Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Boston Really Traded Kendrick Perkins!

Let's face it the MOST HATED boston celtics traded Inside Banger Kendrick Perkins as part of the nefarious plot to keep the MOST BELOVED LOS ANGELES LAKERS from THREE PEATING as WORLD CHAMPIONS.

What??? Ok, Mista Jaycee, we believe that the boston celtics ARE EEEEEEVVVVVIL! But trading Kendrick Perkins, knowing full well they need as many BIG'S as possible as part of plot to keep the MOST BELOVED LA LAKERS FROM BEING CHAMPS AGAIN.....Explain!

The boston celtics have no desire to meet the LAKERS in the finals.  The boston celtics do NOT fear Lebron 'The Phenom" James or the Miami Heat! The celtics though evil are a solid basketball team. The Heat is not a solid TEAM. The celtics, though up in age, can handle the EASTERN CONFERENCE.

The Most BELOVED LAKERS are Younger than the celtics, faster and can BEST the celtics in the finals. But unlike the MOST HATED boston celtics, the MOST BELOVED LAKERS, face a far more superior conference en route to the WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS and then to the BIG DANCE. 

Oklahoma is a budding powerhouse. Kevin Durant is a beast! Last season they gave the Lakers fits in the playoffs.  They need the WEST to BE strong. They need the LAKERS to be worn down. The Thunder needed a BIG! The celtics just gave them one. A Big, Tough, Nasty, Workhorse BIG that will help them become that much more a threat to the Lakers.  The Lakers will have to go through Dallas, San Antonio

Utah and DenverCarmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billips were both in the West just a couple of weeks ago. Now Denver has traded both players. The Lakers should strut right? Heck no! But it makes it a little less difficult for the Lakers to win the Western Conference.  No one knew or believed that the Utah Jazz would not have Hall of Fame Coach Jerry Sloan at the helm. I believed that Utah didn't give him the proper respect he deserved and he retired.  Playmaker Deron Williams is a beast! He gave the Lakers fits! Utah gave the Lakers fits! The celtics did not know Deron Williams would be traded to New Jersey further complicating their return to the Finals. But they knew he probably would resign with the Jazz next season. So, now two teams in the West are weaker than last season. 

So the Evil Empire's Main executioner Danny Ainge traded Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma.  The moves boosts up the THUNDER who were a band of young killers in the West waiting for their moment to kill the Champion Lakers.  Did I forget Portland?? They may not be in the running but they too are dangerous.

What's your point Mista Jaycee???

The boston celtics are EVVVVVVVVVVVVVILLLLLLL! That's my point!

Go Lakers!

BE Prayerful! BE Mindful! BE Careful!


CoogieCruz said...

sir I despise this talk and this post. *boooooo Lakers* Goooooo Celts!

Mista Jaycee said...

U too??? My lovely Coogie.....the EVVVVVVVIL MOST HATED boston celtics got you too? REVENGE must save Coogie! GO LAKERS!
Love you!

Revvy Rev said...

The Lakers are the ones who have it out for K. Perkins! They intentionally hurt him last year to obtain a marred and gift-wrapped title from the refs. Last year's title is not legit! (You thought I had disappeared LOL!)

btw, I was in LA last week and it rained the entire time I was there smh.


Revvy Rev said...

I'm still here!

Mista Jaycee said...

YAY! Double R my favorite celtic fan is back! I missed you!
That said, I totally disagree with your assessment. Last year was a hard fought series that the MOST BELOVED LAKERS won fair and square. It should also be noted that the MOST HATED boston celtics were just as mean, nastee, tenacious and relentless during last years campaign as were the MOST BELOVED Lakers. The celts just lost!
There was no cheating.

uglyblackjohn said...

I HATE the Celts but I like a lot of their players.
K.G. is one of my friend's bother in law,
Peirce played at Inglewood,
Big Baby is from Tha' Boot,
and Perkins in from the town in which I currently live.
But I HATE Koby and like the Lakers.

But damn... this makes a lot of sense. The Celts may be E.V.I.L. - but it's a smart move.

(BTW - What... No comments about the women's college hoops?)

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Am for Celts. Go boys all the way!