Friday, August 27, 2010

President Obama is NOT a Muslim!

President Obama and United Church of Christ Pastor Jeremiah Wright

President Barack Obama is a Christian! Why? How do I know? He declares it! He has a twenty year membership in a respected, well known and credible congregation that can attest that he is a member of that church. They can also attest to what kind of member he was, that he paid tithes, which are tax deductible, and that he was baptized.  They have records that he was married in his church.  He is a Christian! He is not a Muslim! I repeat he is NOT a Muslim and this non sense should not be entertained anymore!

President Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a Muslim! 

President Obama's Father was! Some of his Family and Friends are as well.  So what?

What's wrong with being a Muslim?  The Honorable United States Congressman Keith Ellison is a Muslim.  He was sworn in on Thomas Jefferson's copy of the Noble Quran. He's an American born Black dude from Detroit who converted to Dar Al Islam, wears Brooks Brother Suits, and did not change his legal name to an Arabic surname!

As a Christian who has studied Dar Al-Islam for years including the writings of Moorish Science Temple Prophet Noble Drew Ali and Nation of Islam Founder Elijah Muhammad and National Spokesman Louis Farrakhan's I have discovered a lot of good in the religion.  It was because of  my studies of Dar Al-Islam that I made a firm decision to BE a Christian in more than name only.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam has been a firm fixture in the Afrikan American community for decades encouraging Black folks to study our history and judge all religions with a critical eye.  The Minister also has a proven track record of reaching out to the Orthodox Islamic communities worldwide but also, of being critical of them as well as Christian Leaders. 

What do Muslims believe?  Not the So called Black Muslims but Muslims period?

There are Five Pillars of Faith in Dar Al Islam

1. Faith Muslims believe in the God of Abraham, (IAM, Jehovah, Yahweh)  Issac, Jacob and Ishmael whom they call Allah. They accept the divine ordination of the Prophet Muhammad, that he received the Quran (The Recitation) directly from the Angel Gabriel and that he is the Last Prophet in the same divine Lineage as Moses, Abraham and Jesus.  Muslims believe that the Quran (the Recitation) is the last revelation from God (IAM) that includes the Torah, New Testament (Injeel) and Psalms (Zaburs).  To be a Muslim one must declare Shahada. "There is NO God except Allah and Muhammad is his Messenger."

During the 7th Century when the Prophet Muhammad would meet Jews and Christians he would study and pray with them. He would learn from them.  The Christian Church of the 7th Century was disorganized with  most Christians who not understanding correct Christian theology. Alot of the Christians of that time did not know exactly what they believed.  There were several different Gospels used. There was no orthodoxy.  This, I believe led the Prophet to question the accuracy of the Gospels including the beliefs in the Trinity and Jesus as the So called "Son" of God!

2.  Prayer: Muslims pray to Allah five different times a day.Prayers are said at dawn, mid-day, late-afternoon, sunset and nightfall, and thus determine the rhythm of the entire day. These five prescribed prayers contain verses from the Qur'an, and are said in Arabic, the language of the Revelation. Personal supplications, however, can be offered in one's own language and at any time. Although it is preferable to worship together in a mosque, a Muslim may pray almost anywhere, such as in fields, offices, factories and universities. Oftentimes visitors to the Muslim world are struck by the centrality of prayers in daily life.

3.  Zakah:  Christians, for example, are required to give 10% of their earnings in Tithes and offerings. Muslims have the obligation of Zakah or Alms. These are monies that support the work of Al-Islam and the charities to the people.

4.  Ramadan:  Fasting during the month of Ramadan the obligation of every Muslim. Ramadan is the month that the first verses of the Noble Quran (The Recitation) were revealed.  Muslims, if they are over the ages of 9 and are healthy are required to abstain from food and drink during the daylight hours until sunset.  Muslims break the fast on Eid (The Night of Power) when the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.  It is a time of growth, renewal and celebration.

5.  Hajj:  The Pilgrimage to Mecca is to be made by all Muslims who are able at least once in a Muslims lifetime. All definitions courtesy of the world wide web.

So, now that you have learned a little bit about this great religion what's so bad about it? Don't sound so spooky to be a Muslim now do it?  We all know several Muslims in our communities that are well balanced, honorable righteous people and it's wrong to defame them and their faith.  Without the Moors and Berbers of North Afrika Europe would never have come out of the Dark Ages and had it's Renaissance.  The aqua duct was built by the Moors and Berbers to ferry Snow from the Pyrenees Mountains down into Italy for fresh water.  Europe received education, built libraries, advances in hygiene and medicine from the Moors who ruled for almost 1000 years.  So the next time you read that Bible or recite cleanliness is next to Godliness give the nod to those Afrikans. But I digress.....

What Pundits and some of the American Public really mean when they say President Obama's a Muslim is that he is somehow wrong for America.  He's not White! He's Not White and no matter how color blind HE's is WE (America ) are NOT!

What is important about President Obama is that he is a good man trying to be a good President to all of the people.  He tries to be fair and honest.  I really don't care if that's because of his Religious faith! Do you? I 'm just glad that he's trying.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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