Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mista Jaycee's Talks Women!

Mista Jaycee has got some ish he needs to get off his chest! It's about Women, Girls and dating Men and Boys.

Serious subject matter!

So, now let me separate my moobies (Man Boobs) and get this ish off my chest.

Ladies: (Girls and Women)

1. A boy or Man will only give you respect if you establish the groundwork for it.

I watched my Daughter and her Girlfriends and how they talk to one another. "Hey Hoe!" "What up Lesbian!" (Giggle) "Stop Fuckin with a Bitch head!"

These are examples of how Girls and some young Ladies, talk to each other. Hint Ladies, Guys hear that shit! One of the basics when establishing the groundwork for respect is to not talk in demeaning fashions to one another. My Daughter, and her friends say that they are just playing. Let some Dude call you a Hoe, Lesbian, hooker or Bitch and see what happens. Dig?

2. BE Clear on who you are and who you would like to BE perceived as.

If you spend most of your time dressed half nekked, you can't blame them for thinking you're not a nice, respectable, Woman. Just cause you Got Boobs don't mean you gotz to show em all the damn time. I know, I know. You got a lil body over the Summer and you wanna show it! You've been working out in the gym, watching what you eat and now it's paid off! Right? Your inner dialogue is saying "They all ignored me when I was FAT! Now, they want to touch these T*tties, they want to squeeze this bootie! Revenge! I have the Powah!"
Ok, We get it! You lil D*ck teaser! Hey! You looking great! You feelin powerful and free! Great! But once he gets passed the new look then what? Who are you? Will he be meeting the real you? Hummmm? Keep some Mystery.

3. If he honks, texts, or calls from the cell ,when he's picking you up then you can tell him to go to Hell!

There is no compromise on this rule. It would BE the same if it was my Mama! If you picking up a Lady from my home. Park the car, ring the doorbell, BE seen by the Family, then depart. Guys you should at least, offer to open the door, for the young Lady. Ladies, stand at the door and see what the Young Fella does. If he looks at you and says What's wrong? Tell him, I thought a Gentleman such as yourself always opened the door for a Lady. If he has the attitude of "You better get in this car!" Then, you know where you stand. You can go back in the house right then. HE should walk you back to your door when the dates over. Why? To make sure that you got in ok. Don't invite him in on the 1st date Hunnie! Just don't!

3. P*ssy is Awesome but Your P*ssy is NOT the ultimate!

Listen close, Guys want to Eff you! Hey! And you want to Eff them too! That said, Ladies.....After the Guy's gotten it from you, he'll start looking for the next Girl! See, you've only satisfied his Urge for YOU! Not for IT!

You must protect yourself and decide who's worthy! Not every Dude is Worthy! In case, you haven't noticed; there's always plenty of Dudes hunting for treasure. Yours and every other Woman's.
Even more important YOU must BElieve that YOU are Worth it!

4. Insecurity is a Guys Best Friend! BEware the Bullshit Book!

You must BElieve in your worth. You must BElieve that you are worthy! To the predator it really does not matter why you are insecure. You could BE the the absolute finest Girl but in your head, you think that you are a pimply faced, 390 pound chick, with no hair and missing a tooth. The predator is going to use that! The predator will use flattery! Why? Cause the ish works! A dude will say anything! He will Lie! He will give constant Oscar Worthy performances that even HE will BElieve cause he's got the scent of the Hunt in his nostrils and he can't stop! He will MAKE ISH UP! He can't help it! It's the power of the Bullshit Book! We all got one! Girls got one too, although I think some of y'all, actually have the Teachers Manuel, but I digress!

It works no matter what kinda of Girl you are. All Girls like to BE told that they are the prettiest, finest thing walking. Take it from me, even if the Girl had her pick of dudes, I always got and kept her ear. An Ugly Girl loves to BE told she's pretty! A Pretty Girl loves to BE told she's the prettiest! I'd play on the pretty girls arrogance and vanity! The Girl needs to feel Sexxxy! If a guy can make a Girl feel sexxxy, then half those buttons are popped right there! Making her feel sexxxy gives her the illusion of empowerment! See, the Girls do all the real work for the Dude.

But what the predator is really looking for is the Insecure Girl. See, the Insecure Girl might BE a Swan, but she used to BE an Ugly Duckling and she needs to be reassured, that she's a SWAN!

