Friday, June 27, 2008


All we wanted to do was make ten thousand dollars then we'd quit! But....
Freeway Rick Ross- Drug Kingpin, CIA Crack Connection, Los Angeles

All we need is one big score! A million dollars and we're out the game! Priest, Superfly 1972

A couple of years ago, the House, the Senate and the Presidency was controlled by the Republican party. Finally, they lost control of the house and senate, thanks to Americans finally fed up with the all the nonsense and the democrats regained control of both houses. Now, we can do something about the war, and the budget and the ram sacking of our civil liberties. Finally, right?

Wrong! Years ago I wrote an email newsletter called Outside the Lines, in my political section called Courtesy Flush, I angrily penned that the democrats were pus*ies! And I was right! Well, at least half right!

Actually, right now they're dangerous! Even more so than the Republicans because the corruption that is so obvious in the Republicans has infected the democrats to where both parties are but sick, twisted, twins of one another. Neither believe in democracy, both worship power and both insist it has to be their team that wields it! They're sick, twisted hobbits chasing after that accursed ring!

I, for one am sick of them. I vote independent, I'm a cynic, totally jaded but not quite forty years old. Fun date huh? I'm most sick of being conned!

Totally hustled and pimped again and again! How about you?

My buddie is totally excited by Barack Obama's campaign. I must admit that I too, am excited. His speeches are inspiring and he has a lot of style. I certainly want to believe again but there's a problem....I like to think and I have thoughts!

We're being conned! It's a very simple but powerful con. First, we elected the Dem's after they promised to end the war in Iraq. Did they do it? Hell No! They proposed a deadline, it was rejected and then they gave Bush the money! They made speeches, they stroked us and they gave another deadline, it was rejected! They teased us again, whispered sweet lies into our ears, slapped us on the azz and we giggled! Then, they gave those bastards even more money! Sure....they threatened to hold the money, to cut the funding to the troops...

The precious troops, we can't leave them without money to kill and maim and destroy! What would they do?

How about come home! Retreat! Pull out! Isn't that why we elected you to congress? Gave you control of the house and senate! Well, isn't it?

But, the Dem's didn't fight really. Every spending increase Bush wanted he got!


The Dem's are afraid they'll get called SOFT! oops, soft!
Sorry, Dem's, You Are SOFT!
You lack testicular fortitude!
You've got no heart, ya bunch of pansies!
You are supposed to be the opposition!

Katrina should have spurred you to action! The mortgage meltdown should have you on the front lines! Alberto Gonzales, Tom Delay, and Karl Rove should be in jail right now! Dr. Condi Rice, Bush, Cheney and Harriett Myers should be right behind them! Never, in the history of this country has there ever been such open contempt for congress and the rule of Law! Never!

And when we called your azzes on it, ya conned us again! We don't want to hurt our chances of regaining the White house in two years. When we get the Presidency then we'll fix it all!

Lies! Bullsh*t! We're gettin CONNED! Same ole bull sh*t! Same result!


Dig, first, it was give us control of the House and Senate then, it was wait until we win the White house before we do anything except tell you to wait!

Bush is one of the most unpopular presidents in history including Herbert Hoover, who sat idly by while the country went down the collective crapper in the 30's.

The Dems are so weak that McCain actually looks like he is a viable candidate. That's a shame! He's not viable! His policies are outdated, the world he grew up in is outmoded, and he won't be alive in twenty years to take responsibility for his policies! He's flipped so many times on the issues, it's ridiculous! South Carolina's confederate flag, he wussed out! South Carolina's flyers saying he had a Black daughter, pandering to SC racists! (His adopted daughter is from Bangladesh) He told Bush when he said it's just politics, John. He said then, some things ain't politics, George! But he supported Bush anyway, to the chagrin of his own daughter. He's flipped on everything he stood for. He wants to be President! Power! That's what he wants! Not to help and serve the people!
And with every passing week Obama, sells someone else down the river too! Power! That's what they want! And they conn'in us to get it!

But the Dems are pus*ies so even McCain can win!

Don't get conned! Insist, that the Dems stand up for you but if they don't we'll definitely sit em down! Or just like Priest from Superfly and the real life Freeway Rick Ross, you'll find you got more than what you bargined for conned into that one big deal!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


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Obi Asad said...

Speak on it, JayCee! Speak on it! Nothing but the truth, Masha'Allah.