Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Valentines Day Poems!

Poem # 1

Low lights wine glass remnants
Lovers embraced cheek to cheek
Ballads convey emotions that neither
Dare speak yet

Poem # 2

Both hold each tighter as hips sway side to side
Lips brush lightly noses rubbed
Passion ignites into wild burning fire
Both know the other is in love.

Poem # 3

Her hand was my hand I inhaled as she exhaled
Her belly nine months full of love and butterflies
Nurtured with kisses and well wishes
Love visualized now made flesh.

Poem # 4

He had eyes for her same as I
Brushed by me en route to snatch her from my grasp
Treated me as if I was invisible and I guess I was
But he underestimated my determination necessity births ingenuity
Twenty bills in DJ’s palm/PA Announcement made
Car towed in parking lot clears dance floor
Apple martini and conversation Love seed planted.

Poem # 5

Tall never was I
She towered above me
Eyes met gaze held
Conversation started by joke
Minds meld
Tall never was I
She, the mighty one like Everest
Intimidating sure but worth the climb

Poem # 6

He offers you a football field of roses and an ocean of wine
I offer you forever
He offers smoove drives in expensive autos
Canary diamond girls best friend
I promise you love that will never end
I offer You forever…
Forever Loved
Forever desired
Forever cherished
Forever appreciated
Forever filled with the bounty of my Love
Tell him that then ask Can u match it?


2cute4u said...

Im first yay!...happy val to you.. Fancy you choreographing this whole episode.. you're the master.. you spoken to bombshell?

JStar said...

Beautiful expressions of love :)

Miss.Stefanie said...

Lol this is cute

ChocolateOrchid said...

Lovin' all of these!! No's 1 thru 3 are beautiful.
#4 had me laughin' with the "car towed in parking lot" PA announcement.
Lovin' #5's tackling of a taller woman.
Lovin' #6's smoothness and beautiful words.

These are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


Wow J, you are on a roll. A plethera of poems, I'm sure you showered Mrs. J with a few.

Happy V-Day.... I think I'm about 80% back!

Kandia said...

Wow....I'm feeling #1 & 2