Friday, June 6, 2008

Yaaaaah Obama!

Well, it's almost safe to say that Barack Obama is the Democratic parties nominee for President. Just another long overdue first but still, well, I can't jump up and down cause it should have happened long ago. But Barack's got it so now what?

Now, comes the real work! Not so long ago we gave the democrats control of congress and what did they do with it? Nothing! A big friggin donut!


The war in Iraq is still going and the Dems did nothing but talk about how they couldn't stop it!
Bush and Cheney were not brought up on charges. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, CA, another first, repeatedly stated that impeachment was not on the table! Why not?

Gas is $4.59 a gallon today in California so what the hell are the Dems doing? The housing crisis is getting bigger, the country's infrastructure is collapsing from decades of neglect. People all over the country are out of work while freeways are crumbling, bridges are falling down, forests need to be planted and cared for. The Democrats should be dusting off every FDR program that we have and restarting it!

GM Corp is laying off tens of thousands and Exxon Mobil and the other oil companies are making the largest profit margins ever, while we're paying $4.59 a gallon when we could be and should be rationing fuel because we are in a state of emergency!

So what's that have to do with Obama? He'll fix it when he gets into office, just be patient! Bulls**t!

Do you remember how the Republicans hemmed up Bill Clinton's presidency? How he couldn't get any federal judges confirmed, how he couldn't even get a fair hearing on Lani Guinneer's nomination? Do you remember how the Republicans pursued Whitewater harder than congress pursued Watergate when in the grand scheme of the savings and loan scandal Whitewater wasn't even a blip!

Do you remember how a federal judge allowed a sitting president to be sued in civil court while performing the duties of the presidency and ultimately impeached him for lying about adultery when that didn't have anything to do with the job of the presidency? Remember?

Nancy Pelosi why isn't impeachment on the table for this president when there's enough evidence to say that he lied about Iraq, he and his administration have abused the Patriot Act, denied human rights across the board at Abu Gharib and Guantanamo Bay, spied on Americans without a warrants, harassed enviormental groups critical of the administration and shown contempt of congress.

Why is impeachment off the table?

But heeeey I'm supposed to celebrate dude being the first African in America to be nominated by a major party for the presidency huh? Hush!
Y'all know that unless he has democrats who will back his agenda in congress and in the senate then he won't be able to get anything done!
We need people in the congress and the senate who will back Obama's policies, his judicial choices, and any policies that he might change or implement! Too many democrats are just twins of the republicans!
That's why the democrats can't persuade the republicans cause they think too much alike. They're rich, White and out of touch with the majority of America; Multi ethnic, multicultural and working class not middle class!

John McCain is old but that's not the real problem, his politics and his political philosophy is cause he ascribes to a dead economic theory, and he still sees the world like it's 1958! He will never live to see the true effects of his policies if he is elected. That takes twenty to thirty years and dude's eighty! He can't be held responsible! Ya can't elect him! But what's the worst thing about him is that he is the status quo!

We need to get rid of the status quo in the house, senate and the presidency! This includes democrats stuck in 1958 too! Litmus test, Multimillionaire, receives most of their election money from the military industrial complex, the Prison complex, pacs or the unions just to keep the status quo!

Our chant should be Stat Quo gotsta go! Or Barack will not only be just a first but worst a token!

People are still smarting from Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and the Gulf states and we still got people living in trailers! Fidel Castro has outlived more than five presidents. He outlived the USSR! We are still using an embargo that failed more than three decades ago. Stop pissing down a hole and change strategy. Castro is there cause he got rid of our puppet! Change and start working with Cuba so we can bring them into line with the rest of the world and hopefully as an ally. Gone are the days when gangsters used it as their whorehouse, liquor haven, casino! Stop listening to the lobby in Miami who was thrown out with the mob and Baustista. They oppressed the people and they ain't going back to that!

We got rid of Saddam but again he was our boy. The Shah of Iran died and the villainous Ayatollah came on the scene but again, the Shah was our boy and we looked the other way, when he oppressed his people and Khomeini is the fruit of that! Pinochet killed for forty years cause we failed at diplomacy in Chile. Mobutu caused much suffering cause we played around in Congo's politics! Time to change. What we've done hasn't worked! McCain is just living proof of a bunch of brain dead philosophies!

Electing Obama is great, but give the man the tools to do the job or he'll be worse than a failure; He'll be a token!

Be Mindful! Be Prayerful! Be Careful!

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Obi Asad said...

Excellent post, Jay. I agree with you. Unless Obama is given the resources and people necessary to see his agenda through, his presidency will be all for naught. He definitely has his work cut out for him.