Sunday, June 22, 2008


As if 5 dollar gas, 100 degree heat and a seventeenth Celtic championship banner wasn't enough to deal with Tim Russert is gone and The Sooooooooul Train has stoppped! Damn it!

Brotha Don, ya did us solid by creating the show in the first place. It herald the changes we all hoped would last. Black beauty, Black Pride and most of all Black Love and Unity. We danced in our makeshift soul train lines listening as great and not so great Black Music and Artists came on.

You featured us when no one else did. We didn't fit any one's model but from it we got Solar records, formerly Soul Train Records, Lakeside, Shalamar, Proline and Bronner Brothers Haircare products but most of all we got us! Thank You, Brotha Don!

Black Love, Pride, and Unity can stick around though!

Be Careful! Be Mindful! Be Prayerful!



jjbrock said...

I like the way you broke that down. Great reminder that Don did showcased our talent.

ZACK said...

Brotha Jaycee,

What it be like? :)

Thanks for your comments on my blog, as well as adding me to your blog roll. The same shall be done unto you!

This was a funny post! Very enjoyable.

C.P. Lehman said...

There's a new book out about the show, called A CRITICAL HISTORY OF SOUL TRAIN ON TELEVISION. It looks at the show from its start in Chicago in 1970 to the national franchise of 2008. It contains interviews with former dancers, guests, and colleagues of Cornelius.
This is the weblink.

achoiceofweapons said...

Thank you very much. I will check for it!