Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Four Horsemen Defamed! Really?

Obi asks what have Death, War, Pestilence and famine ever done to me to be compared to Kenny G, Yanni, Barney the Dinosaur and Michael Bolton? He feels that Death, War, Famine and Pestilence have been insulted unfairly; Do you agree? I DON'T!
Ya see, death, Famine, War and Pestilence will have some MERCY because they will END!
MB, BTD, KAY G and Yanni never end! They Never END! They lurk in the shadows, swallowing whole formats of great music and transforming them into hours of tedious, torturous boring dreck!

This is bad enough but now they spawn a legion of clones, each spewing their own brand of carbon copied( not a contradiction) dreck! Great acts of evil can occur if they are unleashed. It will be like being stuck in an elevator all the TIME! But I digress.....The Lakers must win!

I suggest we all cross everything! Fingers, Toes, Locks...Everything! And if we have re runs of the Electric Company, Vegetable Soup and Zoom play them or Barney will come and eat us ALLLLLL!
You Think I'm maaaaaaaaad!
Don't You?
Well I'm not!
I'm NOT!
You know you gotta a Kenny G cd, or tape somewhere in your home and remember how it made you feel? Sure, it was nice the first time you listened to Song Bird again but then after listening a few more times you started drinking again, didn't you! Didnt You! You know you should take that tape and smash it! but you can't can you? Evil has a face! Like Clowns it smiles!
It Smiles Damn it!

Remember in the dark ages Bozo was allowed to run loose too long and look what happened!
NIXON! REAGAN! BUSH QUAYLE! The Gas Crisis! Disco! Polyester Fabrics!
Learn Damn It! How many photos lie hidden somewhere in a box marked do not open ever?
Remember the geometrically disasterous hairstyles and colors of the ninties? The fashion faux pas of the eighties? If it wasn't for Rakim and Chuck D where would we be?
Look what happenned to Flavor Flav??? He's even worse but now I think he's on their side!
......Sorry, I was in the corner crying and sucking my thumb in a fetal position but I digress!

Be Prayerful! Be Mindful! Be Careful!


KaRi said...

Hey Mista Jaycee!

Great to see you online and Looking Forward to hear more of your spoken word on TPSradio.org

PS I've been promoting WorldPeace.com alot lately ;)

Obi Asad said...

I still think you unfairly characterized the four horsemen. Seriously, there's nothing worse than being compared to Barney the Dinosaur--not even a root canal.