Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Troy Davis set to die!

I've written on Troy Davis before so I won't rehash what's already written; Instead I would like to take the time to say that I do not believe that he should be put to death.  There are too many things that should have been addressed years ago that have not been.  There is NO Physical evidence linking Troy Davis to the murder of that poor Security guard.  Seven of Nine eyewitnesses who testified that TROY DAVIS MURDERED that poor SECURITY OFFICER have RECANTED their testimony some advising they were pressured and coerced.  That in, and of, itself, should be enough to demand more evidence but alas The State of GA and all the appeals say TROY DAVIS received a fair trail. There is nothing to reverse the findings and conclusion of that trail.  His attorney didn't suck, he had a most White Jury of his peers etc.  Innocence has NOTHING to do with if the COURT should reverse the decision. I am paraphrasing it but last year the appeals court REALLY said just that. 

You should be chilled to your very bones over that. 

There will be some who say that the victim Martin Macphill, Off-duty POLICE OFFICER Martin Macphill, needs justice.  They will get no argument from me on that.  One thing though.  Officer Macphill was working as a SECURITY OFFICER that night and I am almost positive he didn't have time to identify himself or his DAY Job to his Murderer so it should have no bearing on the weight of justice.  America loves to proclaim it's LAW ENFORCEMENT Officials deaths as higher, more heinous, and deserving of more investigation than the rest of it's citizens.  Would America and the State of Georgia be this hot for Troy Davis if Martin Macphill HAD been just a SECURITY GUARD working at the 7-11?  You know they wouldn't be. 

This has allowed folks to turn a blind eye to what we should all see clearly.  If JUSTICE is truly BEING served.  Poor Martin Macphill's Mama wants someone to pay for her sons murder.  She has every right to want that! But Mrs. Macphill can not have that at the expense of JUSTICE and FAIRNESS! Those standards, our standards have not been met.  Evidence and Reasonable Doubt state that TROY DAVIS is not the MURDERER of her son. God Bless her! She will have neither PEACE NOR CLOSURE from this.

More so there is no room for oops! None! No do over! No Replay! TROY DAVIS needs JUSTICE! Marty Macphill needs the Man or Men who really murdered him brought to justice. God Help Us if we just watch the State of Georgia or any state execute someone who most likely is INNOCENT!

God Help Us!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!