Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Sorry about the skimpy posts y'all. Glad to be back!

Today, I was on Face Book and while just checking a buddies page saw a comment/false compliment posted that just pissed me off!



What the hell is this nonsense?

"Obviously, Mista Jaycee the writer meant to convey the current social status of the Black Woman and the absence of Father's in their off-springs lives."

"Bull Ish!"

Listen Sistahs! Listen up Single Ladies!

Numbah 1.  A Female will never BE a FATHER! You will never understand what it is to BE a FATHER of a Child. It is a BIOLOGICAL REQUIREMENT! I know some of y'all don't wanna hear that but it IS.

Numbah 2.  Absence of a Child's Father does not mean that the child does NOT have one.  It means that the Father is an absentee for whatever reason.

Numbah 3.  Lack of a Man or the Father of your Children does NOT make YOU the FATHER! Can you teach a BOY how to BE a Man? NO! You can't teach a Boy to shave, pee standing up by example, or any of the 1 million unspoken things that need to be taught by emulation.  Ladies, believe it or not there are things that a FATHER has to TEACH a DAUGHTER as well as a Son.

What Mista Jaycee?? That's right Ladies There are things that a FATHER Must Teach his GIRL CHID/DAUGHTER that a MAMA/WOMAN Can't teach her.  Which is one of the reasons dumb posts like Happy Female Father's Day ever get uttered.

Numbah 4.  Happy Female Father's Day feeds into the attempt to REMOVE and REPLACE the MAN!  Believe it or not there are Sistah's who think they can raise a fully COMPLETE Child without a Father. It's bullshit! Sistahs know too many Men and Women who are incomplete and broken inside because they lacked the presence of their FATHERS.

Last point!

Numbah 5.  A Man CAN NOT Replace a WOMAN or a CHILD'S MAMA! A Single Mama who raises her child or children alone is JUST BEING A MAMA! Sure, she is AWESOME in her efforts to Feed, Educate, Nurture, Discipline and LOVE her Children but it's just a MOTHER BEING A MOTHER and going that extra mile.  THE CHILD is STILL Missing everything that should have been imparted by their FATHER. So, you can go to all the basketball games, teach that kid to mow the lawn, clean a rain gutter, change a tire but you can not replace the intangibles that MEN/FATHER'S Provide any more than a Man can give a child the nutrients contained in Breast milk.

Sistah's I understand that a great many of you are doing the awesome job alone and you are hurt and angry and overwhelmed.  It's a shame but it's true! Alot of Father's have abandoned and neglected their responsibilities but it does not excuse the NEGATION of the MAN/FATHER! You have to BE real about YOUR Pain in the situation that you are asking FATHER'S Where are you and WHY are you NOT taking care of your Seeds? Not trying to ask as if you BIRTHED that child alone.

Women when you try to BE THE FATHER you give up the POWER invested in you to be A WOMAN and THE MOTHER!

In short KNOW YOUR ROLES and Stay in your Lane! It avoids so much confusion when you do.

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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bayoucreole said...

Great post. It really made me reflect back to when I was a single parent with my son. He's 19 now and has never met his biological father. When I was a single parent, I never went into that,"I'm the mother and the father" mess. Even though my ex and I weren't together and he was a dead beat, I'd never negate his presence by saying I was both parents to my son. He has one helluva mom but, I could never replace any male. It was my daughter's dad who actually showed him (by example) how to stand and pee at my request. IDK, I guess growing up in a house full of males, I have a different point of view than a lot of females. The "Happy Father's Day Mom" cards just don't make sense to me.