Monday, November 3, 2008

No On Prop 8!

There is a beast that speaks like a lamb but it is as all the other Beasts!
St. John's Book of the Revelation (The Apocalypse)

Average American Voter: Do you think the President can turn this country around? It's been over a year since I've had steady work, my savings is gone and I can't afford to go to the doctor.

Other Average American Voter: No, It doesn't look like the man we voted for is doing much of anything for us working people but hey! We kept them Faggots from being able to marry! Whoo Whee! ( Slaps the other across the back)

Does this scene make since?

Tomorrow each of us will make our choice for who will lead this country. God help you and bless you!

That said this post is about an Anti Gay bill in California called Prop 8! It seeks to amend the state constitution and define marriage only as that between a man or a woman. This is wrong and it would be a mistake to vote for it.

Traditional marriage may be in trouble but not cause of Gay folks! Traditional marriage is in trouble because of human folks period!

Well, the Bible says that being is Gay is an Abomination! So!

Let God (I AM) work it out!

This proposition ain't about what God thinks! This prop is simply discrimination period!
Discrimination, not God! Not of God! Just plain discrimination!

If it passes, it will not stop there! Next, it will be housing! Someone will say I am a Christian, Jewish, Muslim and I don't want to rent to a Gay person. I don't want to hire a Gay person!
Think it won't happen, when has this not happened? It's happened already. We are in a war with enemies that speak Arabic but we discharged Gay soldiers trained to translate Arabic!
How dumb is that?
Well, Gay folks will undermine the unity of the Army! Really, and this was proven where? There are no studies of that! That's just a myth! A theory!
It ain't about marriage or the church or adoption or what gets taught in school about marriage. What it's really about is simply an attack on Gay folks! You don't want them to be Gay! You don't want to accept them as they are! The People want to discriminate!
Get over it! Gay people have been here as long as there have been people! People have been praying and psychoanalysing and oppressing Gay folks since time immortal trying to stop people from being Gay. Gay folks can't even do it! They are! They exist! And the rest of us will have to learn to live with it! Easier said than done, I know, But true!

Just to wrap this up! Will we not charge Gay folks taxes? You bet we will! We will take their money weather or not they have full rights or not!

Let's be straight (no pun intended) this is an attempt to instill a counterfeit wrong clawed so called Christian agenda. It ain't about the sacredness of marriage cause Gay folks can be as monogamous and faithful as a Man and Woman. If not more so!

Plus, what's so sacred about marriage when it's regularly paraded as a game show?
Gay Folks can be as religious and pious or as bigoted as Rush Limbaugh. They are human beings and there is no reason other than some groups twisted interpretation of Religious thought that this nonsense is even being entertained!

Ask yourself and be real. What reason would it be wrong for Gay folks to be able to marry each other? Don't include religion.

You can't give a real reason. There ain't one except your own biases and hatreds. None!

Well, a man and a man can't have babies! A woman and a woman can't have babies! So!

Plenty of heterosexual couples can't have babies and they are able to marry!

Well Gay sex is just icky! Really? So! Then I guess we won't have to worry about you having it then. Right? Everybody wins!

Who's asking you to look? What business of yours is it what happens in someone else's bedroom between two legal aged adults? None!

Well why do they have to call it marriage? Because that's what it is. Marriage the promise and legal binding obligation before Providence and family and friends that we (the Couple) will be faithful to one another, to society and are responsible to and for each other. That's marriage!
Couldn't they just call it Domestic Partnership? They could, some will but it will be their choice not everyone elses.
Well, what if the Church refuses? Then they find or start another church. What if my church chooses to marry them. Then again, you've got to find another church. What can you live with? Believe it or not there are plenty of churches that will marry them.
Well what if the church loses it's tax exemption? Since when has a true church been concerned about a tax exemption over what the Word of God as they believe it says? That's a crock! Plus The Church has preached more than it's share of bigotry since forever! Since when is the church concerned about how it looks? Since well, never!
The Church has been the biggest breeding ground for bigotry, intolerance and hatred! History bears this out!
What will God say? Let God handle that! God will have his say!
There is no reason for Prop 8! None! Prop 8 is nothing more than hate! And that goes for all the like minded bills across the country.

We have got to do better with working out these issues than resorting to bigotry and hatreds!

Fairness for everyone! Equal rights for all!

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!

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