Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Dots and Blue Notes!

Well, it's been a while since I posted a Black Dots and Blue Notes featuring new and hip music. Sorry bout that! This week I'm diggin O'Bryan!

My Question to him is where you been? It's been what twenty years since you gave us some new music!

Well at least it's worth the wait! It sounds up to date not dated and the songs are good!

If you digin, D'angleo, Maxwell, Eric Roberson, Chico Debarge and you not hip or just plain forgot about O'Bryan then it ain't your fault but.....it would be a shame!

O'Bryan along with Mic Murphy from The System ( Don't disturb This Groove) is the link between 70's era Stevie, early 80's Prince wrapped in the soulfulness of Motown. You really can hear where JOE and all the boyz got it from.

Check " Can I kiss your lips?" I wanna Kiss you and make you shiver/I just want to play in your river, This is the word play performed at it's best. Not hey you look good let's FUX!
A lil nasty but in a fun way dig? A good way!

My favorite is "Just like Doin it!" I love the melody and the delivery is just flawless. His voice sounds great! After twenty years I have heard enough singers that sound like they smoked unfiltered squares and drank 150 proof Likka all day every day! This is not the case! (Laughter) Go to Myspace, Go to ITUNES and check it for yourself. The album is basically artist direct, no radio pub, just word of mouth but Damn! It's good!

Just like doin it Baby!


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