Friday, August 14, 2009

AFRIKA with a K not a C!

Use coward in a Sentence
This is just a short blurb about a COWARD who decided to comment on the spelling I chose for the word Afrika! Most folks who have read this blog know that I spell the word with a K and not a C.

Is that some sort of LA Gang Thang Mista Jaycee?

No, not at all! Afrika is spelled with a K by some Afrikan's! It's neither incorrect or significant. It comes from years of working at various Afrikan bookstores and art galleries.

But back to the COWARD! See I didn't spell that with a K! You visited my blog and dared to try an CLOWN me. You didn't comment on my opinions, my art, or actively engage me in any intelligent discourse. That's a shame for you! You could have asked me Mista Jaycee why do you spell Afrika with a K instead of a C? I would have gladly explained and then you would have learned something new and I would RESPECT you.

Instead you Punked out by trying to be a smart ass! Opps! I usually spell smart ass with two ZZ's. You know, SMART AZZ! I only commented this time because we live in an era where technology has made it so easy for those without INTEGRITY, BALLS or a SPINE to DEVIL the rest of us.

You didn't sign your name! You used ANONYMOUS! COWARD! Again, I didn't spell that with a K!

You are a COWARD! You see an Adult uses their name and stands by what they say and who they say it to. I published the comment. Too bad YOU didn't sign it!

But COWARDS Never do! See I didn't spell COWARD with a K!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



underOvr (aka The U) said...

Brother Jaycee,

I hate getting anonymous comments that fall in the smart ass category.

There was an article in the Denver Post last week about Denver Nuggets guard, J.R. Smith using pro-gang language on his Twitter account messages.

As a result of the controversy this article created, Smith shut down his Twitter account.

It's strange to me how people have the expert knowledge and talent of being inside someone else's head; to know how someone else thinks.

The assumptions made against Smith and now against you are just that: assumptions.

Like you, I feel that those who hide behind anonyomous walls (making assumptions) can say whatever they want to say because they don't have to be accountable for their words.


Anonymous said...

freakin jackass...
u tell em!

CareyCarey said...

I am applauding the way you stomped on that thang, that anonymous poster. Those cartoons said it all! Just the other day I did a whole post on someone that I thought was trying to pimp slap me. Maybe I could have handled it another way, I don't know? You killed this one. The title of my post is "How Low Can You Blow".

clnmike said...

Yeah anonymous posters are some suckers. I save all my best insults for them.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jaycee..that was ME! J/K yeah here in blog land Mr./Mrs.(let me not forget to properly punctuate my salutation)Anonymous we do wtf we want because we can! Have a great Week Coward!



Mista Jaycee said...

Go B,
What? I don't understand your message. What? Was that you?

NaturallyAlise said...

I feel your irritation, and usually the only rude comments I ever get are anonymous, I hate when people try to hide behind the e-curtain, such a waste of energy... Etiquette and manners are a lost art...

MoMo said...

good post

I make it a point to never say anything I can't repeat...I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Anonymous said...

Of course not.. who doesn't love MR. JAYCEE? Anyways.. no response from whomever it was I see..

I bet you would have felt bad if you knew that was me you just chewed to pieces huh...LOL



Mista Jaycee said...

Who doesn't LOVE Mista Jaycee?
Clowns, Fans of Clowns, Smoove Jazz and Makers of Tight Binding Underwear for starters! 8-)