Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CNN, Birthers, Tea Baggers and Gun Nuts! You're Being Conned!

Something is wrong with CNN! It must be, cause they keep giving alot of press time to The Tea Baggers, The Birthers, The Palinites, and the Gun Nuts!


The Gun Nuts were declaring that they would fight for their 2nd Amendment Rights!

"Obama gonna take our Guns!"


I didn't see any proposed legislation dealing with Gun Control at all.

Have you?

Yeah, me neither!

This ish is just a con!

A Con?

Con! Here we are trying to recover from the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression, and CNN is covering Gun Nuts!


Guns are scary Mista Jaycee!

CNN is just lazy!

Fair and Balanced reporting means that you investigate a story completely. It means you go for the Facts! Has CNN checked out the Birthers Claims on Obama's citizenship?

You did? And Obama was born here? You went to the Halls of Records? You checked all the agencies? Have they stated that there is a problem with Obama's citizenship?

No? Then, if there is no legitimate claim then Why the Eff do you keep covering this bull ish?


Guns are scary! The Birthers give good copy!

Well, homelessness, hunger and joblessness are scary! Cover that!

Obama got in trouble during the campaign cause he said that when people get scared they cling to Religion and Guns!

Well, HE was RIGHT! And it's some bull ish!

The 2nd Amendment gives you the right to have a weapon to protect yourself not OWN a Tank! It gives you the right to have a rifle for hunting! Not a cache of Rifles capable of shooting down a Blackhawk!

The 2nd Amendment demands that you BE responsible with this Right! I demand that you BE responsible, CNN and cover some real ish! But why am I talking about the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment? No one's even talking about that ish except the same one's that's always talking bout that ish! The Gun Nuts!

Grow up CNN! Grow Some! A Get To Work Ya Lazy Bastards!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


ch555x said...

Good points! CNN has been slipping in those neo-con viewpoints a lot lately. Didn't Micheal Moore call them out last year or something?

2cute4u said...

hmmmm Nuff said.