Friday, September 9, 2011

Tea Party Thugs Meet Jimmy Hoffa!

Where are all those Angry White People who Elected President Obama? The one's who didn't sabotage him, two years later by electing the Republicans and the Tea Party answered the question! They are fighting for thier Pensions! They are fighting for their Health Care and Dental Benefits! They are fighting to keep a well paying job!  And who's with them?  Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa Jr.  Jimmy Hoffa knows his lane and he stays in it! We Work for a Living and We will kick your Ass if you try to take our jobs!

Jimmy Hoffa scared the Republicans, Faux News and the Tea Party to Death the other day when he stated President Obama WE ARE YOUR ARMY and WE ARE READY TO MARCH! Let's Go and Take these Tea Party Sons of Bitches OUT!

Suddenly, The Right Claw wants President Obama to denounce Hoffa for his so called violent rhetoric. The nerve of Hoffa countering the TEA PARTY'S Violent Rhetoric with Violent Rhetoric! White Folks is Angry! LOL

Remember that Sell Out Clown Pastor James Manning?  White Folks is gon get Angry he railed at Obama!

Good! Black Folks and Everybody else are already Angry and Now we got Jimmy Hoffa too! Goood!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!

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Anonymous said...

Inspiring article! great words here, that was lovely and a bit of an epiphany.

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