Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bachmann Says Obama has failed Black People! What about the Repubs?

"Obama has failed Black People!" Tea Party Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachmann

Has President Obama failed Black People or the American People as a whole?  I would say neither. President Obama certainly has not done enough to help Black People but he has not failed us either.

Michelle Bachmann is WHITE! Michelle Bachmann is in fact, so WHITE, that she can state things like "Obama has failed Black People!" without stuttering as if the REPUBLICAN Party has NOT failed Black People. 

She can say this as if the Tea Party, The Republican Party and the so called Right Wing has done anything to help bolster the health and overall benefit of the Black Community.  Has the Republicans created any jobs in the Black Community, sponsored any Job Training or Educational Learning opportunities that have helped Black People grow and excel in the last Twenty Years? 

I'll Wait.......

Have they talked with Accepted Black Leadership?  When has Michelle Bachmann, for example, visited the board of the Urban League, 100 Black Men, The National Negro Women's Council, NAACP, Rainbow/Push, the National Black Chamber of Commerce or any Black Church that was not headed by the likes of a Republican Friendly Black Pastor? You know someone that is accepted and admired by the Black Community in let's just say several Northern States? 

When has the Tea Party, Right Wing, Republican Establishment addressed the problems that Black People are concerned with?  Black Folks across the Nation lead in Unemployment. We are above 10 percent! Where are the jobs that will lead us to home ownership, being able to pay for our children's education and buy those cars, golf club memberships that so many other races seemed to enjoy?  All I see is low wage jobs that pollute Black Neighborhoods poisoning the people and making the property values go down.

I'll wait....

The Right Wing is big on Law Enforcement! Last, I checked a large part of the Black Community agrees that while Police are necessary they are neither Friendly or Friends of the Black Community.  Police Brutality is a very real thing in the Black Community what has the Right Wing shown Black People that they are doing to take the Lead and change this? Well, I would say they've made it even easier for Law Enforcement to continue doing it and NOT get prosecuted for it. 

Counter to this....hummmmmm??? I'll wait for your responses.

Black People were caught up in the Housing Crisis with so called Predator Loans. What has the Right Wing done to make sure that Black People could own a home, without being taken advantaged of my Predator Loan sharks and Banks? Hummmm????

What about Health issues? AIDS is running rampant in the Black Community, what has the Right Wing done to help Health Officials stem the problem? Where is the leadership? Hummmmmm

What about Education? Public Schools suck, but especially in the Black Community. Have they built better, more modern schoools? Is the Right Wing leading in innovative ideas like Software Shop? You know like Auto and Woodshop used to be?  What about jobs that teach kids how to build America's infrastructure? Like how to repair a Bridge?  Get rid of Mold in a home?  Build a new Power Grid? Hummmmm

So, clearly the Right Wing has done little or NOTHING to address any of these concerns and I just narrowed it down to the past 20 years.  That's enough for Reagan, Bush Sr, Bush Jr.  That's the right Wing holding the House in the 90's under Presidential Candidate Newt Gringich. Come on!

So, let's get real. President Obama inherited a HUGE Deficit! He Inherited a Huge Job drain. HUGE! Tons of Corporations have left America under Republicans. They moved their operations and their taxes off shore in spite of huge tax breaks given to them here.  They've laid off more than enough workers and only re-hired when they could lower the Workers wages. 

Union Busting anyone?  Obama has not done all he SHOULD Have done for Black People but let me BE the First to say that compared to the SO called RIGHT WING. He's still BETTER!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


Anonymous said...

I salute this post.

Anonymous said...

I salute this post.