Friday, June 20, 2008

New Poetry from Middle Passage Mind State!

“Murder on my Mind!”

Our faces mask the hatred we share
Smiles disguise sinister intent in our stares
Skin color and shade determines the dividing line
Grasping straws of entitlement at what we each believe is mine.

Never mind both of us are scrambling for scraps!
Scrapple from the apple pie of American dream
Held up to our children as the gospel but constantly demeaned!

Border faces, some brought here with ears ringing from
Capitalistic empirical desire or Communist socialized Fire
Smelling of mortar smoke and ash
Sweat layered by the last stinging lash

Ellis Island sans West coast port
New land, American dream in form of corner store
Liquor sold to captive residents
Border/boat family sells in ghetto
Lives in suburb
Leaves before nightfall
Mercedes against curb

Resentment festers!

Boat people language written on walls
Buddha seems the only one awake
Artificially flavored Storefront Christianity sold like brown bag poison slum to slum
99 cent store groceries, marked down symbols of the dream gone bad
check cashing parasites, bank managing shark chummed loans
prey on us and take away our homes!

We are forced by our poverty to exist together
This however evident does not create a real connection
they vote bush, take cash from Black faces

Take cash from Black faces!

Take cash from Black faces!

Turning east at noon
Selling pickled swine, now and laters, old E and pork rinds
Cigarettes and DVD of large shapely nekked behinds

Resentment Grows!
Murder on my Mind!
J.C. Williams From the upcoming book Middle Passage Mind State

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