Her low self image and low self esteem is my Golden ticket to Wonkaland! It ain't the dude who convinces the Girl that she's too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, butt too BIG, Butt too small, hair too short, skin too light, skin too dark! It ain't the MEDIA either! It's YOU! It's your own inner dialogue. The predator plays on your OWN INNER DIALOGUE!

You mean The Predator can read our minds Mista Jaycee? !!!!

"Huh, Why, Yes! Yes! We can! We can read your minds and there is no way you can resist our charms! You must give into our advances! YOU MUST!!!!!"

Just kidding........maybe!

So who's responsible for Your Self-Image and Your Self Esteem? You are of course! You have to BElieve that you are worth him opening the door for. You have to BElieve that you do deserve to BE treated with respect. You have to make him BE a Gentleman. He's got a sex drive and a barometer dangling from his body that tells him to GET IT! I WANT IT NOW! NOW! NOW! Guess what it is????? Come on......It's something that's comfortable tucked between your thighs! Ever wonder why the legs are soooooo strong? Too protect the RING! It's because of the POWAH of the RING! (sorry nerd moment there)

5. BE Clear on what it is and what it ain't!

If you are interested in a Fella, BE clear on your feelings. He asked you to the movies. Cool! Ask, Are you asking me on a Date? Make sure it's a date! There is no kickin it, hangin out or any of that stuff if it's someone who you are interested in.

Ladies, y'all know if you are interested in a Dude and you know in what way you are interested! Yeah, some times, a Fella, may surprise you, and your feelings change but admit it, that's rare! No, if it's a Dude you "interested" in then you got to set the boundaries. If it's a Date, then Date Rules apply! He asks you on a Date! You set a Time! He picks you up! See Dad rules above. And if y'all just "Friends" then be real with that too! HE may not want to BE in the "Friend" Zone. If you ain't interested in the Fella Date wise, and He's got no real chance at any but Friendship then Kickin it is ok as long as you both understand the boundaries. You, young Lady have to set those boundaries! This is to keep you out of trouble. See, y'all will say y'all buddies and then act like your Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Y'all kissing and basically dating in everything but name. Then, when one of y'all starts having real feelings and wants a Commitment, then, it's hey we were just kicking it remember? So keep that boundary straight! Friends is friends! Dating is Dating!

That way neither of y'all will get mixed up!

Remember, the rules you set, will BE the rules he plays! You just accept any kind of treatment and HE won't treat you like a Queen. And until you learn that basic lesson then you will be Doomed to always date the crumb bums on the B and C teams.

The worst thing is that you wake up one day and realized that you've gave the Golden Ticket to Wonkaland to too many unworthy, bad, inconsiderate, azz people and now Wonkaland is totally Eff'd up!

Think about it!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!



NightFall914 said...

Good material. Gotta argee with all of it.

Demon Hunter said...

You are right, Jaycee!! I have neither been that girl, nor that woman. I just didn't fall for the silliness. I have been trying to instill this very thing into young women who act like this. **sigh** Father's need to step up their game and teach this to their daughters. Seriously.

I had ONE friend try to call me a name "in fun" but after I told her a few things, she's never done it again. :-D Yeah, I'm a feminist, so now she knows. ;-)

Miss.Fortune said...

this was a great read and nothing but the truth..
the respect starts within ourselves and if they see us treat ourselves, friends, fam, etc. like its all fun and games then thats exactly how they will treat us

Anonymous said...

Very true and wise

2cute4u said...

Where have you been?what's the feeling behind today's post? Great tips and good.. I'm considering myself informed.. i got in touch with bombshell and she's given me some useful ideas and directions..thank you so much.

Unbreakable said...

Good stuff

CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Yup, I wish more women would acknowledge these things and (re)act accordingly but you know how that goes.

Miss.Stefanie said...

I loved this!!

JStar said...

Oh soooo true!

zodiac said...

i dig it..maybe you should do a psa lol

Bella said...

well alright! *applause* i must agree with everything you have said :)

especially this:

"If he honks, texts, or calls from the cell ,when he's picking you up then you can tell him to go to Hell!"

it is just polite and proper to greet a lady at the door! not be on some DMX "ayo bitch!" type shit lol

Angel said...

agreed Mr Jaycee its a pity young girls arent taught this very early on...but then they probably think thye know it all.