Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mitrese Needs Justice and Eff dem Damn Dogs!

 Michael Vick should never be allowed to earn a great Living!

Philadelphia Eagle Quaterback, Last season's MVP Candidate and Comeback Player of the Year Michael Vick has signed a $100 Million dollar contract for the second time in history after being convicted of fiancing and participating in a Dog Fighting Ring.  He served two years in Federal Prison, forfieted millions of dollars, served probation and re-entered the league on a minimum contract to achieve greatness. 
Good for you Mike! Good for You!  If you gon get Exploited for your talent Mike that's the way you do it! Hell, Mike, we all know you only there cause they can make serious Money because of you and your talent.  They ain't letting you play or giving you all that Damn Money for nothing! Way to get Exploited handsomely!

There are those who will never let Mike Vick live down the terrible crimes he commited and was a part of.  In thier eyes nothing short of being maimed and killed would satisfy thier sense of justice.  To them, I say on behalf of everyone F*uck Y'all and Dem Damn Dogs!  

I don't see them crying out against anyone else convicted in the DOG FIGHTING GAMBLING RING that Michael Vick and Bad News Kennels fought with.  It was a Ring and Mike Vick was NOT the head or the organizer of the GAMBLING DOG FIGHTING RING! He was just the Famous Dummy that was involved. 

F*CK Y'all!   Mista Jaycee how could you say that?

Two words! Human Being! HUMAN BEING! HU-MAN BE-ING!  I'll give you two more words. Matrise Richardson! MATRISE RICHARDSON! Let's make a sentence.  Matrise Richardson, a Human Being, is dead, after leaving a LA County Sheriff's station.

Matrise, a Master's degree candidate, a 24 year old Young Woman, was arrested and was released on FOOT after midnight into a wooded area without her purse, vehicle or phone. She was never seen alive again.  The Sheriff's have yet to explain anything plausible concerning her death.

The County of Los Angeles paid $900, 000 dollars of TAX Payer money to her parents but this TAX payer wants JUSTICE! This TAX Payer wants an Explanation and this TAX Payer wants arrests to be made, those responsible released from thier duties as Officers and procedures implemented to make sure that it never occurs again.   JUSTICE! Where is the PEOPLE'S Consistently Sustained OUTRAGE over that?!!!! But you cry foul over Mike Vick and some Damn Dog? DOGS?

It's a Damn Shame that there are those who care for about some Damn DOGS than they do for Justice for a HUMAN BEING!

I care Mitrese!

Congrats Mike!

And Again, Don't forget F*ck Y'all and the Dem Damn Dogs!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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