Friday, September 9, 2011

President Obama Challenges Congress on Jobs!

Much has been made about the lack of Job creation since America took a massive dump over the past five years. It's the Presidents Fault! He won't give Big Business yet ANOTHER tax break! Yada yada yada!
Well, I still think that President Obama is being a P*ssy much too often when dealing with the Republicans, Turn Coat Democrats and the So called Tea Party.  Good for him on coming up with some good ideas and dropping them in Congresses Lap!

In times of Emergency I believe it is the President's duty to create jobs. President Franklin Roosevelt set the precedent during the First Great Depression but Obama is trying his best not to give in to any Socialist Democratic/Big Gov ideas so this has not happened on his watch during the Second Great Depression but it should. 

Jobs! President Obama and Congress you can not continue to give corporations tax breaks when they are laying off workers and shifting the burden of their support onto the States while they amass record profits and ship jobs overseas!

Mr. President Sir, If you did create another FDR style worker program, this time it would be Big Businesses fault because they could hire back their workforces and retrain them in things they need. Big Business could avert you creating another FDR workers program. They could avert you outbidding them on jobs and taking thier profits. They could avert all of this but it's up to you, the President, to put the pressure on them to do their part! Take their tax breaks! Go after the tax shelters! Make it hard for them. Go after their wealth individually! See no one is doing that or threatening to do that!

Get some balls Mr. President or Find yours! That's why we elected you!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


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