Monday, August 16, 2010

Prop 8 keeps coming back like a rash!

Voters in the State of California voted to define the institution of Marriage as a Union between one Man and one WOMAN and outlaw Marriages between citizens of the same sex.  Now the courts have declared that it's unconstitutional and struck it down or granted a stay on striking it down or whatever.  What surprises me is voter outrage! It seems that the majority always feels that it's rights should be honored irregardless of the State or Countries history of protecting the Minorities right against the tyranny of the majority.

Long time readers of A Choice of Weapons know that I am against Prop 8.  I am a Biblical Faith Believer and have a church home.  I am married and happy about it.  That said, Prop 8 was wrong! Why? Two gay Men or Women would like to marry and enjoy all the benefits of being married. They are of legal age. 18 and above. They pay taxes, work and are citizens of the State and Country.  The State in my opinion has no right to infringe upon that right.  What is the state or majorities justification? Judeo/Christian Church law? We are not under Church law and we Shouldn't be.  Other than some religious prejudice and sentiment what practical reasoning is there to justify denying a Gay couples right to legally marry? None!

I decided to read up on the history of marriage in America.  In 1862, Congress proposed the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act clarifying marriage and outlawing polygamy.  What? Marriage had to be defined? You mean that regular heterosexual Men and Women did not have a defined legal definition of marriage? The Church wedding was not enough? No! And it never was. Why? Because it was not the only Church. In fact, it wasn't until 1878 that the Supreme Court settled the matter in Reynolds versus United States.

There are other religious faiths and sects that have different views on polygamy, for example? Throughout history Christian nations have allowed plural marriage for different reasons. War for example.  The German Religious reformer Martin Luther observed that one nobles was in a constant state of fornication and adultery and allowed him to take a second wife.  There was controversy among the people about this decision and it was kept secret.  So heterosexual couples and the institution of marriage had to be defined. Rules had to be set up! Fair rules! Now, Mormons in my opinion should be allowed to have multiple Wives and Husbands cause it's part of their religion. That sets it apart from the mass majority who have different views on it.

So back to allowing Homosexual couples to marry.  Is marriage really threatened as an institution if Gay Couples are allowed to legally marry?  Why? Can a Pastor or Religious institution refuse to marry or officiate over the ceremony? Of course they can refuse! Now, if an institution is accepting Federal or States monies then they may lose it! That may piss some off but it's true and right! They may lose their tax exception. What may be the remedy? Pastors stop officiating ceremonies and this is left to the states.

But I'm jumping the gun. There is no reason other than bigotry why this law was even proposed.  That's right BIGOTRY! Judeo/Christian/Islamic religious thinking condemns homosexually as a Sin. Ir speaks to our fear and/or loathing of homosexuals.  That said it should not matter to State Law. Why? If God (IAM) is upset then let God (IAM) deal with that and that individual.

I only have two things that I feel should be required concerning a legal same sex marriage.  The sex of spouse. Partner Spouse should be used in lieu of Husband and Wife. That is denotes Male and Female. (B) If a Man divorces his Partner and gets married again, to a Female for example, I think the Female should be able to check if He has been married before and TO WHOM! That way everyone knows what pools they been dippin in dig?

Let Everyone Marry Who want to!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Azazel said...

This post is making sense tomuch, loved it..
God (IAM) should deal with it.. As u said

NeenaLove said...

what irritates me about california and prop 8 is that the will of the people has been overturned. government must be public servants. they serve the public. this includes judges. one of the most basic tenets of the republic (yes the U.S. is a republic) is judgement by jury. in this case, the people are the jury and they have spoken. for the judge to overturn the will of the people is just wrong, all the way around. the fact that the people aren't angry about that is frightening.

by the way, polygamy is not part of the mormon religion of today. it is a part of their past. mormon's that do practice it are fundamentalists and are not recognized by the mormon church.

Mista Jaycee said...

Hi Neena,
Long time no hear! Good to see you. Our republic is based on protection of the rights of the minority NOT just the WILL of the Majority! Be objective. You are an 18 year old Adult who pays taxes. Your right has been infringed upon. What is the reason? Church Law? Not State Law. This was the same reasoning that prompting Loving versus Virginia. The will of the majority said that the races couldn't mix! Couldn't marry! That was wrong and so is this no matter how one feels about it. BTW I know that the LDS have renounced Polygamy, my point was that there had to be a legal fight to determine and define marriage in the first place not just plural marriage.
Thanks for chiming in.

CoogieCruz said...

This isn't related to the post...if I even tried to read I wouldn't comprehend right now but I wanted to share something funny with you. Last week I needed a picture of sunflower seeds so I googled it on Google Images, randomly clicked on a photo to print it out and it was your blog! It was a post on childhood candies. I thought "Hey so random but I know him!" My co-worker thought I was crazy. And thank you for all the love you continue to leave and give me :-) Much appreciated.