Monday, June 6, 2011

Spiritual Food for Thought! They Say the World is Ending!

A preacher named William Miller once preached that Jesus would return in 1844.  Thousands of people listened and believed his prophecy and interpretation of scripture.  In 1844 when Jesus did not return there was a great disappointment.  From this though the Seventh Day Adventists, Seventh Day Bapists, The Jehovah's Witnesses, and the World Wide Church of God owe their beginnings. 

Last week another Christian Pastor prophesied the end of the world!  Well, we still here! I'm not mocking him or others. Really, I'm not! We live in a time when people are searching and expecting some great upheaval, or transition time.  People are afraid and they look for answers! This preacher was using so called Biblical codes, math, that he thought revealed Jesus's Return. Some people are using the Mayan Calender and believe in 2012 and you can bet your sweet bottom that someone is already using some other method, or book in an attempt to figure out when the World will end or when Jesus will return or Both. But take note!


Thus Saith The Lord in Matthew 24:36 No Man Knoweth the Day or Hour of My Return except the Father!

Jesus told his followers that ALL would see him at ONCE when he returned.  If they say that I am in the Desert do not go there! Does the Bible not say that? Of course! It's what William Miller found out in 1844.  It's what some Jehovah's Witnesses believed in 1976!  I'm sure that there have been several churches and groups of all faiths that have believed the same thing.

Check out Mark 13: 32 for confirmation on Matthew 24:36

Thus Saith The Lord in Matthew 24 No Man Knoweth the Day or Hour of My Return except the Father! Go to Matthew 24: 36  and Look! Read it for yourself.

Did not Jesus state that he would NOT return until these signs are fulfilled? The MOON would turn to Blood! (Happened See American Journal of Arts and Science)  The Stars will fall from the Sky! (Great Meteor Shower)  Mark 13:25 (Happened! See AJAS) Earthquakes in Divers (Various) places?  Read Acts 2:20, Read Joel 2:31

Well, there have been earthquakes all over that normally don't have earthquakes. But Jesus goes on to state, EVEN when these signs are fulfilled HIS COMING IS AT THE DOORS!

But if you reading Matthew 24 and 25 and you go back to the verse Thus Saith The Lord in Matthew 24 No Man Knoweth the Day or Hour of My Return except the Father then you realized that even JESUS does not know the hour of his return.

Why? The Day of Judgement and the end of probation (Grace) is determined by the Fathers word. 

How do you know this Mista Jaycee?  In the Book of Revelation It states that Jesus upon receiving the word that it's time, stands up in the Most Holy place and announces "Let him that is JUST be JUST and HE that his FILTHY be FILTHY Still and that he would take off his PRIESTLY ROBES and put on the ROBES OF VENGEANCE. Revelation 22:11

Stop trying to figure when the End time is coming and just accept that it is coming and that YOU have a major decision to make. But don't be deceived or mistaken again.

Thus Saith The Lord in Matthew 24: 36  No Man Knoweth the Day or Hour of My Return except the Father!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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