Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fear No Clown!

Good Afternoon and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Having read Albert T. Clown's letter to Mista Jaycee and Mista Jaycee's response (Both of which were funnie) I feel now is the time for us remember that as the country muddles through very difficult times laughter is one the most important weapons we have at are disposal. The others of course being Prayer, Meditation, Art, Music, Poetry, Writing and honorable discourse.

All over the nation people are losing their jobs, their homes and most of all their faith in human kind. To lose your hope is truly one of the greatest tragedies. Let us not de-evolve into name calling such as Clown O phobe! And Clowns are Evil! That's ridiculous! Clowns not your taste, There's something else for you. Don't diminish your joy! Don't lose your hope!

This country has endured far darker times than this and we made it through because we were open to ideas of change and collective endurance. Art, Music and Prayer will be essential as we begin the work! Laughter is a tool we can not and should not do without!

In closing Be Blessed in advanced! Happy Thanksgiving to all and never lose hope!

God (IAM) Bless!
Dr. I. M. Nutz

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