Tuesday, February 9, 2010

BE Black Damn It! 2010 Census

Back on June 29th, 2008 I wrote a post called "Box marked Other". I changed the title after a few readers suggested that the title wasn't good enough to "Call me Anything But Black". I wrote the post, (Link provided) because I saw this model's portfolio where she answered the racial question as Other. She worked under the name "Mixed Breed!"

I wrote her suggesting that she should change her name. Humans PRO-CREATE we do not BREED! Animals BREED! She wrote back explaining that she was Afrikan American and Puerto Rican and that she never felt that she was enough of either race to proudly proclaim it. She always felt like she was an outsider. A Mutt!


Bi-Racial Black Dude Tiger Woods

I remember when I first heard Eldrick "Tiger" Woods claim that he was Cablanasian or some bull ish! I was like what the Eff? Alot of Black Folks had the same reaction. Tiger, your Daddy's name was "Earl" and he was a Big Black Dude. Your Mama is an Asian Woman. Cool! So that makes you a Bi-Racial Black Dude.
I am writing on this subject cause the 2010 Census is being taken right now. I'm putting this out there before we have some Black Folks who earn the Dumb Nigga Award. Check Afrikan American! Check Black!
This is NOT to NEGATE your other Parent or the other part of your racial heritage. This is to ensure that we as Black People receive our fair share of Federal Funding for Education, Housing and anything else that comes with the Census.
The stakes are too high for you to bullshit around with something this important. Check Black/Afrikan American. If you do not then they will say that the Afrikan American people's numbers have NOT Grown which is not true.
Now, as for Black Folks who claim other Racial Groups although they appear to BE Black Folks. This paragraphs for you.

Dominican Black Dude Manny Ramirez

You a Puerto Rican. Cool! But don't you dare claim to be Spanish, Hispanic or Latin. You Black! If Manny Ramirez was Emanuel Jenkins with dreads He'd be called a Black Dude! He's from the Dominican Republic which is right next to Haiti! Right across from Cuba!

Dominican Black Dude David "Big Papi" Ortiz

See, Black Folks have been conned and we continue to BE conned. You can BE as Black as an Ace of Spades in your own country and get to America and you start to believe that you anything but as Black as an Ace of Spades that you were in your own country. You check Hispanic (dark skinned) but they still count you as a Latin. Not an Afro Cubano but Latin.

Noooooo! BE Black! Check Black! It's a Beautiful thang! But more importantly! It's for our very survival. The Numbers matter. The way the numbers are counted matter! The numbers say that Black Folks (Afrikan Americans) are only 12/13 % of the Population. I say, we are more than that! Some Black Folks are claiming to BE a part of other groups! Some Black Folks are claiming to BE part of Multiple groups. That does not translate into POWER and INFLUENCE!

It dilutes POWER and INFLUENCE by reducing the NUMBERS!

Don't let em con you!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



CurvyGurl ♥ said...

One more on the "I just don't get it" list. I'm amazed at the lengths people go to when it comes to identifying with one group vs another.

2cute4u said...

please tell em!
sent you a mail...do reply please

Miss.Fortune said...

ive seen people name every other race they are "mixed" with and be ashamed to claim their black side. that is very disrespectful for ppl to be proud of their dominican or french descent but neglect to mention that they are indeed african american. thank you for speaking on this.

Anonymous said...

一沙一世界,一花一天堂,掌中握無限,剎那即永恆 ..................................................

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Miss,
You can't send me love notes in Korean. Folks get jealous!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for shining a different perspective on this undying topic.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Mista Jaycee, you have me rollin' all the way thru the comments (re: response to miss).
And I feel ya on these black folks from other countries claiming to be anything but black. Feel's like a family member that's disowned me as their kin.