Friday, November 7, 2008

California Marriage Amendment Passes!

Days ago in conversation with my wife about the election, I stated that "America is going to be America!" What I meant was that America would be Amerikkka! It would be bigoted, petty and spiteful as it always has been. Hey! We have over two hundred years of precedence.

But then Obama got elected! Was I wrong? I could be....There's a certain Jheri Curl fixation I had for a short time in the eighties. But I digress! America in times of desperation went against it's nature and elected Obama, a supremely qualified, very classy, highly educated, married Christian Father of Two with an unmistakablly Afrikan name. Wow! Go figure!

But then the pendulum swung back to its correct axis and Prop 8 got passed! The spell was broken! America was once again Divisive! Unfair! Un-Libertarian! Petty, Spiteful! Mean Spirited! And all justified with religion. Hey! We can ignore all the above, cause We, and only We have God (I AM) on Our side! How ironic that America elects Obama with his mandate of change and promise to reach out to everyone, building bridges, find common ground and not engage in petty set trippin partianship but among ourselves we did none of that? We (The State) voted this nonsense in. We set tripped!

I was against Prop 8 and still am. It changes the constitution of California and legally denies citizens what is rightfully theirs! Thier rights! Consenting Adults engaged in the pursuit of thier happiness. This was only about the status quo! What a certain group or groups were comfortable with not what was right, legal or fair. Plus it managed to bolster a marginal segment of the religious community even more.
For the record I am a Biblical Faith Believer but just so you know The Latter Day Saints, James Dobson and the so called Religious right don't speak for me!

Prop 8 hurts real people. People in our families, people who we work with, people from our Churches, Temples, Mosques, synagogues, coffeehouses and bars! People! Flesh and Blood!
I got a cousin who is gay and always has been since we were little. We didn't know it then but looking back on it he was always! I wouldn't make a law that sought to limit or deney him happiness and fairness and justice anymore than I would allow a stranger to hit him! Yes! It's real, my cousin is a real person, who works, pays taxes, saves his money, parties, reads, goes to church, worries about the future just like you. I know y'all got sons, daughters, cousins, friends, neighbors that are gay. You hurt them! Justify it if you want to but face it you did!

This was not just some abstract idea debated among two eggheads this is real and the fact that
the so called religious community chooses to remain blind to the pain and suffering that they have caused or the hatred and bitterness that they have fostered is the even bigger shame.

Yeshua (Jesus) would not have handled this situation like this at all. His ministry demonstrates that. Yeshua, Jesus or Nabi Isa ( All Yeshua's names by the way) would have spoke the truth as he knew it pulling no punches but he would not have taken away your right to choose your own path. He doesn't take away your right to do that!

There is a scene in Star Wars The Revenge of The Sith where Master Yoda faces off with Darth Sideous and he asks the question if the dark side is so powerful and so much better then why do have the need to rule?

I ask that question to the so called religious community. Why do you choose to break the legs of anyone who does not choose to bow before your religious ideas, your church, your choice?

I know that my God (I AM) is a good and just God! I know that anyone who let my God be a part of their life, their life would be good, sooooo goood! But if they didn't choose my God, while I would feel bad cause I know they would be missing out. But I would have to respect their choice and their path. Why? Cause that's what my God (I AM) would do!

What kinda God do you worship? You did your God's will! You hurt people! Oppressed them, denied them what was rightfully theirs. The right to marry legally to try to get what every other human wants and in some cases take for granted. I wonder who broke your legs so you'd bow down to that God? How did you feel when you were forced, oppressed and subjugated?

God (I AM) gave you choice! What God do you worship that takes choice away?

BE Mindful! BE Prayerful! BE Careful!



Serious Black said...

Jay, what would you say to those people who don't want girl on girl / guy on guy beiing taught to their children by the school? Or the people who are concerned about there churches being tangled up in legal issues possible lossing there tax exemption status and other benefits becuase they refuse to marry a gay couple? As a Christian yourself how to you justify condoning what your bible stands against?

My personal opinion is that they should have the same rights as any other person. I'm just not so sure it should be call marriage.

jjbrock said...

Mista Jaycee I am in agreement with you on this. I believe every one that pays taxes in America should have the same rights in America.

Miss.Stefanie said...

"Prop 8 hurts real people. People in our families, people who we work with, people from our Churches, Temples, Mosques, synagogues, coffeehouses and bars! People! Flesh and Blood!"


Mista Jaycee said...

Serious Black,
Parents have the right to pull their children out of sex ed by signing a legal document. I believe that teaching about gay sex, bisexuality or transgender would fall under the same category. As far is churches they refuse to marry people all the time. The Catholic Church for example refuses to allow divorced couples to take the sacraments, that's within their rights, they also in some cases have tried to influence voting on the issues with power over heaven and hell. Ie Catholics who vote against something that the church believes will be excommunicated and therefore condemned to eternal damnation. The Church has not been penalized.
Nuff said

Professor Tracey said...

Hey Jay, Sorry for the omission. I added you to my open letter. I had read 4 or 5 different pieces and I was so pissed I stopped looking. Yours is an awesome piece. Thanks for pointing it out to me!!!!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I understand you...I may not agree 100%, but I understand. Now, I don't believe in homosexual marriage yet I think it was wrong to give them that right then take it away.