Sunday, June 22, 2008

Black Dots and Blue Notes! Esperanza Spaulding!

Alright, dig! I was tooling around itunes with a little money on my card from Fathers Day, yeah I got shoes and an Itunes card! Sweet! I hit the usual suspects, had to grab some Miles Davis, 2nd quintet era or late era with Kenny Garrett and Foley some Branford Marsalis and well, I gotta thing for Chaka Khan and Lalah Hathaway. I dig them, I just do!

Hey! I know I'm married but well....Hey! I don't get mad when all the womenesss swoon over that dude Idris Stringer Bell Elba or Terrence Howard! Get over it! But I digress...

I went through the Jazz section careful not to get fooled with that smoove jazz nonsense. Kenny G still out for revenge! But I saw a photo of this beautiful Black woman with an absolutely huuuuuuuuuuge! Fro! And you know, what they say about a woman with a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig Fro, right?

Well, me neither, but dig, she looked hot but all that aside I listened to her stuff and read the reviews and Daaaaam! She plays Double Bass! I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvve the Double Bass!
All the great players, Oscar Pettiford, Ron Carter, Reggie Workman, Charles Mingus, Robert Leslie Hurst and Eric Revis but I've never seen a woman on a double bass!
Then, they said she sings too! Dig, she sings in three languages; Portuguese, English and Spanish and some of her songs are in one of those languages but listen anyway. Funk, Soul and Cool translates! Fake, don't translate! Now her stuffs melodic but it ain't smoove, ya can hum it but ain't smoove wave oasis type so called jazz! They'll probably try to co-opt her but don't go plaleeeeeeze! She plays enough instrumentals to let ya know she's got chops! So there!

Now, we live in a decade where a woman who has mastered an instrument and can sing is like this rare jewel! I dig Alicia Keys! but Rachelle Ferrell can outplay and sing her any night of the week! That's a fact! Alicia Keys is cool and in a few years she's gonna be great but she still ain't the anointed one, Aretha, Roberta, Joni Mitchell and Rachelle are still here and they all play but the record companies ain't trying to show that! Alicia's young and pretty. Thank God! she can play though!
Miss Aretha Queen of Soul Franklin can also play her butt off and sing well, we all know what she can do there! But back to Esperanza and her Double Deee I mean.....Double Bass! Oh, come on.... That was funnie!

She can write, she can play and she can sing! Period! The fact she's teaching at Berklee College of Music at 23 just adds to it! Hey! Take my word on it buy her CD but if ya just won't trust me then check You tube! Then, go buy it!

The 2nd cut got me open. I know that you know! I can appreciate the subject matter.

The way you look at me when you think that I'm not lookin tells me....
Your minds is tired of thinking of someone you loved before me...
i see you're scared I'm convinced I've tried to say that I am yours and no one's gonna take me away!

Yeah, personal experience on that one! Never mind that though!
Musically the album grooves, the melodies are solid and the vocals and lyrics are real. Check it out!

Nuff said!

Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!

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