Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Fathers Day! Lakers Win Game 5

Well, Happy Father's Day for all the Dad's that's doing it! Biological or integrated into a family. God Bless and Keep You! For all those, who haven't been doing it, for whatever reason, we need you! Get to it!

Maybe, you can only set some money aside for your seeds or you can only take them to the park but take them, damn it! Being a father is about much more than how much money you give, it's about love, guidance, time! It's being an active participant in the game!

So what, you and the Woman can't make it! No excuses! Send a cashier's check, call them and take some groceries over there, that's for your seeds; Do it every week and call them every night, to say good night, and find out what they did that day and how is school, and say I love you! Pray for your children and for yourself and they Mama, so that you can have an active role in their lives. It ain't about you and the Woman! She got a new dude, cool, let them have it!Your kids, that's why you there, and she gave birth to them, so give her that respect always!

And Ladies, that goes the same for you, don't get in the way, of that man, seeing his kids! Unless you know, he puts them in danger! Y'all can't make it, he don't bring enough money, he got a new Woman and you don't like it, that is not a reason to keep him from building a relationship with his kids. Both of y'all you and him need to grow up! Grow Up! Give him, the same respect I told him to give you. He's the father of your seeds!

Now for them Daddies that's in the house, married or maybe y'all haven't taken it down the ailse but you there; You gotta raise them! You gotta be involved, it's your job to teach them of God, about work and responsibility and love and to protect them from those influences that you know will do them harm. It's your job! Happy Dad's day! They say we missing in action! But I know children all over being raised by MEN, Men who took the job even though it wasn't theirs to take and are doing it well. God Bless you!

Scratch That! It's a Man's responsibilty to help guide a child period! That's what Boys and Girls club, Cub Scouts, Pathfinder Scouts, Big Brothers of America, Kappa League all all them are there for. They are there, to tell a child ,Boy or Girl, that they matter and maybe that child, will believe you, and believe in themselves.

Happy Fathers Day! Now get back to work!

Now in other news, The Lake Show pulled out game five at the Staples Center against the scrappy but hated Boston Celtics who stood on the verge of collecting thier seventeen championship banner and unleashing the wrath of the true four horsemen of the apocalypse; Barney The Dinosaur, Kenny G, Michael Bolton and Yanni were once again held back! Whew! Obi Adisa Asad, while he does protest equating the four horsemen with Kenny G and Barney, he quivers a bit still. Hey Lakers! Play defense! That means ya don't let Paul Pierce walk up for a layup when there are three, count them, three Lakers standing there! Take a charge, foul them, tell him a story but keep him away from the basket!

Now for James Hit Man Posey, Hey, Refs! He's fouling the Lakers after the play is over, every time! Ya might wanna do something about it! Remember Defense creates offense! Lakers, Lakers, Lakers, Ray Allen should not be able to walk up to the basket! See earlier paragraph about Paul Pierce!
Happy Dad's Day! My daughter just graduated high School! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Be Mindful! Be Careful! Be Prayerful!



Obi Asad said...

I do quiver, very much so.

robusta barista said...

I've always say that any male can be a father, but it takes a man to be a daddy. I consider a daddy as someone who is actively involved in their children's lives. Not making excuses for why they can't "be there" for their kids.

Too many men AND women cop out on their responsibilities to their offsprings by not being available. Even when they live with their children, parents still have the responsibility to actually listen to their kids, help them with homework, eat dinner with them, etc. But...there are many self-absorbed adults out there who put their own wants and needs first.

Melyssa Ganache said...

Preach, Jaycee. Shouts to all the good dads out their handling your business and taking care of your responsibilities. There are far to few of you.

And to the ladies standing in the way of a child's paternal relationship, I completely co-sign. Stop that madness. Personally, I can't wait for my BD to fall in love. I think that's just what our relationship needs to bring back some genuine civility. Just sayin.

Thx for the link! :)

-- Mel