y'all let me know on that!

Mister Obama, Don't cut the Arts! Increase the funding for the arts. Put the Arts back into schools. It's not an either or. I want the Math and Science Labs too. I want the greatest English and History Program. I want Locke High School to graduate at Least 100 Rhode Scholars in the next two years. I know I want a lot. So what! I want it! Can you help? Yes You Can! See I was Listening!

BE Careful! BE Mindful! BE Prayerful!