Friday, February 26, 2010

Mista Jaycee List of the Unsung Diva!

I'll make you a bet! I can go to any party in America, where there's Black Folks, throw on Cheryl Lynn's signature tune, and all I have to do, is recite Morris Day's classic line from "Purple Rain" I want some azzes wiggling, I want some perfection! And I will have it!

"Got To BE Real!" is one of the greatest dance floor concoctions, ever served to an unsuspecting public. This song came out at the end of the "Disco" Years! But from the opening horn riff Azzes are still wiggling!" Ha!

The Sista could sing. I mean absolutely turn it out! I will now submit her duet "If this World were mine" with Master Balladeer Luther Vandross for your approval! How many Babies were made, relationships started or saved because of this masterstroke? How many Babies were almost made?

Cheryl Lynn did not have a long music career. She only went on for about ten years between about six albums. In truth, she never reached Diva status! But she had all the right ingredients!

Serious Vocals! Great Delivery! Great Tunes! Alas! Cheryl if you reading this! Take comfort Baby! Azzes is still wiggling, You gave us perfection!

Next up! I submit Angela Bofill! This Sista was Beautiful! She had an almost alien beauty to her, the kind of stuff that Fashion models must BE built out of but she was more than a pretty face. This Chick is a Writer! "I Try" can still BE played today and it never sounds dated. Angela Bofill posesses a quality that's lost on today's radio. No one sounded like Angela Bofill, the voice I mean. Think I'm mistaken? Name somebody that sounds like her in the last two decades? A Contralto? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! Go on I dare you! I dare YOU!

And our next contestant.....Anita Baker! Now Anita Baker should BE listed among the DIVAS! Who you know get kicked out of a band after singing the lead on an R and B Classic " I just wanna BE Yours" at the demand of the Record Company cause they say she can't sing? Who????
Then, go on to record an absolute classic first solo album? The Songstress is one that you can play all the way through. "Angel" "You're the Best thing Yet" I mean she just blew the world apart, or so we thought. Then in 1987 She released Rapture and that open the doe for every other songstress of the next decade including Angela Winbish (another unsung) and Lalah Hathaway (often overlooked but not yet unsung)
Then "Giving you the Best that I got" which she did. If I had to be critical of Anita at all it's the overuse of the word "Baby" Damn! Ya need another lyric Mami! But other than that! Anita should be standing tall. She put in the work! Who sound like her? Name me one album from Chapter 8's "I just wanna Be yours" to Body and Soul where the quality hasn't been there?!!!!
Name it! Come on you pansies! Plus did you hear her on the Winans "Ain't no Need to worry?" The fact that she ain't listed among the Divas is a tragic injustice! But Mista Jaycee will fix it! DIVA!

And last for this episodes approval. The immaculate Phyllis Hyman. The Philadelphia Songstress is basically what Clive Davis found in Whitney Houston. Tall, Stunningly Beautiful with a voice that could melt solid rock! Damn! "I refuse to BE Lonely" "Gonna make Changes" "Living all alone" "BE One" I mean, Phyllis..........
I saw her in Spike Lee's "School Daze" wearing her crown and singing. I saw her in an interview with Donnie Simpson and I declared "That Woman needs to BE thoroughly kissed in the Dark!" True story! If only she would have let me! If only..........
Name me one that sounds like Phyllis? Name me one that's as elegant? Whitney Don't count cause she only managed to BE that cool on her first album then well..........Hell to the Naw, Crack is wack....
Go ahead name em!
BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Anna Renee said...

Oooo, you beat me!!! I was gonna post on Angela Bofill and let the world rediscover her! I so love her beautiful voice and my first husband was in awe of her beauty! Made me mad, a little bit! Anyway, a great list of singers! I loved Cheryl Lynn too! Ah, my teenaged years! Such good music back in the day!

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey Anna Renee,
How are you?
Yeah, definitely more variety on the radio than now. Anyone I missed or should have added! Come on!

ChocolateOrchid said...

Man, everytime I hear "Got to BE Real" , I get to movin'. Put on "Encore" and its ovah. Classic party music.

I'd only add Teena Marie b/c that chick did her thing. Granted she could be submitted to "the screamer" category depending on your perspective but you cannot deny that she "brung it" when she hit the mic or stage. "Ooh la la la", "Behind the Groove", "Square Biz", and of course "Fire and Desire" w/the one and only "I'm Rick James ,b#tch!"

Blackgirl On Mars said...

good post! you took me back and reminded me of some real gems!